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Hello! Is there already a possibility to use glyphicons? Thanks!

This isn’t possible in this plugin, however we’ve another plugin that we can recommend that has many more possibilities called Ultimate Addons.

Ultimate To Me It Doesn’t Seem…


I got your ticket, regarding your issue, and also had replied to it.

Please let us know more about your issue over there so that we can fix your issue as soon as possible.

a plugin no worpress panel :(


Sorry for the inconvenience, we have received your ticket regarding your issue, soon we’ll fix it.

Hi, is it possible to set background colors for the whole box?

We have another plugin that would allow you to do this. Check here –

Well, I checked that right now but couldn’t find any box with this feature…I see lots of info boxes including icons.

I’m using your theme with VC 4.12 and it looks like the option for “use light” theme when selecting background colour is not there anymore. How can I get that back to switch the text to “light” when displaying dark backgrounds? The upgrade has undone all those pages. :o(

Hey! Could you open up a ticket in our support center? Without checking the backend, understanding this might be impossible.


i want to have a custom css class to my icon boxes. Do i have to enter the classname with or without a dot? How can i can get access to the custom class? Whether with or without point , I can not respond to the customclass im my child.css.

Thank you for your help.


pratikc Author Team


Please enter your class name without dot in Extra Class field. Check this screenshot for reference.

Your entered custom class will reflect at frontend as well. Here is the screenshot of browser console window.

Hope above information is helpful for you.

Thanks a lot, my mistake. I wanted to respond the customclass via the customchild.css in my childtheme. But i have to insert the code in the VC custom CSS ;). Works fine for me.

No problem :)

HI i need to upload my own custom icons as they arent in any library is this possible and how would i do it?




WP-Deepak Author Team

Hello Danny,

As of now we have not integrated any feature in icon-box for importing custom font icon. But we have it in our Ultimate Addons plugin which can do all the job which you want.

We would consider having this feature in icon box plugin in near future.

Hi, how can I make an icon or title text into a hyperlink? Thank you

Hi, We provide several linking options in the backend for you to choose from.

This is what I see on my end. From here, I do not see any linking options for the icons or title. Is there another place I should look?

WP-Deepak Author Team

Here is the screenshot of the option which we have provided:

If you are using the outdated version then download the latest version or update the plugin.

Is there a way to make the boxes in a row all the same height? I’m trying to create fixed Height rows even if the amount of content varies

Regretfully, this is not possible.

Hello, I am currently having an issue with the 5.0.1 update. The backend editor does not show control icons in Google Chrome, but it does in both Safari and Firefox. Without icons it’s not impossible to use, but it does make it more difficult. I was wondering if this has been reported by anyone else. The plugin came packaged with the Armada theme I bought, which was just updated, so the theme and plugins were updated. This didn’t happen until after I updated.


WP-Deepak Author Team

Hello! We haven’t been reported with the issue which you are explaining here.

But we’ll test out the issue and if this happens then surely we’ll get this fixed.

hi, Iam new to visual composer. Do I understand it right if this wp-plugin will only work as an add-on to visual composer?

That is correct.

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your live demo is down

Thanks for reporting this, we are on it and would get it working soon.

What are the parameters for using the image upload feature?

Hi Jeffery,

There is no such parameter, if you want to upload image icon then you can use .jpg or .png format depending upon the requirement.

And that would work just like choosing one from icon database?

Yes indeed, you can select any image as your icon from your media gallery :)

Please I just would like to add some Hover (mouseover) effect over custom icons. I need this to see any vantage to have bought your plugin. I would like the hover effect like the presented here: – About Us section

Regretfully, as of now there is no hover feature for the background of the icon. But your suggestion is very interesting and we would love to add this feature in our future updates of the plugin.

hi there – i have no option to style the icon at all. i bought a theme that uses icon box with VC but it isnt working – any ideas


WP-Deepak Author Team

Usually, theme authors customize things a bit before integrating plugins in the theme; so for accurate answers, it is recommended that questions for the plugins you get bundled with the theme should be asked to the theme author.