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abayuba Purchased

ionic state restore—plugin—ionic 3 ??? You have not answered the mail from the support email.

Hello, Sorry for your issue. Can i know your ticket url to check? You can create your ticket at http://inspius.com/envato . Thank you.

When is the update 3.0.1 ? :)

Are you waiting for the new theme right? For some urgent bugs we just sent 3.0.1 but not include the new theme. For an estimate the new theme will coming in 3.0.2. Thank you.

When is that update released ?

Hi. app working fine.just need to ask one thing how to integrate Indian sms api in woocommerc & ionic?

Hello, Can i know more detail about your question? Which service do you want to integrate? Thank you.

Hi..need to send sms to customers mobile once the order is placed..so have to integrate sms API ..can you guide us?

i want your plugin for magento 1.9


zabos13 Purchased

the plugin doesnt work with the latest woocommerce version


zabos13 Purchased

can you help me setup this plugin?

Hello, Please create your issue at http://inspius.com/envato to let us know your issue . Thank you.

any plan design plugin for magento 1.9


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Hi. I would like to know if they are going to implement Mercado Pago. And also if they are going to solve my problem with Magento 2 … I created a tiket, written by email, by skype, called by phone and nobody answers, if it is necessary to make a payment for support I can do it, but please I need an answer , I am committed to clients.

please i have sent a ticket kindly respond…thanks

I just sent an email….

Just connected to you :)

Thanks for the support… Fixed now

I want to buy this app.I have a question.users can update billing account information in app ?!

No one to answer?

Hello, Sorry for late reply you. Yes user can update the billing info. Thank you.

Hello, do you write the local payment module for OpenCart?

How much to make it compatible with Magento 1.9?

Error when type: ionic state restore—plugins. [ERROR] Unable to find command: state restore

What to do ?

Hello, You need update icymobi cli then run the command icymobi-setup . Ionic just updated cli to 3.3.0 and remove many commands. Thank you.


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SIR I have one question : Is It support this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-cod-advanced/


eblatech Purchased

Hello , I sent you a message on skype , please reply to it

So it will sync all categories and products? Different banners/slides for app? Different discount codes for app? Work with paytm or Payumoney? Customers data is sync? Work with multivendor extension?


GoodOlang Purchased

Ionic Setup Sass is faulty. I have used Git and Node.js to no avail. My ticket is also not being responded to


emiryayla Purchased

they are in holiday

Pre sales queries:

1- If I connect my Woocommerce site with the app, can I manage all the products, pricing etc from my Wordpress/ Woocommerce backend?

2- Once I install your app, does it need to connect to your server all the time? Or is it independent?

3 – Can I create an independed Android app and upload to the Google Playstore?

4- How do I manage the push notifications, Razorpay admin etc?

5- How much coding is included?

6- Can you share the documentation?

7- Are you planning to come up with any other features?

I have gone through your documentation and I got most of the answers. So you can ignore these questions. But I have some other questions though. I have added those below. Thanks for your help :)

I have gone through your documentation and I got most of the answers. So you can ignore my previous set of questions. But I have some other questions questions though.

Thanks in advance for answering:

[1] I see a lot of new features added (Flat shipping rate etc) but I don’t see those in your app demos . Is there a demo which has all the features?

[2] Once the app is live in the App store, if I want to change the slider images , can I do it without pushing a new version of the app? Can slider change can be done from the backend?

[3] I am planning to use Woocommerce. So if a customer places the order via app, will the Woocommerce email (order confirmation etc) be sent automatically?

[4] One important drawback I saw is this: in the grid or list view, there is no way to add the product to cart. I have to click on the product and go to the product page to add it. Is there a way you can implement the add to cart option in the grid/ list view itself with a quantity selection square box?

[5] I have a grocery/ vegetable e commerce site. Is there any plan to launch any theme for that?

[6] Hows the apps speed/ performace?

[7] Can the slider image be hyperlinked? Or may be can I add a button in the slider?

[8] Can you add an ‘APPLY button after COUPON so that the users can click on apply to get the COUPOn registered?

[9] Any new features in the pipeline?

[10] Once I make the app and upload in the app store, the only connection it needs is with my Wordpress site to work right? There is no dependency with your server right?

[11] Any plan to improve the blog design?

Hello, Thank you for interest our application. Please check our answers. 1. Our demo is for basic function of all platforms (Woo, Magento 2, Prestashop, Opencart). 2. The slider image is added in the html code to speed up the app for now. But we are going to add a function to config it from backend at 3.0.2 version. 3. The app is connected to WooCommerce by our API so it is the same with the website. 4. We will update this function in the feature. 5. Yes will be in the feature. 6. The app speed is based on the API so it should be come from your server. 7. Yes we got an documentation to edit the slider. 8. The coupon will automatic apply when you change the field. 9. We are going to update somethings (new theme, report module, chat module….). 10. Yes for now, in the feature to create some amazing module like report, chat, .... the app can connect to our server to do some jobs but we will let you know at module description. 11. Can you add some suggestions? Thank you.

new update when release ?!