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i’m trying to integrate it with my mvc4 application which uses metronic theme( My application has already a left vertical menu that comes with the theme, my requirement is to have right vertical menu for a specific page. so I have tried to integrate the example provided with out success, as i receive an error message -“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘match’ of undefined ” and i see an extra menuitem getting added by default. I haven’t referenced the jquery file from the plugin dir but referenced from the theme one with 1.10.2v.

Please let me know if I’m missing anything else?

thanks in advance.

This error is for sure from icoroll? Which file line?

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘match’ of undefined icoroll.js:1

Exact location noticed while debugging is if(t.match(/^http/))continue

i need your code, can you send me a link to your work( private )?

Hi Bossbyte, Before buying this script, I would like to know whether it’s possible to have the navigations for both sides instead of only 1? Currently your script supports either left or right. Not both.

Hi, sorry but for now script is works on only one chosen side.

Hi, I purchased this navigation but am running into some problems implementing it (both on my development site and on a barebones example document).

The icons are not showing up and the mobile-icon appears at the top of the screen regardless of device (and then disappears when actually ON a mobile device)

Which browser and exists errors in console?


I followed the instructions but the menu items dont slide out on hover, only change color. How can I fix it?

Hi, please send to me on email your code.

Good afternoon! Can you PM me any type of tutorial that might show me how to add this jquery plugin to my Wordpress site? I simply can’t find anything that puts it in layman terms. Site: Wordpress theme: quickstep

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, it is not a wordpress plugin.

I know it is not, but understand that I can still implement it into Wordpress. Can I pay you to do this?

Please write private message with details.

Hello there,

I have a problem with your script..

I have multiple sections on my page, around 50. I have adjusted your script to display 50 sections too. (section 1, section 2, etc)

When I scroll my page and I am on section 24 for example even though it needs 2000px more to reach section 25, section 25 gets highlighted on your sidebar.

The anchors on the other hand work exactly how they should

This happens on all sections. How can adjust it?

This can be some bugs, i must check it with so big pixel differences

I sent you a private message

“Icoroll is created to search nearest point, if something is near it will be highlighted”

This was the author’s reply to my problem. This way if you have a lot of content under one section this script won’t behave properly..

I strongly believe that this should have been mentioned in the description.

This is the reason I rated it with 3 stars.

Other than that, everything was fine.


Got a couple of pre-purchase questions. How costumizable is this plugin? For example:

1. Can I choose to have texts only in stead of icons and text? 2. Can I change the colors easily? 3. Can I make the vertical scroll smaller? And also the blocks/texts that appear, is it easy to make these smaller or not to display as a block, but just as text that appears? 4. Do you think that I can use it with this theme, when building long pages like this one:

Thank you for answering!

Hi InnoE,

1. Yes you can
2. Yes you can add your own css file ( instruction will tell you which class is for which element )
3. You can change font size, rest of question needs more informations
4. Yes, i think yes.

Hello -

I really like this product and am very interested in purchasing it. I was wondering if it will work with Twitter Bootstrap?

Thanks! Marcy

Sorry i don’t see example it needs l and pass

Working with our IT team to get you a username and password. Is there somewhere we can message each other so its not public?

I responed on e-mail.

Hi, this is a great navigation!

One thing I can’t solve… I want to add different icons to navigation (numeral or something). But when I change this class':'icon-mobile' to class':'fa fa-something' nothing shows up. What did I miss from instructions provided in your documentation provided?

PS. And I read from here that you can but text instead of icon, but its not working at least not like this: { ‘content’:’1’,’href’:’#home’,’content’:’Home’},

Hi if you use different icons you must provide css for them, this is working with icoroll, your own icons need to be styled to your classes. Navigation does not supports only text, it support change text but icon must be also.

Hi again! I have to ask…I moved my project directory to web and now I don’t see any icons. Any ideas?

Your icons directory is in dfifferent relative path to your css, please change css or move icons.

How can I show the menu only in home?

I don’t understand question? If you mean home page you just need to run it on home page.


I want to give different color to each individual item, I’m using this example: li#menu_scroll_number_1.current{ background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #777777; } but its not working, any idea?

Hi, changing css is possible but i can not check if you css is valid, maybe your css is added before icoroll css and icoroll?

Thank You for your work!
I have a small issue and I’ve emailed it to you in private.

Hi! I´m trying to implement it to my wordpress site, but in some pages icoroll is having conflict with other jquery elements. My wordpress theme uses jquery v11 and icoroll is based on jquery v10 I think.. how can I resolve this issue?

Had you checked icoroll on jquery v11? It should work well.

hi i want to open the link in _self at the same page plz send my quickly

Hi for now it is not supported, i must add new version with support of target attribute. For now it opens href in the same window.

Ok, quick solution for you.

1. First for this elements which you need to have outside links set some class like “outside”, you can set class in icoroll init someting like this:

    { 'class':'icon-hammer','href':'/?page=5&st=1','content':'Page 1'},
    { 'class':'icon-shield outside','href':'/?page=5&st=2','content':'Page 2'},
    { 'class':'icon-flag','href':'/?page=5&st=3','content':'Page 3'},
    { 'class':'icon-briefcase outside','href':'/?page=5&st=4','content':'Page 4'},
    { 'class':'icon-bug','href':'/?page=5&st=5','content':'Page 5'}

2. Next after icoroll init add this script

$(‘ul.scroll_menu li’).bind(‘click’,function(){ if ($(this).find(‘span.outside’).length>0)$(this).find(‘a’).attr(‘href’),’_blank’); else window.location.assign($(this).find(‘a’).attr(‘href’) );})

Above script checks is class outside and if class exists then go in new tab, if not it change current window.


Can I disable responsive version ?



I would want to know how to post instead of the icon of the text.

Thank you

Hi i am very sorry but it is not possible.

I would like to have the home icon (back button) not be highlighted. I’m using a different method for “back to top” and I would like the first icon to be same color (black) as other icons and not have the “current” class applied.

My purchase code: 2c87cfcf-fb93-4492-b6e0-6314542d6f26

Hi, sorry but icoroll do not have such feature.

Hi there! Cool menu. I just wonder if it`s possible to open the whole menu items on hover. Thx. Cheers

Hi, sorry but icoroll not support this feature but we can do some script to enable that. If You are interested write on e-mail.

Hi I bougth your plugin to be used on an angular application with jQuery v2.2.4, and I have several javascript error messages in the console (see below)

Error messages

At launch

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘onCurrent’ of undefined (icoroll.js:1)

And when I click on a link in the menu

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘offset’ of undefined (icoroll.js:1)

Do you have a compatible version? I saw that you updated you plugin with jQuery 3 some time ago.


Just to get the email when you reply ;)

All examples on landing page are workin on newest jquery and it is compatible with 2 for sure. I think problems are with configuration, check documentation again. If You are using angular maybe DOM is not rendered when using icoroll.

Your errors for sure are from DOM structure, Your menu elements not exists when You call icoroll or selector is wrong.