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Hello I want to import this project to my storyboard project can you help me please how can i do? Thank you :)

Hi teknoemre,

There is an included PDF developer guide which shows you how to do exactly that.

Thanks for your time :)

Hi again! you didn’t answer my questions I want to storyboard version of this project can you send me???

Hi teknoemre,

There is an included PDF developer guide which shows you how to do exactly that.

Thanks for your time :)

Hi Supertecnoboff the gallery doesnt load any image with Xcode 6 and iOS8. Any help? Thanks

sorry…works fine.

Ok. Have fun :)

Just updated this with much improved code and UI. I would highly recommend using the latest version :)

hi there

I want to show a grid of icons on first page. Each icon will have group of pictures. on pressing the icon the first picture will be shown and then swipe through rest. Can i make that with changes in your app?


Hi kumar74,

You can do that. But you’ll have to work on adding that yourself. Its not a feature I have included.

Thanks for your time ;)

is there iPAd support yet? or not yet?

Hi bastida117,

Not yet, but you can easily modify the app yourself to add iPad support if you wish. I just haven’t had time to update iGallery because of my work load at the moment.

Thanks for your time :)

There is now :)

HI, I would like to know if this app include the server program, is the server program in php?

Hi jackfan,

iGallery requires no PHP backend. You just upload the pictures to your server and use the link to the folder in which they are stored in, in the Xcode project.

All this is explained in a PDF Dev guide which is included with the app.

Thanks for your time :)

work with ios8 ?

Hi pavilion016,

I am working on an iOS 8 update. But it does technically already work yes. But I am working on a full on iOS 8 update.

Thanks for your time :)

Working on iOS 10 now.

Hello, this works for iPad too?

Hi DigmaStudio,

No, it was developed for iPhone and iPod Touch. I am planning on updating all my CodeCanyon items in the coming months. I have just been too busy recently working on other projects. In the next update I will add iPad support.

Thanks for your time.

It does now :)

any update ? have an ads ?

Hi ilsbetoq,

I am just so busy right now. I will update this and all my other CodeCanyon items in the coming months. Yes I will add iAds too if you wish.

Thanks for your time.

hello, i buy another code http://codecanyon.net/item/photo-gallery-ios/8855816 not this code, thanks

Hi, I need to ask a question before buying this theme. Like i have thousands of pictures in my gallery and i want a search option on my gallery page can implement that on this script and how can i do that do you have any idea ? Thanks

And will this work on ipad ?

Hi zebrogs,

That sounds a little complicated. You want to search through thousands of images. Well for a start you will need some kind of naming convention for each image (a sort of unique ID number). Once you have done that, then it will make it easier to search through the images.

You can also setup array which give you a mental link between image IDs and other things like ‘tags’. So you could link an image to the tag “sunny” or “car” or whatever.

Then you could simply implement a for loop which search through these arrays and returns the most relevant results.

Then you could make a tableview which shows a list of the search results and allows the user to view a photo.

The above is one approach to your problem.

I will update iGallery for the iPad too. I don’t have time right now, but in the coming months I will make an update.

Thanks for your time :)

Hi, Can you please tell me how to implement this in storyboard. I have seen your pdf guide and nothing is explained about it. Please reply me as soon as possible.

Hi zebrogs,

You will have to make a storyboard UI file and then link the story board UI file to the gallery code classes in my project.

Your best bet is to make a new Xcode project and then import my gallery code class files. Then make your own storyboard UI file and link them to the code.

This Apple tutorial, will help you with the Storyboard: https://developer.apple.com/library/prerelease/ios/referencelibrary/GettingStarted/RoadMapiOS/SecondTutorial.html

Thanks for your time :)

Can you please advise if we can add photos for photo streaming? I am assuming this is Obj C, please confirm? How do we add the files externally? Via XML? And then uploaded on a server? Can you please shed some light as the description is not so clear.

Thanks in advance.


Could you please send me a build before buying your source code? Here is my UDID: d05da45e7d96ae2549abdc37be0a813fc778dbb4


Hi i was wondering if this support ios9 as well?

iOS 10 and higher only.

Hello, does your app support folder? We have 20 folder with images inside each folder.

Hi sir, I am first time in IOS. Can i customize this app in Windows System ?

Can you recommend and online image hosting platform I could use? I tried dropbox but they’ve disabled public folders, google drive doesn’t work and can’t figure out godaddy hosting.