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Hello, how may I help you?

@ PreScriptZ

“GLWS!” Really? STOP spamming all these comment sections in a desperate effort to push your own products. I think you’ll find that everyone is sick of your comments and will likely never buy from you, anymore than they would buy from any spammer. As an author, your actions are deplorable. Imagine if every other author in this marketplace did the same as you are doing.

are you integrate AdMob ad with this project ?

yes, admob is intergrated, you only need to change the admob key

give me your skype ID, or email ID my email: almamunbd32@gmail.com

My skype is trungstormsix and email is trungstormsix@gmail.com

can i do it with my native language?

here is my language https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ol_Chiki_(Unicode_block)

good sales =)

This app will be a full version or just the free version. If you get a free version for sale on here, I think it’s unreasonable. If the full version, I’ll buy it.

Yes, this is the full version. We only need to set configuration of the app. I will help you if you want.

is there php back-end ?

Yes. But we will provide it later. We are on vacation at this time


How to enable PRO for testing? Also how can I access database?

Thank you.

I figured it out by myself. Thanks anyway.

Thank you and hope you will make much money with this app.