Discussion on ICOLab - Initial Coin Offering Platform

Discussion on ICOLab - Initial Coin Offering Platform

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I am not able to delete/remove the ICO STAGE in MANAGE ICO section. Please help in that. THIS WAS THE SIMPLE QUERY for support ticket no. 287897

But instead of getting a clear response and support. This is what i got from your technical team


As a readymade, you’ll get all available options in your admin panel, which we already mentioned in our description and demo.

please check your admin panel carefully and study well, you’ll get understand better. Also, check the user dashboard.

If you want to add more features or delete features it’ll be under customization and cost you an additional customization charge.”





sure, share pls

Shared with the code canyon Team. Thanks


support ticket 766848 why should I need to have active support when your new update requires total files and database to be updated and it is saying “The system detects that you are trying to activate the product on an unauthorized domain or IP.” when I am activating it with purchase code.

Sir, you have to have an active support period to get any assistance from us.

i want to buy this script with only 1 customization

We can do as you want for an additional charge. Please open a support ticket from the URL given, our technical team assist you:

I have no clue what you all are doing the latest build does not even activate. last step error 500. c’mon plz do better than this.

Please open a ticket here :

Hi. Do you offer free installation.

Also once a user has a coin to place on auction, when someone buys the coins do they pay via an actual deposit or is the money taken from the balance which they have on dashboard

Can the price or value of a coin change IE increase or decrease while the user has it after it’s been bought

Must the coins be bought by other users via peer to peer or can approve sale on auction and amount then added to user


yes we offer free installation for cpanel based hosting.

yes price will up and down by using calculation setted by admin

Just Installed but Captcha error is not letting me do anything on ADMIN/USER as not able to proceed further.

I have raised a ticket & expecting your help on priority. [Ticket#705956] Login Error – Invalid Captcha Provided

Please open a ticket here :

installed but 500 exception site/activate returns 500 error blank page inErrorException ViewException HTTP 500 Internal Server Error Undefined array key “REQUEST_SCHEME” (View: /home/xxxxx/htdocs/

For temporarily captcha showing up but still not without verifying allowing login this is temporary fix. Any other buyers also can do this to temporary fix. This temporary fix can help @ViserLab also, hats why I spent time to understand the problem and post it here. I think it is easy for him correct it now.

in logincontroller in user and admin – and also registercontroller in user

hi, if you face any technical issue, please open a support ticket on the given URL so our tech team can assist you:

captcha error in new version. not solved. please fix. i’ve been going back and forth with support and no resolution. please don’t ask for cpanel access as it’s a security risk.

Please open a ticket here :

I have and you all keep on asking for access to my cpanel. Please no. You all need to take out the default capcha (random number generator ugh!) system that’s turned on with even initial admin login upon installation. What kind of design idea is that? It’s causing installation headaches and basically I have a dead app. Please take that out and update. That would be appreciated. Thnx ;-)

unless cpanel access its hard to inspect issues

This software doesn’t work on PHP 8.1 is what I have realised.

latest version coming with php 8.2 support

Hi. Can you upgrade to use php 8.1?

pls check system requirements and make ur server suitable for our requirements to install our system

I have done that fully and given you full ftp access. Please fix the registration and other listed errors that are totally showstoppers it’s still NOT working. If you can’t please simply refund me my money. Thnx.

its not possible by us to inspect issues without cpanel access. come back when you able to provide us that

does it work with php 8.0?


Does this have referral bonus and signup bonus?

referals are there

Hi, for new buyers. No payment gateway in India accepts it and you will be left with option to only accept offline payment gateway. Nor razorpay, nor paytm, nor cashfree, nor PayU.

there are few’s. pls check

Can you name them here so that people in India can have an awareness on who to reach?

we have few of them, now if they not support this system then what can we do

Hello, I saw that there is no Portuguese language available, do you add it for free or do you have to pay extra?

Hi, you can add new language and translate from admin panel. our system is dynamic.

Hello, I already have your product and the first time I didn’t get support for some issues and I ended up giving up on using it. I would like to renew it but I have some doubts that I would like to be clarified.

1 – If there is the possibility of inserting other Payment Gateways with transparent checkout, and if the support of can make these insertions and modifications.

2 – I intend to insert white label banking services through APIs and I would like to know if you also do this insertion.


Edilson Barros

It’s been 9 days and still no response.

Please open a ticket here :

[Ticket#169146] website not working properly saying 500 error


Our team will assist you ASAP.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties? We don’t sell, exchange, or in any case move to outside gatherings by and by recognizable data. This does exclude confided in outsiders who help us in working our site, leading our business, or adjusting you, since those gatherings consent to keep this data private. We may likewise deliver your data when we accept discharge is suitable to follow the law, implement our site strategies, or ensure our own or others’ rights, property, or wellbeing.

Funny because then you go into the spill excluding outsiders who help you with the site meaning you sell to anyone that has mentioned you then you lie again just below that saying What we don’t do with your data We don’t and will never share, unveil, sell, or in any case give your information to different organizations for the promoting of their items or administrations.

Now i want the support your promise or I will ask for a refund. I did not buy to not be able to use it I bought to put it up now not next year

I mean it takes about 5 minutes to give you all the info you request and yet when i want to put the site up it still gives me the same error ands you answer 4 times don’t do multiply replies support tickets yet refuse to fix the issue so i can complete installation Department Ticket Status Last Response Details Installation [Ticket#534380] install new script Open 4 hours ago Details Support [Ticket#727383] install Answered 5 hours ago Details Sales [Ticket#313718] New domain Answered 11 hours ago Details Support [Ticket#593824] New domain Answered 11 hours ago Details Support [Ticket#699101] Logo Closed 1 day ago Details Installation [Ticket#374002] test Answered 1 day ago Details Support [Ticket#292235] install Answered 1 day ago

All this takes is to allow ,me to install the script which is being blocked by you it is not up on any other domain which the lic code shows Requirements File Permissions Installation Information Complete Installation COMPLETE INSTALLATION The system detects that you are trying to install the product on an unauthorized domain or IP. You can ask for support by creating a support ticket. So i have added the ip address and domain many times I don’t need anyone to install i can do that myself if they would unblock it but instead of doing so you decided to tell me not to add multiple request. Which would not be needed if you had just answered the first time

Please open a support ticket here :

Our team will assist you.

If I have and account with envato and buy through envato then why would you fricking need this info unless you are selling it? Create an account Please Provide your valid informations to register!

First Name Last Name Email

MX (+52) Mobile Address State City Postcode/Zip Mexico User Name Password Confirm Password I agree with Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Terms of Service SignUp Now

we dont ask any data, but if you need our free support then you should registrared on our website.

I knew I clearly was making a mistake buying when it seems very little qualified response’s are made on here then they force you to give up everything about you to their own platform where you have to fill out all personal and private into to get the support that is promised here on envato. They offer no opt out button and ask you for your info so that they can do what ever withit. Surprised envato allows that . But much more concerned is that there is no support just clearly one or two people sleeping that wont answer support questions. I bought your script less then two hours ago and have been trying to use it and i have bought many scripts and never any issue installing them but this one wont let me and forced me to add all my personal info for support. COMPLETE INSTALLATION The system detects that you are trying to install the product on an unauthorized domain or IP. You can ask for support by creating a support ticket.


unless open a ticket, how may we assist you. should we need to go your home to fix code issues >?

O have asked ten times and you have not fixed the issue instead you send ,me and email asking me not to open multiple support tickets but since purchasing i have not been able to use your product (The system detects that you are trying to install the product on an unauthorized domain or IP. You can ask for support by creating a support ticket.) So you answer the 3 tickets over 3 days i have reported with don’t add multiple support tickets but wont respond to the question and concern that i cannot install the script. SHould i just go in and skip over the lic and manually install it removing your protection because this is the next step today if you do not respond. I [paid and have a deadline and you are cutting into it

one license is for one domain. Please open a support ticket here :

Our team will assist you.

when visitor buys the coin i made, will the system send them the coins or do i have to send them manually because the system isnt connected to my coin contract ?

this is ICO, pre launch – initial offering. once the coin is launched, you need to send them manually.


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