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I have sent a few support emails but haven’t heard back. I am having issues with the way the content views on mobile. It is very messed up and I do not know where to begin. Thanks

Hi Stacey,

I regret the delay and inconvenience, I would like to assist, please check your mail for a reply. For future queries, please PM me directly or drop in a mail at wordpressaholic@gmail.com


Hello there,

I want to purchase this plugin.Currently I am using the Avada theme,so want to know if this is compatible with the said them?Please advice.



iDesign is compatible with all WordPress theme including Avada. Thanks for your interest.


changelog please. even if it was just a wp compatabilty update. it is nice to know..thanks

Sure, was just about to add that after receiving approval from CC. Added the change log now: WP compatibility is perfectly fit, no changes there. Added enhancement for responsiveness and fixed slider bug for mobiles.

Great .Thanks and keep coming up with more innovative stuff.

I’ve tried the demo and like the designer but are having problems getting the results I need.

Issue 1: tile shadows.

Imagine a simple grid gallery with tile content consisting of a single IMAGE and an optional title. For the purpose of testing I have given a one word title, uploaded an image and use no description or link. I have a grid using a combination of preset Types: Focus A and Focus D and Image A… although may use others in real life.

My objective is to have each TILE with a border frame and shadow on each tile (not the group). In my example the tile is effectively a framed image.

So I used the border and shadow options in Other > Overall and coped these settings to each tile in the group. No problem here. A+

I have used simple styling a white 9px frame/border on each tile, and a drop shadow bottom-right.

BUT when it renders the shadow is not around the whole tile element (which I thought it would be as the shadow label is “element” and the option I am using is within the overall tab which means “tile setting-overall” or so I thought).

The rendered shadow is stunted and short and reflects the height of the title element. To prove this I removed the title text label on one tile and the shadow vanished entirely. I didn’t want a text shadow (that’s in the TITLE options), I chose ELEMENT SHADOW which I assumed is the TILE element itself.

SO how do you create a shadow around the tile object?

QUERY 2: Shadow direction

“Element Shadow Direction” – sets shadow angle, but what if you want a shadow on all sides of tile? Use “glow” I assume?

ISSUE 3: Responsive /resizable text Can styles be edited manually to make font sizes responsive (from PX settings to EMS etc)?

ISSUE 4: margins and gutters

Padding on tile group behaves differently to padding settings at the tile level.

To introduce a gutter or gap between tiles groups you use padding LRTB on “tile set” settings… works like a margin here.

But doing the same step at the tile level via the overall settings adds padding to the tile contents not the outside edge.

I need to be able to offset/margin tile sets and individual tiles within a set. Control each side differently. How-to?

QUERY 5: Tile Spacing (px)

This option appears conditional. If tiles per row = 1 then spacing is added on vertical axis, if tiles per row > 1 then its added horizontally between tiles.

So using this option won’t help with issue 4.


#1. You can get shadows and borders around the entire tile or each element within it as well. There are settings options available for both. You can see this in the various design presets available on the website. I understand the issue you are mentioning but I have not come across it myself and will need to view the design you created. Please ‘export’ the design and mail it to me at idesignplugin@gmail.com and I will look into it.

#2. That is correct, you would use ‘Glow’.

#3. If you enter a dimension without px or em appended to it, the plugin will automatically append px. However you can enter em values as well such as 1.1em, you just need to append ‘em’ on your own in that case.

#4. Individually tiles cannot be offset in that manner, all the tiles in the group need to be affected by the spacing. You could however add a class to any tile with the ‘Custom Class’ option in overall settings and then use custom css with !important in the property to force apply it.

Please send any replies or follow up message to idesignplugin@gmail.com as the comment section gets covered up by large comment conversations like this one.


Thanks for fast and helpful answers. A+ for service

Hello there,

I purchased the idesign software yesterday but still unfamiliar on how to use it.Do you have documentation that I could refer to?I need to learn the basics to get to start using it.


Hey Ashwazeer,

Sure there is written as well as video documentation, I encourage you to view the same here:
How To Use
And if you have any support queries please feel free to forward them to idesignplugin@gmail.com


Thanks a lot for the swift response.Appreciate it.I did go through the material that you have sent,however i have further questions which i have sent to you via the mail ID given.Thanks

I am looking for an alternative to Go – Responsive Portfolio that does not respond to its customers
The idea is to have beautiful effects on posts which may have different postformat (link, video …)
Is this possible with Welcome Tiles or iDesign?
What a difference between the two ( Tiles or iDesign), I can not see it through your texts and demo !?

An item would it be possible to add an icon (video, link, photo, item by type or post-size category)?
I would suggest a more advanced integration with ACF fields (video, picture, link)

Hi HDCms’
Thank you for your interest in iDesign and welcome tiles. Both plugins can support multi format posts. IDesign helps to build sections of pages with a canvas that works without restriction of rows and columns, thus making it easy and intuitive to use. Welcome Tiles is focused on building grids only and supports masonry and regular grid layputs.
I have a grid building plugin coming up with extensive support for meta keys and ability to create back end and front end forms like ACF. It will support template variations depending on the post type, term or meta keys of the current post. I would love to hear your views on it and send you a copy for testing. Could you please drop a mail to wordpressaholic@gmail.com so we may discuss further?

Hi there,

I have sent you a mail on your mail on idesignplugin@gmail.com.

Hope to hear a response from you at your earliest.

Thanks, Ashra

This is a fantastic, amazing designer for wordpress. We’re thrilled. Currently we have it setup on our homepage and it looks and works great: http://shoplts.com

My only concern is the mobile compatibility. We checked the box to hide the description for each tile. On computers and laptops the descriptions remain hidden. But on mobile devices the descriptions show up and bog down the page. Any advice or input?

Hi Jamagan,
Sorry for the delay in reply. Showing the description on smaller screens is its default behavior. Could you please write in at idesignplugin@gmail.com so we may discuss further on what you need and setup a solution?

Just emailed our question. Thanks!

Hi there,

Just emailed a question I have regarding Idesign.

Hope to hear a swift response from you.

Thanks a lot.

Hi, I sent 10 days ago but I have no answer. You told me to ask questions by email !

Please view my reply to your pre sale questions.

Hi. I am looking for a solution to make a website like this one: http://shantimaurice.com/en/.

Can I use your solution to do it? i.e. on each page, i can have a slider on left hand side column and then some grid on the right hand side?

thank you.

Hi Nicholast10,

iDesign can help you in developing the sort of page you are aiming for. However, to be sure you can achieve it, please try using its demo here.


Hi there – love the plugin! After getting better acquainted with it I find it a good solution in practice to do many things I would need potentially several individual plugins to do otherwise.

The only thing that bothers me about it is the arrow spinner that you see when waiting for iDesign content to load. Is there any way to change that or have it not show at all?

I should note that I haven’t updated recently, so this may have changed within that time.

I would love the ability to change the loader graphic or have it not show at all.

Your plugin is and interesting solution to many Wordpress issues – great work!

I have sent an email regarding this request as instructed. Thank you!

Sent a new email – didn’t hear back from the last one. I am just looking for some generic CSS to hide the arrow spinner. Or replace it with a different graphic.

Hi, Very sorry for missing this over the holiday season! I have replied back.

Hi there! I’m very impressed by your plugin! but I have a question: can I use it together with visual composer?

The width of the canvas will be limited. However, grids inside it can be full width. In the ‘Settings for Current Tile Set’ section under the canvas, you can find the option called ‘Enable Full Width’, which makes the current grid full width. Also the option ‘Enable Full Width Background’. ‘Combine’ was simply renamed ‘Create’. There are narrated demo videos too. Please check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJG2EIDBvYc

Ok thanks so when I want two block next to each other I have to split them up?

You should create the two blocks on the same canvas. Or if you are using VC to create separate columns then you can create two separate canvas for each. In that case you should keep the width of the canvas appropriately small, not leaving empty spaces on the sides if you don’t want them.

Hi, I use this product a while now and I use it a lot. It allows me a lot of freedom in the design. Is it possible to have a “read more” link open in a model box instead of a new page? Regards, Frans

I mean a modal box (a popup)

Stil no answer…

Hi, Sorry about the delay – basically the LightBox is meant for an image and a bit of text on hover, not the functionality you are looking for. LightBox works for ‘custom’ content, not the ‘Read More’ type of requirement. For that you would need to create a link and send readers to the next page instead of a LightBox. – Kartik

Hi there, Will there be any update on this plugin? I bought this but it seems that the development of this plugin is dead. So what about my value for money? Thanks, Bertus.


I will update the plugin with fixes for any reported bugs, and keep the plugin compatible with latest versions of WordPress.