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Hi There

Nice idea, but am not sure where else you could use the project code.

Why not just pay the $1.99 and you are up and running ?


Hello and thanx for your comment. I think it could maybe help those who are new to Swift Development and serve them as a example project. For example. You could make your own invite app based on this. Or just some kind of Envato Catalogue. Combine this with your Affiliate ID for instance and there are plenty of possibilities ;-)


invite App was supposed to be Envato App. Autocorrect… :-)

Hi, I have purchased this but can’t use for my needs without a scrollable functionality. Have been trying to add for a week now with no success is it possible to get either updated version that supports scrollview or can you provide instructions?

Hello. If you could send me an message using the contact form on my profile page with indications of where exactly you would like to see the changes then I can provide you with an updated version. Thank you

Thanks just sent u a email now

Hi, Can’t seem to contact you on email. You mentioned You may implement a scrollview in these views? If you add a tab bar you cannot see the views in iPhone 4/4s.

Never mind, two months later can’t be bothered, like the template shame about the support

I´m sorry that you had a bad experience using this project. As iPhone 4 support is not of any priority anymore (and very soon will be stopped by Apple) there was simply no time for me so far. I do this here as some kind of Side project as i still have my full time job. Please accept my apologies and we try together to solve your problem. Thank you very much.