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Nice plugin.

Having one slight issue, Icons not showing on woocommerce products categories or tags. Hoping you can assist, this is the specific reason why I purchased plugin.



As I don’t know where you want to put the icon, here is an example of icon before page title in wc categories and tags templates. Please put that code in functions.php file of your theme and check. Hope that helps.

Thank you.


Added the code to my functions.php, had no effect. Not sure whats the issue.


It is possible that the theme is overriding wc templates and that the function woocommerce_page_title() is not in use inside archive-product.php. Please check.

Also, maybe you could contact me through Support->Contact Author and send me the link to your site with login details so that I can help you better.

Thank you.

Hi there, i have a pre-sales question, can you use this plugin to add icons to woo commerce attributes that display in the Specification tab


Sorry for a late reply.

Unfortunately, you can’t assign icons to WooCommerce attributes by default. It can be done, but it would require some extra work. I will consider adding this feature.

Thank you.

hi mladen, i just sent you a msg through support tab. please help. thanks..


I just bought the plugin, but i can’t seem to get it working in my template. I use the salient theme and i want to show the icons in an overview of my projects.

I can get the categories that are added to the project, but i can’t get them to display as icons.

I use this code but it doesn’t work. echo iconize_get_term_icon_by('id',get_the_terms($post->id,"project-type")->term_id, get_the_terms($post->id,"project-type")->term_id);
with the get_the_terms($post->id, "project-type") i get the array of the categories.

Can you help me please?



Thank you for using Iconize!

Please take a look at this code which displays a comma separated list of term links with icons. You can modify it as per your requirements. Please let me know if you need further help.

Thank you.

Dear mladen16.

I bought Mango theme. pre-built with Iconize.

After Iconize plugin activate, admin panel is very slow.

If comment line above, working ok.

require_once( plugin_dir_path( FILE ) . ‘includes/update-notifier.php’ );


Thank you for using Iconize and sorry for a late reply.

The server which is hosting the version check file was down for a couple of days, and I guess that was causing the issue. Please check again and let me know if you still have problems.

Thank you.

I want to purchase this item but does it work with the latest wordpress? Because someone reported that, when i ativate this plugin, the admin backend hang


There is no problems with new WordPress for me.

Thank you.

Mladen , ne radi plugin sa novim wordpressom . Ista tema ,isti settingsi i ne pokazuju se ikone , niti recimo : u meniju nema ni mogu?nosti kao prije da se doda ikona


Hvala na zvezdicama. :)

Ukoliko trebate pomoc oko uklapanja u temu, javite se, obicno moze da se sredi sa 1 ili 2 linije koda. Ili mi recite koja je tema u pitanju pa cu probati da nadjem trajno resenje.


Bok Mladen :) Evo mi odgovora :

It’s about a new custom Walker the function related with custom mega menu which comes with recent version. If you need to keep priority for third-party scripts then you can disable mega menu functionality from within options.php:216 file.

Find #216 line and set false in the end of line:

‘sidebar’ => false,

A child theme recommended.

E sad, megamenu nesmijem zgasiti i kontam da nije tvoa greška pa jel imaš neki workaround ?

To guys reading in english , this plugin is five star plugin , i am just seeking help from author for custom stuff

Hello, could you please share which theme you are using?

Hello my client purchased this plugin on this website.

I am trying to use custom taxonomies to list but can not. My code is this:

$args = array( 'hide_empty=0' );
$terms = get_terms('clasificacion', $args);
$count = count($terms); $i=0;
if ($count > 0) {
    $term_list = '
    '; foreach ($terms as $term) { } ?>
  $icon = iconize_get_term_icon_by('name', $taxonomy[0]->name, 'clasificacion'); 
  $term_list .= '
  • ' . $icon . $term->name . '
  • '; if ($count != $i) $term_list .= ''; else $term_list .= ''; } echo $term_list;

    I appreciate your help, thanks.


    Sorry about late reply.

    I am not sure but I guess you need to replace $taxonomy[0]->name with $term->name.

    Let me know if you need more help.

    Thank you.

    Sorry, not work…

    My code:

    Sorry for my lack of ability


    Here is edited code that should work, hope I didn’t miss something.

    Thank you.

    Will this plugin still be updated?

    It seems there hasn’t been an update for two years.


    Sorry for a late reply.

    Yes, the plugin will be updated, although there is nothing to fix as far as I know, except one PHP notice. Also, some fonts needs to be updated. Everything else is working just fine based on my tests but if someone reports any issue, it will be fixed as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

    Please notify me when you have an updated version, that is tested with the latest version of Wordpress.

    My company does not allow me to buy plugins older than 1 year (policy / trust), no matter how small the price is.

    FEEDBACK: Please consider having an alert for yourself when a plugin becomes older than a year. Even some small changes (and testing with latest version of Wordpress) can gain the trust of a buyer. I’m sure this will benefit your profit.

    Thank you in advance for the notification, I’ll immediately buy your plugin after that.

    hi i wanted to call an Icon picker on a page front end and i was wondering if there is any way of doing this


    Sorry for a late reply.

    It is possible, but you need custom coding for that. Unless you want to call it on frontend editor, than it is easier.

    i can’t fined any custom codding on your documentation for this kind of purpose

    Hi, could you with your plugin, assign icons to the user name according to their role? Best, Miguel

    Hello Miguel,

    I am sorry for the late reply.

    There is no built in way to do that unfortunately.

    Pozdrav , mene zanima koje su ikone u pluginu , trebam ikone koje se koriste za iznajmljivamnje apartmana , klima , krevet , tus , kada , internet i tako dlaje ima li mogucnost da vidim sto ima?

    Dobro jutro,

    Potreban je samo WP, plugin je u sustini napravljen da olaksa ubacivanje ikona u meni, widzete, stranice itd. A ikone su preuzete na internetu ( ne pravim sam ikone ). Korisnik moze da “ubaci” svoje ikone u plugin, tako da ako nadjete ikone koje vam trebaju, mozete ih ubaciti ( ). Planiram da pojednostavim ovaj proces ali nikako da uhvatim vremena.

    Ali ako ste Vi samo u potrazi za odgovarajucim iconama i treba Vam samo nekoliko ikona, mozda Vam plugin ni ne treba. Mozda mozete pronaci sta Vam treba ovde – ili ovde – i koristiti CSS.

    Ako Vam treba jednostavan nacin za ubacivanje/menjanje ikona na sajtu, onda mozete ubaciti Vase ikone u plugin.

    Nadam se da sam bio od pomoci.


    Pogledala sam ., ima razlicitih ikona u nekim paketina . Nesto u SVG itd. ali nisam vidjela kako bih mogla ubacit te ikone putem vase aplikacije , jer ima samo default one koje ste vi dodali . Iskrenpo nemam bas vremena istrazivati to . Jer imam puno posla na stranici i drugo , dali postoji mogucnost da viu ubacite tih par ikona u vasu applikaciju ?

    Nazalost plugin radi samo sa fontovima, ne moze da se ubaci ako su ikone u SVG formatu.

    Mogao bih ubaciti nove fontove ali jedino ako je licenca odgovarajuca ali nazalost ne mogu da Vam kazem kada bi to bilo.

    Hvala na interesovanju u svakom slucaju.


    I’m very interested in your plugin. I’m looking for a plugin that allows me to add customized icons to my menu. And for replacing widgets titles.

    - I saw that the addition of icon just in front of the menu is simple. - Can you tell me if it is possible to replace the title of the widget by an icon? - Is it easy to add customized font icons?

    Thank you for coming back.

    Best regards


    Please accept my apologies for a late reply.

    Unfortunately replacing widget title with icon is not possible currently without custom coding.

    You can add custom fonts manually only, within your child theme, here is a step by step guide.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you.