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Where can i sign up for a free IceCat account?

You can register yourself on the following page: Register at icecat

Where can i find a list of all the brands that are available for free?

You can find the list here

Wich are the available languages?

This Is a list of available languages!

It worked before, but not it has stopped?

It might be possible that icecat is undergoing a maintenance, this does not happen verry often and is mostly resolved very quick!

I have setup everything but it doesnt seem to work?

You should check a few things, make sure that your ip is setup correctly at IceCat.
You can get your ip by using the command prompt in windows and do ping myurl.com.

Still not working?
The product information you entered might be wrong of the datasheet is not available for free/or not available at all.
Make sure that in the Icecat configuration (on the icecat website) you have subscribed to the XML catalog. This part is essential. (This is still free, but you can have HTML or XML)

The script fails to run when using wp all import.

Change the settings to download less in each iteration

No valid urls error

This means in most cases that the product is not available in the language that you prefer.

There is a checkbox to use english as fallback to fix this.

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