Discussion on iChat - Realtime PHP Live Support System

Discussion on iChat - Realtime PHP Live Support System

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Dear, When i try to add department, it doesn’t, i already purchase it. I sent you mails as well. please support urgently.

Dear, let me know the solution for: Incorrect integer value: ’’ for column `star49_chat`.`ichat_chat`.`id` at row 1. Why its coming

Dear, let me know the solution for: Incorrect integer value: ’’ for column `star49_chat`.`ichat_chat`.`id` at row 1. Why its coming

Sir I replied before many times this is caused buy STRICT_TRANS_TABLES limitation on your sql server and I can send u a batch for it please send me an email and I’ll reply with details ..

Please help me with the solution for: Incorrect integer value: ’’ for column `star49_chat`.`ichat_chat`.`id` at row 1. Why its coming

replied before, STRICT_TRANS_TABLES has to be off

hello , this is very good product, actually i have a E commerce website…my question is , Can i use this live chat script in Every Product Button which is show in below of every product picture If possible then i will buy this software, for example see below image by clicking link ,

ok but it will cost some extra money to achieve this .. let me know if u still interested

Interested, can I get it SAAS version

You know that…in e-commerce has a supplier , my aim is I want to generate chat code supplier wise…then I will add this chat code only his product…. customer will live chat with supplier directly…..if u implement so I am interested to buy it with SAAS version…. with no restrictions in software… please send me your proposal my email :

You haven’t responded to comments for seven months? Did you give up the script? When are you planning to update?

Sir I will update the script if anyone ordered a new feature or reported a bug

in the second step it gives me error The requested URL /ichat_project/ichat/admin/error-404.php was not found on this server.

solved !

i can’t get the Google CAPTCHA Keys.. for this error URL /ichat_project/ichat/admin/error-404.php was not found on this server.


and it doesn’t search for files on my website, but on the local server.

solved but now he tells me recaptcha

Website owner error: key type is invalid

Sir walk through mail messages and supply temporary FTP credentials for script path to troubleshoot any errors

I can’t add departments: Unable to save data, please try again …

I can’t use the chat. Website owner error: key type is invalid on recaptcha

I cannot add departments. I cannot add agents. I cannot save any data.

the system cannot write to the database

mostly because it’s not compatible with the (STRICT_TRANS_TABLES) sql_mode I’ll fix it for you but please provide temporary FTP credentials via email ..

Solved! The system works correctly. Good support and great quality of work. I recommend it to all other companies looking for a system like this. MichaelZJ Thank you

Thanks sir :)

Glad to see you’re back after 2 long years :)

I think you did a great job and it looks really nice. Good luck for future sales!

Thanks sir

I’ll happily add new features and fix any bugs, please send me your comments at

I’m starting a client side chat.

It works.

However, if I refresh the client-side page.

The current conversation is not displayed.

How do I keep the current client-side chat? There is a problem. You should be able to display the current conversation.

That’s too bad because the rest works fine.

Yeah sir I’ll add a fix for this today thanks for repotting

update done, please download the latest version (1.6) and go to admin/install/update to update your database and then use the app and feed me back .. thanks

Hello, I would like to purchase but before I would like to know if is possible to integrate this script with a social media script in order to reply on behalf the dummy profiles?

Can agents see chats from other agents in different department? Can you please describe me logic of access based on departments and agents? Thank you.

Hello, My Chat Widget does not show up when adding js code to website.

Hi there, Just checking with you if you are coming back or not. Please let me know.

hello, i want to buy ichat. very beautiful. but there is no section to search chat archive list by agent and date. can you add to such an update?

How can I disable recaptcha

chat lets you attach a file to the conversation?

there is any chance of putting the possibility to send print screen and attachment file