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Good day all,

Was wondering if the “fix” for the last two inquires has been completed. We are still waiting to integrate into our wordpress environment.

Thanks much, Shane

Hello (sorry if bad translation – Google translation)

I bought your plugin and installed correctly. But I have a problem

“After activation and system setup i do not get the configuration page you show in the video, INSTEAD i get instantly ideafeed Redirected to the dashboard (recent feeds).

The same problem mentioned in the commentary yoitsme there 3 months. I tried with the address (http: //yoursite.tld/ideafeed/if-admin/) that you specify and providing indications of my wordpress installs, but it does not.

Can you help fast please. Will you fix this bug soon as you indicate in the comment yoitsme?

Thank you in advance for your reply and for your support

Hi, Please be advised that currently I’m not working on this and it may be a month or two before I resume work on this project. The updates notice will provided once project work is resumed. Thank you for you support!

Hello, (google translation – sorry if bad translation)

I am writing a few months ago because I bought your plugin, but can not use due to problems with installing wordpress. You said a few months you update the plugin to correct the installation problem. So, I waited several months now and I want to use it.

Can you update the plugin very quickly because I bought a product that for now and for months is not usable?


hello (google translation – sorry if bad translation)

We have writing there is this several months when you had one day committed to the plugin for it to work with wordpress. We have had no response, despite many, many months of waiting.

We bought your plugin and not ask for reimbursement hoping this update that was never made. It’s a shame because it’s a nice plugin that you have made and that could very well be sold, if the author conducted a time to update other.

You and stole customers and I want my refund. It’s very unfair on your part.

Greetings, Seems to be successfully installed in Wordpress but when I embed the modal code in a page or post it just comes up blank. Can’t see it anywhere on the site. Any thoughts?

Wordpress plugin has an issue currently – an update yet to be released.

Hello, your plugin don’t work on wordpress. could you give me some help?


atc07 Purchased

Are there any updates on this Wordpress plugin? Is no one able to successfully install and use on Wordpress? How is this still approved on the marketplace if this is broken for so long?


I am looking to do the following as such I was hoping you could advice me:

– Have multiple forms or ONE conditional form which users may fill out (front-end) – Create a page to display all of the SUBMITTED forms (front-end) – Create a page that allows users to see their OWN forms (front-end) – Let user have a discussion on their form with admin (using front-end) – Allow admin to comment on the form (using front-end) – Allow admin to close / lock form (using front-end)

demo is broken