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Hey. I’m trying to reach you via email for a week with no answer!! I want to purchase the theme but I’ve several question I asked in those emails. Please respond to your emails!

We sent you an message by email. Please check. Best,

Didn’t receive anything on my email: ahmeds@b-c-studio.com


ruben06 Purchased

Hi, the prestashop plugins (paypal and notifications) will be ready today as you say?

Hello, We updated the info into the ticket. Best,

Hi, I have a problem with the Inspius Forum. I have used my purchase code to register me, but I never received the email for confirmation. I have tried to ask a new password. No email ! So I can’t submit a ticket for my “Check your connection internet” error. Thanks

Same problem than ahmedbcs

Hello, Please send your purchase code to contact@inspius.com we will help you check. Best,


ruben06 Purchased

Why are you not answering me? What about the prestashop module?

Hello, We updated the info into the ticket. Best,


ruben06 Purchased

Please I beg you, juste gave us a day I could pay just to have a REAL day not a fake one as usual. Why are you filetring my questions. Tell us “it’s not gonna be ready before a month”, and I could understant but I can’t understand the no answer and the fake delay. This is realy not acceptable, stupid and unprofessional

Hello, We updated the info into the ticket. Best,

Hi, David! I use merchantsuite payment gateway ( http://merchantsuite.com ) installed on my store ( woocommerce). Is it possible to integrated this payment gateway?

Hello, Please send your request to contact@inspius.com. I think it is ok for this payment gateway. Best,

I have already sent an email to you, regarding customise payment gateway, please check it ^ Thx u ^

We sent you an message. Best,


superglb Purchased

Hello, I bought the theme 6 days ago, But till now it did not work. I have send a ticket in your official siteweb with error details and my FTP account, but 3 days passed, still no answer. I could not wait any more. please!

Hello, Please send your ticket url to contact@inspius.com. Best,


whardson Purchased

Is it still not possible to edit the profile picture

We will update this function soon. Best,


whardson Purchased

When? I have been asking for well over a month… is it possibly to bypass the login

hay prestashop user don’t bought this package .. that isn’t full code .. only have prestashop module ..that man selling only module .. really i don’t like .. i don’t recommand ….If they want to sell they can give full source code …now that only have module ..that isn’t good … developer .is fake selling i think …. i already send too many email .. don’t reply to me ..

Hello, What do you mean this is not full source code? In the item you will get prestashop module, wordpress module, magento 2 module and mobile app source code. It is a full application. If you have any issues please create a ticket at http://inspius.com/envato our technical will help you. Best,

too many email send your support and codecanyon place … but don’t reply … so how to send again . I am using (problemclean@gmail.com) ...

You should create the ticket at http://inspius.com/envato so our technical can help you. Best,


nazmulh Purchased

Hi, How to upgrade v2.3.0 to 2.3.1?

It is not good solution to replace all the files.

Because there are a lot of bugs and a lot of things which isn’t functioned properly.

As your support is not good [There are some questions in support which isn’t answered yet which was asked 1 month ago !! ] and Customers have to wait a long time to get proper answer, i fixed some of the bugs and added some functions on my own.

So if you please attach a list of changes you made then that will be great for all users.


Hello, You can check this post for how to update the app version. http://icymobi.com/update-icymobi-app/ . Best,


whardson Purchased

Is this necessary CLIENT_ID_AUTH0: ’’, DOMAIN_AUTH0: ’’,

If I comment out your values It leave the app with a blank screen

We are going to update this config in next version you can disable the auth0 from config file. Best,


whardson Purchased

When will that update happen?

Hello, The new update will be at next week. Best,


jackchim Purchased

Hello there I bought your PayPal plugin installed according to your video tutorial, but still wrong, i look at the code,   Is it possible no a js/paypal-mobile-js-helper.js file? can you send me? Thank you.

Hello, Please create a ticket at http://inspius.com/envato so our technical can help you. Best,


oucart Purchased


I add platform ios pod install

show meassge : Analyzing dependencies [!] Unable to find a specification for `GoogleCloudMessaging (~> 1.2.0)`

and xcode show message : my_mobile_app/platforms/ios/IcyMobi/Plugins/phonegap-plugin-push/PushPlugin.m:30:9: ‘GoogleCloudMessaging.h’ file not found

can you tell me , how to contact you and support ?


oucart Purchased

This problem is solved by use the “ionic hooks add ”,

But there are checkout: Message No such entity with% fieldName =% fieldValue,

I don’t know how to solve.

Hello, Please create the ticket at http://inspius.com/envato so our technical can help you. Best,

Hi I am interested to buy this app. Currently I have a Prestashop 1.6 store. and will update to 1.7 very soon. Is the app compatible with both versions?

If I buy and switch to new Magento store, do I need to buy this again or just rebuild it?

Finally do I need to develop? or just configure to publish the app?

Hello, Thank you for interest our application. Yes IcyMobi can support for Prestashop and Magento . You will need some technical about the html/css and build the ios and android. The item is app source code at ionic framework. If you have no time, you can buy our service to build the app. Best,

hi 1 New for update Ionic2? 2 i d also the woocommerce like Foodia.It is possible? thx. Best

Hello, Ionic 2 version still is in development time. For the WooCommerce theme like Foodia it is not available right now. Best,

push notification still not work, you even dont reply my question on your forum.

and top gear theme is not like on your ads, there’s no promotion page or colorful category on home screen. If there yes, please how to activate? my question on forum not yet answered too by your team. Notification still not work! make my $19 useless!

Hello, Please send your ticket url to contact@inspius.com . Best,

Hello, there are problems with SSL domains? It supports HTTPS?

Hello, Thank you for interest our application. Yes IcyMobi can support https. Best,

Hello, I sent your ticket to our technical they will help you very soon. Best,

4 days have passed.

We updated the ticket please check. Best,

any reason why my category images don’t display correctly? http://prntscr.com/ecla1d

Hello, From your screenshot, you should use the category image at same ratio. Best,