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Good if added push notification… If needed I can add for you push notifications.. skype me salbiz@live.com

hello , I want to buy this code, but i want to know first how to change pictures ? do I need to have my own website or what ?

Hi, I bought this app, but It has a several bugs. I could fix these:

- if you fill the word with incorrect letters and you try to reveal some letters, than the application force shut (because there is no space for reveal a letter).

- when you reset data, the coins will remain the same (users can cheat)

- I have added a dialog to confirm the data reset (in case if user click accidently)

- I have changed the success layout when the user completed all the levels, because it looks nearly same as success screen at every level

- I have added push notification & app rater dialog

If anyone want to solve these issues, then hire me for a small cost. Thanks.

Antee86, how can i message you? By the way, someone maneged to fix the problem with the upgrade db file?

Hi! Send a message to this email address: f_anti@citromail.hu

Hello people

If you use this source code for many reskins you must be tired of manually editing the huge InitializeDB.txt file. I got tired, so I created a VBA script to automatically generate ALL the content of this file, based in the name of your images, including the random letters to be shown to the user. Save your precious time, if you want buy info, send a message to highwaymobilegames@gmail.com with the subject “Icomania script”.

can build in android studio?.

it’s not work at all, and there’s no update. sadly

Does it support android studio?