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how do you find the sku in icecat

The sku is one of the fields, could also be called article number.


mixup87 Purchased

Good morning, I installed the plugin, now i receive the error for products like apple; Icecat: You are not allowed to have Full ICEcat access

I should be able to import the data without the images, right? how can i fix this issue?

No, you do need full icecat for apple.

please how to i subscribe for full icecat?

You can subscribe from their website.

Sorry wrong paste field…

Hi there, Can you please guide us how WpAllimport will actually work with icecat? We have put the credintials and done the settings part in your plugin’s settings. We would like to know how it will fetch the data from icecat per product.Thanks

and we get this error … Icecat: No valid urls.Array ( )

Can you give me the sku you want to import?

How do we use your plugin with WpAllimport?


I’m using the plugin with WP All Import. But when importing 1000 products the import will fail after X products. When i remove the Icecat fields in the import, it will work great.

It looks like the images from icecat are to big to import at once (are like 50mb per image).

Is there a solution for this?

Kind regard,


cassim1 Purchased

Sorry, but how do i use this ? Do i have to add every single information into the product in this fields to update it?

The script will create the specification field for you, all you have to do is fill in the ean


tininho Purchased

Good plugin, but lacks full description of the product. I managed to fetch the attributes, images and product name, but general description is not working (gives only number). So can’t be use in production, but with proper support and updates it could be 5/5 plugin


tininho Purchased

“lacks full description of the product” = does not fetch product decription in woocommerce for all products

hi there,

i place a support call on youre contact emal form las friday afternoon. I also purchased youre plugin and the complete wp all import package witch was expensive.

Nouw it is Tuesday and i still did not recieve anny feedback on how to get thing work.

I have a deadline on the webshop i am building but i can not go anny further because the pluging in combination with wp all import does not work.

i realy hope to hear from you soon.

Please keep in mind that support can take up to 5 days, you know this when you buy the plugin. I replied to your e-mail.

I asked in icecat and answered me:

If you do not have the EAN codes, with Partnumber / Sku + BRAND combination would be enough.

I tried with one product and it works, but with wp all import just fill the info in the custom field but dont get the info. How i can update?

Please, as you have already sent me an e-mail I would ask you to have some patience.

Please reply to my e-mail.



Shopem Purchased

This doesnt work with free accounts?

It does, but depends on your settings, you can configure it not to update after the first save.


Shopem Purchased

How? Documentation is so small


Shopem Purchased

I am using a product export from my shop to add icecat_ean to try and update the fields set in IceCat plugin settings, it now only adds ean and thats it..


I’m using the plugin for a while now. But it’s importing wrong information.

Example: I used the plugin for Samsung RB29FSRNDWW

The Energy efficiency class in Icecat = A+ But in my site it shows A+++ ?

Kind regards, Paul

Because my client’s website has a lot of wrong information?

Hi harings_be,

Can I contact you by mail or something to get this plugin issue fixed? I think it’s crucial that it will import the correct information.

Hi, I imported this product using icecat and I get A+ only


Are you sure you are importing the right ean?

Hi, Is it possible to use a xlsx file with ean’s to import multiple products add once? Also can I use said xlsx file to update price.

As long as wp all import supports it you should be fine.

We get the error: Icecat: No valid urls.Array ( ) How to fix this?? ( we tried multiple products, all the same error)

Oke, I tried to add (EAN number) 740617239577 (mouse pad XXL) Adding to a page works just fine.. but a product in Woocommerce stays blank. Looking forward for your answer

We are using version IceCat grabber: 4.6 || Woocommerce 2.6.8 || Wordpress 4.6.1


I imported it without issues on the latest version of everything.

Please make sure your credentials are without spaces and you configured icecat correctly.

Product: http://icecat.harings.be/product/hyperx-fury-pro-gaming-mouse-pad-extra-large/

Gif demo: https://gfycat.com/MarvelousGivingEnglishpointer



I’m using the plugin for a while now. But it’s importing wrong information.

Example: I used the plugin for Samsung RB29FSRNDWW

The Energy efficiency class in Icecat = A+ But in my site it shows A+++ ?

Kind regards,

That is not a clean environment. I think there is a configuration of another module changing the outcome. Please set icecat to update the title as well, then youll see it puts A+ in the title.


I already checked but I will investigate it again. Title will show ‘Samsung RB29FSRNDWW koel-vriescombinatie’.

If it is still an issue, send me info@harings.be a login for a test environment


kyagi Purchased

For some EAN don’t import body description, only spec, try this ean 4713157722669


xbs2018 Purchased

Hi, I installed WooCommerce, added a product by EAN like the Youtube video and received “Icecat: Empty Response” – I’ve set Icecat to allow IP etc. Using PHP 5.6.24 – I’m out of ideas. Tried a lot of settings now, any ideas what I could be doing wrong?


tininho Purchased

This plugin has at least two bad bugs:

- Increases time-to-firstbyte 400% due to sending no-cache header to home page. - English as fallback feature is not working.