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for Other

Very cool idea and good implementation. I really hope that the developers will not abandon this plugin but will develop it.

for Flexibility

Guys fix this then I will change my rate:

1. First tab shows the collections of icons which is fine, but to search new collections you have to scroll down the page and if you refresh the page... guess what - you have to scroll deep down again which makes this plugin quite useless, because who's gonna waste time scrolling down just to get to the new collections.

2. Search engine is bad, when I want to search an icon, it shows me only a few icons at once, when I search through IconFinder's website I've got plenty of them using the same keyword.

3. Ok, I added my selected Icons to the collection, it automatically saved them in my Wordpress Media Library - I tought WOW, that's pretty cool... but guess what? I deactivated this plugin for a moment and all the icons in Media library GONE! Just imagine if you build your website full of icons and them after a while you need to deactivate IconFinder plugin - is like deactivating whole website. Thanks, no.


Author response

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Let's see:

1. There's a local storage (browser storage) which caches collections for 1hr. Now, i'm not sure why i set just 1hr but i see your point. Will add a new setting, probably around 1 week, with a button to clear the cache.

2. Indeed, it's limited so that the query is balanced. If i'd increase the number there could be timeouts or who knows what server errors. Now again, i see your point, so i will add a new setting to increase limit to 70-100, with the default of 20. Over 100 items per request would be way too risky.

3. Just ran a test as i was surprised to know this happened. Actually the icons do remain in Media Library, however they're not displayed visually (as thumbnails) because IconPress plugin adds SVG support into WordPress, because it's not natively supported.

So because IconPress adds this SVG format support, icons as inline SVG (not as external image) need to be added through IconPress. There's no way to add them otherwise, so it's absolutely normal for the icons to not show up any more throughout the frontend.

If you want to be non-dependend of IconPress, you'd have to add icons through WordPress native "Add media" or any *image* browser, picking them from Media Library.

I updated my todo list for the first 2 tasks in the next release.


for Feature Availability

Easy access to nice & huge collection of free icons. With this plugin, using icons in wordpress a breeze! It saved me from many hours of tedious searching and downloading.

for Customizability

So good. Can actually grab all the icons I want without having to download font-awesome 100 times on frontend

for Feature Availability

Easy to use. Works as described. I am satisfied and hope big sales!