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can I have multiple RSS feeds in same container?

Can I set this so it updates automatically every x number of minutes/hours?

Hi, I ‘m working for on multiple rss feed, but automatic update not yet.

hi @ssieloff. Multiple rss and automatic update added.

last feature request … can you make this so it shows the feature image from each post in RSS feed? All I see on any of demos is text only—no images

Very nice! :-) How hard is it to use this in a WP site?

Thanks, Bernhard

Hi, this is not wp plugin. maybe I will then wp plugin.


Hi there,

did you implement a function to display e.G. “Switch to their site and read all…” link or button?


hi @TanserD. feed link target blank parameter added.

thx and right in my cart : )


Nice look. Can it display images? and I would really love to have auto-update every HH:MM:SS setting.

hi @kcnickerson. rss feed automaticly update timer added. you can test.

thanks! purchased.

Can this organize multiple entries by date? For example:

BBC 10:04 CNN 10:03 BBC 10:02 CNN 10:01

or can it only organize it like:

BBC 10:04 BBC 10:02 CNN 10:03 CNN 10:01

hey, tgundogdu, a friendly mention: i noticed the ‘read more’ hover states would benefit by adding nowrap or a min-width. itll flicker for a split second if you lean into your monitors as close as i do apparently :) good looking script. i’ll be looking for something similar in the near future. bookmarked. cheers!

hi, thanks @webcraftsmen

this could be super cool addon for wordpress. :) It could list recent posts in best way possible, as well as other RSS stuff.

I have to ask, do you maybe plan to add horizontal bottom fixed example?

btw. I’ve noticed that this js file is not online: <script src=”js/ideaboxNews.js”></script> in demo

Hi @ameo02. Maybe later I’ll add WP plugin. and horizontal bottom position impossible. Yes. I hide the js file in the demo page.

Hi, great work, i try to make a feedlink with a URL but doesnt work..any help? Thanks

Great! Thanks now works

One other to translate the date view (Tue, 09 Jun 2015) to another language?

any help please? 1. for translate the date view (Tue, 09 Jun 2015) to another language? 2. If possible to add another field to rss feed like “location”? thanks


Can you explain what the parameters NEWSCOUNT and FEEDCOUNT are for? It is because you did not specify it in your documentation and besides trying to change the values to find out what it is for gives me confusing result and I could not determine what are those parameters for, Thanks.

The rss feed is not working anymore. Something in the external dependency with Google feed script must have changed! That’s why I do not rely on external dependency, I download a copy on my server

I updated now. Please check tomorrow.

Is rtl languages support?

hi, no rtl support but I will do.

Hi Master, ist this script working with Yahoo YQL? after Google stop support or any else external Website / Codes and PHP file? Can I Combining multiple RSS feeds in one with Date sorted? The last question is it jquery 1.8.3 compatible?Thank you and merry Chrismas and sorry for my bad english

hi tgundogdu, I found your conversation with ameo02 in regards with wordpress plugin. any news about that? how I can integrate your tool in wordpress? thanks Silv


it works with RSS feed only, or I can put my news manually in some way. I do not need it for RSS feeds, but 1. I need to display some news and advise on a side of a page. 2. Can they be random from a list of news?

Is it possible with this script?

Thanks Mau


Can you make this so it shows the feature image from each post in RSS feed?

Hi, How do I make the ticker auto scroll? Please help.

This is the site i’m working on;

When using more than 2 feeds, and target=blank, there is a label mismatch, where feed labels are advanced by 1.

label = feed: 3=1, 1=2, 2=3

Hi, I would like to change the rss image according the rss, but I only can set an image. For instance: feedimage :’trash/img7.jpg’, feed :’,', Are there some solution for this?