IcoRoll - Scroll Navigation System

IcoRoll - Scroll Navigation System

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UPDATE VERSION 2.2 31.08.2016. New features:

  • Hide navigation on mobile devices
  • Better long sections support
  • Support of newest Jquery ( version 3 )

UPDATE VERSION 2.1 30.07.2013. New features:

  • Standard navigation support
  • Spacing between menu elements feature
  • Better support on mobile ie10
  • Better support on mobile safari

UPDATE VERSION 2.0 12.06.2013. New features added:

  • Callbacks for click and current menu element viewing
  • External links support

Icoroll – Scroll Navigation System

Responsive scroll menu system providing ideal solution for vertical navigation on pc and mobile devices.

It connects html id attribute on page with menu, so menu knows where user is on page.


  • Responsive
  • Uses touch, mouse and mouse wheel events
  • Easy configuration
  • Easy theme change ( one commented css file )
  • Works on almost all browsers ( only not on IE6 )
  • Supports touch slide effect
  • Is integrated with icomoon icons ( 3800 free and open source icons)
  • Has additional feature – text tooltips to redirect user to different section of page