Discussion on Idea Hub module for Perfex CRM

Discussion on Idea Hub module for Perfex CRM

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Hello! I tried posting an idea under a challenge but found I needed to post a status and stage for the idea. Since I’m setting it up from scratch I have no key words set up for status nor stage. I tried looking for the place I can set this one up but couldn’t find it in the platform. Just wondering if there’s a way to do this within the perfex app without having to go manual (back end)?



You can edit from here for more detail kindly raise support ticket.

Hello, have consider make a module for

1. Logistics 2. fleet management?

truly appreciated in advance!

Please send email at

can this be used to accomplish a voting system, we want tp present features quarterly that would like our Perfex Clients to vote on, and see the results and perhaps update/show the participants the results

Currently staff/customer add points 1 to 10 instead of voting. If you need voting system we can customise for you.

If I see it correctly, you can only switch the display on or off for customers in general. That does not seem very helpful to me. It would be really useful if you could activate individual ideas specifically for a single customer. Then you can work out special customer-oriented solutions together with them.

It is already there to dispkay your ideas to selected customers.

Ok, there is a distinction between Ideas and Challenges. I have understood that now. Thank you. But I don’t understand why a Challenge is displayed to all customers. Is there a detailed documentation?

Next Update we’ll add document.


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When I installed the new update a few days ago, nothing is getting displayed on the customer portal. I sent an email to the email address that you gave me in a previous reply, but you’ve not responded, yet. PLEASE RESPOND.

Replied on email.


McBay22 Purchased

Hi there,

This is an excellent module. Thank you for creating it. However:

1. May you guide me on how the client creates and submits a new idea, please, as there aren’t any links for creating new ideas in the customer portal? I need to allow users to submit ideas to my company using this module.

2. How do I stop customers from seeing in their portal, the challenges that I set for the Sales & Marketing team, for example? Can the Challenges be possible to make visible to just a specific list of users, members of a specific user role, or to a specific user group like Employees only, customers only?

May you also make some kind of user documentation or video to help your customers to understand how to set up the module and how to use it, please?

You replied to someone else who asked for something similar with a brief, “Demo URL already added with description please check once again” answer in the past.

May you please note that prior to writing stuff on this comments section, most users would have checked through your responses to similar queries raised by others in the past. We, therefore, will require your serious input that shows you care about us, as most often than not, the information that we would be seeking will be completely unavailable everywhere we’d have searched.

Kind regards.


McBay22 Purchased

In the Client portal, after Selecting the Challenge and clicking on the View Challenge” button, the Client gets a button that is labelled “Challenge Overview”, instead of the “New Idea” button that is present in the Staff User Portal after the Challenge Name is clicked.

Actually, I think it would be very helpful and much appreciated if you could add “Ideas” and “Challenges” as submenus below the main left menu link of your module. Make this visible for the Staff user and the Client user, too. This will take the user directly to the feature that they will be needing to use. Having to search high and low for a feature is not something that most clients will want to do when they’ll actually be doing us a favour by sharing their ideas with us.

Basically, the current pathway to creating an idea seems unnecessarily winded and confusing. Please, kindly simplify this for us.


McBay22 Purchased

When creating an idea as the Admin, the Cover Image/Video upload field is mandatory. There appears to not be any clear reason for this to be mandatory. May you kindly make it an optional field, please?

Please send email at

Hi! Great product ! There is a possibility to attach Task or Project to an Idea? Maybe you can improve the solution with a nice feature : A new tab in Idea’s page, that allow to connect / create project and tasks.

Okay,Will consider in future update.


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where or how can we deactivate the visibility of the ideahub in the customer menu?

We don’t have feature to hide the menu at customer end but we hide the data only.


vonova Purchased

here you have written that it is possible …

or did I misunderstand something … that was the reason why we bought it …

Please raise ticket or send me email at

DEMO URL I SAW ALREADY. It doesn not have anything that explains about “Idea submission”

There is no option for idea submission etc on the demo. Can you please put one full video on ideas, challenges etc?

Demo URL already added with description please check once again

Does this module have documentation?

Please check attached screen shot if still not clear send email at

Ok, I’ll check them. I read that customers can see and give feedbacks? Is there an option to disable it for customers?

I have buy this module. I’m caring about the support of this module.

@weebdigital where I can see all of your modules?

This is a copy of our module ideation hub its not sold on Codecayon but its installed in our perfex demo and has been for that last year, you can check here

We are the original authors of this module and this idea was stolen from us we have proof and will report this to codecanyon. This is not the first time this developer has stolen our code and rebranded, when you purchase this module please note your not supporting the original authors. We give this module away free to our existing customer or any customer that purchase a module from us.

complete lie! do not trust this author this is the second time this author has try to take our ideas and code and sale it on the codecanyon platform. He signed a NDA with us to collaborate with us. I can send proof to anyone that ask, we have conversations with admin at codecayon when out module bmnp module was copied and denied. and now again ideation hub, he just changed the name to idea hub notice the difference

Weebdigital is blaming us wrong. We never copied from his module which he is complaining for idea hub. Yes we signed NDA with Weebdigital for his module whatever he selling on codecanyon & New module. But he broke the NDA when when he received all module code and Taken full refund and now selling module on Codecanyon.

He has done BIG fraud with me.

so agreed you broke the NDA, and copied our module, any one that has got sense will check you module and check mines, if you would like to check this you self please go to our page to get the user name and password and login to this instance, and check the ideation hub module, then come back and check his version which was upload last month to codecayon. We take further action on this by report this once again to codecayon, and seek advise from our lawyers in regards to the NDA. I would not recommend this author/developer his ideas are based on other authors and therefore not original or and is surly not trustworthy when it comes to NDA.


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