IceCat product information for woocommerce

IceCat product information for woocommerce

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Wordpress Icecat data grabber

Thousands of product details at your fingertips!
  • Icecat offers data of 5938 brands
  • It has a total of 1521587 datasheetsavailable

And best of all, most of them are free!

Setup guide for wp all import

To enable the importer to update the product data set the following field when creating the importer.

Sounds nice, tell me more

When creating a post, page or woocommerce product you will see an additional 3 fields.
  • Brand
  • SKU (partnumber)
  • EAN

Based on these 3 fields the system wil contact Icecat and if a match is available it fetches the data into the system.

What data?

  • Updates the body field with the product description
  • Updates the title field with the product name
  • Updates the url permalink with the product name
  • Appends a specifications table after your content
  • When using woocommerce it will download and attach the image!
  • NEW!When using woocommerce it can autoset the product category!

Sounds great so far. But what about my language?

You can set your language in the icecat admin page!

WP all import

The plugin now works with WP all import. Import a list of EAN codes and get a complete webshop in seconds!

You need wp all import pro + woocommerce addon

Update log

Added an english language fallback option. This allows you to set your preferred language and download in english when not available.
Better error reporting.

Cleaned up the code for readability.


Fixes an error where an image would not be found.
Beautify'd the settings page and updated the code to be more object oriented.
# not working in sku's.

Code rewritten and now using a icecat class file.
Fixed a bug with category names containing an & sign.
New functions V3.0
Fixes a bug where products dont get updated when entering a brand and sku
Cleaned up the code. Improved readability.
Proper error and success notifications
You can now select howmany images to download per product
Build in support for WP all import pro! Import products in bulk.
New functions V2.8
No bugs were fixed in this release
It now fetches all the images and adds the gallery to the product.
Product specifications can be saved as product attributes
Added video demo
New functions V2.7
Fixed another headers allready sent error
Altered the code to do less checks, improves performance
There is a new option on the settings page, this allows you to fetch and set the product category automatically
All product data, including the specifications table is now fetched upon saving the product instead of displaying the product.
fixes headers allready sent.
Error handeling functions.
Small bugfix that did not trigger the insert update function.
Added curl fallback for hosts that do not support file get contents fopen.
Data will now be downloaded upon saving the product instead of viewing the product.
Option to select where to display data
Option to select to display spec in tab
Extra fields for settings
Updated for Wordpress 3.6
Updated for woocommerce 2.0
Updated "beatifyd" the settings page