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Refresh page send me back to homepage. Is it normal?

Please write some more information because it is difficult to answer on this question.

Hello, thank you for answer but i found another solution it was cuz of #id in href


I want to know if this menu is for cell phones and web pages, if to this menu I can add text under each icon?

And if I can open external links like google maps, facebook, or websites?

Thank in advance

Hi I just purchased the script, looks like it does not work with jquery mobile, is that right?

Hi, IcoRoll is working with jquery but never was tested with jquery mobile.

Can you test it with mobile or not interested?

does it work with jquery mobile? looks like it doesnt

hi here is my info 0b0cf950-43fb-45cc-8d72-4be1025f589e – 4 Aug 2017

does it work with jquery mobile (css or js)? looks like it doesn’t appreciate if you reply Thanks talking about IcoRoll


hi Sir any anchor link i have with in the page it will reset it to the first one after load any links like