Idea Hub module for Perfex CRM

Idea Hub module for Perfex CRM

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This is a module for Perfex CRM

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Restricted idea and Challenges from cutomer Step Setup->Setting->Idea Hub-> Allow client to view Idea Hub in client area?

Idea Hub is a module for PERFEX CRM that provides organizations with a better way to access existing system challenges and the opportunity to discover new solutions to these various challenges with ideas that will be provided by the Customer or staff and that would be further analyzed with the help of parameters i.e. rating, likes and dislikes.

Idea Hub module allows staffs can submit new ideas & challanges and develop these for actual solutions.

What does idea hub compose of?

The Idea hub has majorly two factors namely – Challenges and Ideas.

A.Ideas can have specific comments, description, Image or video cover type, a specific file can be attached to an idea, how it can impact business, goals of the idea, any additional info needed to be provided, its status viz. Active, Inactive, on-hold, in process, review, approved,etc. and stage like initial, under discussion, final, discover. The idea can be visualized in 3 ways namely viz. PUBLIC, PRIVATE and Custom –Shareable with selected Perfex Customers

B.Challenges can be classified under different heads as per the requirement of the business viz. IT design, Mobile application development etc. Challenges can be Listed and viewed in List mode or Grid mode. It can have a description, title, a cover image and Deadline for resolving which can further be represented in status i.e. Active, Inactive and Archive.

Why do we need Idea Hub?

The following “Organization Development Code” illustrates why Idea Hub is a must-have for any modern, knowledgeable organization.


Idea hub module sets the company on “customer-centered” thinking. We strive to keep in touch with the client as long as possible, entertain him and build long lasting relationships with him.


It is easy to assume that we are missing out on something in the system that we have been using for years. Instead of looking for a new one, which may be associated with a number of problems, e.g. moving large amounts of data or wasting time reading, we can influence the company to introduce modifications to its product in this context. This increases user loyalty and engagement.

3.Customer Success

The world is well aware of good customer service conditions because they spread across the network like viruses. The Idea Portal provides the organization with a great tool for similar opportunities – giving the client exactly what they need may be the path to widespread success, and the customer acquisition process will be shortened by a series of instructions and constructive feedback from clients.

4.Long-term Strategy

The Director of Idea hub can also be the person who will put the highest quality information into organizational strategies. With a brief analysis, it will be much easier for him to learn the product spaces and the direction the organization should go. The money saved by market research and customer analysis can be significant and the findings are surprising.

5.Market needs

Release always on time and always precisely what the market needs. Research shows that often large steps of an organization prove to be unsuccessful. There are many reasons for this – one of them is the fact that the market is not yet ready for a given product or service. There are many cases in which particular products that work perfectly in one market are completely different. Idea Portal allows predicting specific customer needs and the next steps in increasing the quality or expanding the organization’s services.


At the moment when a potential customer encounters our organization, he will receive a collection of information about the unusual way of customer care and the possibility of influencing the product. We reach out to him.

7.Real-time information

Clients want to know the progress of their work. Idea Hub Portal provides transparent status information, and in the event of successful action in connection with the idea submitted by the customer receives ongoing information about progress in the form of status of implementation. Work is important in building a sense of security, trust, and control.

Key Concepts

1-StatusThe status can be defined as Active, Inactive, Hold, under discussion, Review and approved.

1-StageThe stage defines Initial, final, Under discussion and Staging phase.

1-CategoryIt consists of the diverse category under which challenges Lies .they can be namely : IT Development, IT design, General issues , etc.


  • Create challanges
  • Edit challanges
  • Delete challanges
  • Create Ideas
  • Edit ideas
  • Delete ideas
  • Likes on Ideas
  • Dis-likes on Ideas
  • Comments on Ideas
  • Rates on Ideas
  • Challanges List View
  • Challanges Grid View
  • Ideas Tree View
  • Ideas Kanban board view
  • Ideas List View
  • Ideas Grid View
  • Filter By Category
  • Many more

Change Log:-


1- setting created for client view.
2- strict to redirect on ideas/challenges link. 


 challenges Delete issue fixed.

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