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Will work on wordpress site?

Hi @Nolax, this is not wp plugin.

How can I write article and set pagenation?

Is there a way to embed a video as one of the gallery slides?

Can this be refreshed after an ajax call to update the content?

I’m interested in this script, but is there a chance you can release a fix for the spacing that happens when a long post is on one side, and a short post is on the other side?


You can see that on the left side feed entries, the next one is starting right after the first one, but it’s leaving the large gap on the right side.

Can you fix this so that there are no large gaps like that between any of the timeline entries, but feed items are still placed in order in the timeline?

It looks as though the problem only exists when you have tall entries mixed with quite a bit shorter entries. I’m hoping for a fix that doesn’t just make all entries short, but actually does show both long and short entries together.

I was on the verge of buying until I noticed this on your demo page:

Hi – interested in this!

Does the RSS part still work?

Looks like not appearing in the demo:


I updated now. Please check tomorrow.

the link rss feed must be added to HTML or js files? I need to know to figure out if I can do multiple pages with different news. Thank you

Hi, how to create a fallback if yahoo send back nothing to the query ? ideaboxTimeline.js:212 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘item’ of null