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Will search engines be able to see the content in my designs?

Yes, search engines will see your iDesign content, and it will be indexed normally like any other content on your website. There are no SEO implications pertaining to the use of iDesign.

Can I export iDesign’s database from one website to another?

You can certainly save and re-use your designs. In fact iDesign’s preset and import/export mechanism was carefully designed to enhance such efficiency. Not only can you import/export the entire database, (with your Google Fonts settings as well) but you can ALSO import/export each individual design, each set and even each tile to make them work elsewhere.

Will the tiles in iDesign accept shortcodes?

Yes, shortcodes are processed by iDesign. But please note, not all shortcodes are meant to appear in the backend (this entirely depends on the other plugin/theme that creates the shortcode), however they should normally appear on the front end.

Is iDesign integrated with WooCommerce? What sort of information can it pull from my WooCommerce database?

Yes, it is designed to work with WooCommerce. It can pull in information about your products to create teaser grids, and sliders. It does all basic interaction with WooCommerce and retrieves the product’s image, description, name, price, sales price, link, and buy link. However, as of this moment it does not pull in any other meta information.

How can I edit my previous designs?

Copy and previous design, make changes to it and then save it at the same position. This will overwrite the previous design, thus essentially editing the design. On the front end, anywhere where that shortcode was used you’ll find the design has been updated.

Can my design content be indexed by search engines? Is it going to be indexed by WP search and SEO tools such as Yoast?

Yes, your design content will be indexed by search engines. Starting from version 1.1 of iDesign, you will receive two shortcodes upon saving your designs. The first is the regular shortcode and the second, longer one, is the indexible shortcode. Using the indexible shortcode, all your design content will be available to your SEO tools and WP search for indexing. Search engines are going to be able to index your content regardless of whichever shortcode you use.

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