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Hi Ivelin.

I’m finding that I can’t use this plugin, either on my own site or on the demo. Am unable to select an icon, see a preview, nor filter libraries with the drop-down, or get any response from the other controls.

I’ve tried with two different installs of OS X (Safari and Chrome) as well as Windows 7 (Chrome). I’ve emptied caches etc just to be sure but no joy

What am I missing? Thanks.


Glad to hear the interface is okay now!

Re: your other issue, is it possible that you are encountering what is mentioned in the docs – “Make sure you clear the browser cache before you open Iconica after a font upload or you may see the icons as unknown characters.”?

About the font folder, you can find it in wp-content/plugins/iconica-vector-icons/fonts – the default fonts each have their own folders in there while the uploaded custom fonts can be seen as individual files.

Let me know if this is any help!


Hi Ivelin. Thanks for that info. Knowing the correct file structure has helped me make some use of the plugin. For me, it seems the upload feature is quite broken. Uploading font files and css prepped by Icomoon as per your instructions seem to ‘touch’ the font directory and the cb-style.css file, and the plugin reports the files were uploaded successfully. But they don’t get uploaded. Therefore, the font doesn’t appear in the drop down and the icons still remain as squares, even after clearing the browser cache. However, if I manually upload the font files to the plugin folder where you mention they should go, I can then use the icons, despite the font still not appearing in the drop-down filter. It’s not ideal, but I’m now able to sort of use the plugin. Let me know if you have a fix or a better workaround for me. Thanks.


Sorry to hear the problem was not resolved! However, this seems to indicate a server-side issue, which I’ll be happy to look into if you could drop me an email with FTP credentials and a WordPress login. These I will need in order to have a look at the folder permissions and plugin files and to test the whole process myself.

Thanks for your patience!


Will you be adding functionality for the wp menu?

Hi, I have been using your awesome plugin from the very beginning. You were even so cool to implement these icons on request:

So, in the custom version that you sent me, I can select these beautiful icons from the menu. However, in the latest version of the plugin, these icons are no longer listed in the menu. It would be so nice to have them back! Would you consider implementing them in a public available new version? Thanks!

All the best, Hugo