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fantastic work, all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you!

Thank you very much for the good word.

trying to install plugin in wordpress but 500 (Internal Server) Error

Hello, please do not post your admin access information on this public comment forum. Please use the private “message” feature.

I would urge you to change the admin password ASAP.

I am thinking that it could be the server setting that there is a limit to max_upload_size in your php.ini not allowing files over certain size to be uploaded.

One way you can test is that when you download the plugin, unzip the file, remove all screenshot images from ‘icanwp-portfolio-gallery’ then zip the folder and try installing the plugin from the new zip file.

It should bring down the file size from 9MB to 1 MB and most hosting service supports this size.

after putting shortcode i am getting this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_BOOLEAN_AND, expecting ‘)’ in D:\Hosting\2644576\html\v2filmanddesign_abhishek\wp-content\plugins\icanwp-portfolio-gallery\public\partials\public-icanwp-portfolio-gallery-display.php on line 210


It looks like the plugin is installed on your local environment.

I would need little more detail in order to provide valid support.

Can you let us know the php version you are running?

Also, have you tried reinstalling the plugin?

Thank you

Hello, I purchased iCan WP Portfolio Gallery. I cannot get the gallery to display properly. Only a wide thin sliver displays after I paste the short code. Please advise

Hello Jason,

We’ve been testing the plugin and it should work if you are not using the category feature. I couldn’t find multiple gallery from the link you sent us, but if you don’t mind sending us admin access via EMAIL, we can take a further look at the issue.

I took the second Gallery down temporarily. It is now back up on the Home page of the site. Notice the difference between The Faculty Gallery on that page and the one on the About Page. Thanks

Hello Jason,

There is a temporary fix we can provide. Since we don’t have access to the backend, the best is that you send us an email to support@icanwp.com and we will reply with a js file to replace.

Thank you, Sean

Can I get an external link inside a lightbox with your plugin? If yes, where can I see that on the demo? Tks.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, the link is only available from the portfolio mode.

Although, you’ve raised a good question and we might look into the feature improvements in our next major version update.

Due to the current project queue, we cannot guarantee the timeline for this update.

Thank you, Team iCanWP

Thumbnails -Can they be full landscape image?

Hi I just purchased your plugin. Works nicely and great options. I have a question regarding the thumbnails. Can landscape images be loaded as the plugin is cropping and cutting them to square images. Is there a setting that Im missing?



Hello Zack,

Thanks for your purchase.

Due to the responsive feature of the display, the photos are actually loaded as a background image and sized to “cover” for fit. This makes the display to not squeeze the image to fit the background dimension.

It was a trade-off we had to make in order to display photos of all kinds of dimension to show correctly.

If you make the container of the portfolio item landscape view, it will have a better display of the portfolio.

See our demo here: https://icanwp.com/plugins/portfolio-gallery-demo-2/

If you want to show the landscape image in a square display, you might have to edit the photo to have extra height to make the file actually more like a square image.

Hope this helps.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We love hearing from our clients.

Thank you, Team iCanWP

There is no demo version in the plugin as promised ???


Thanks for purchasing the plugin.

Please find all demos from our website following the link here: https://icanwp.com/plugins/

If you are having any technical difficulties, please feel free to contact us.

Hello, your plugin activates only on one page? I will need the activated only on one page and not on the whole site?

Thank you

Yes, you can set the global setting to “Disabled,” and load a background slider profile you create from a specific page.

If you need help configuring, we can always provide our support for our client. :)


T24AYO Purchased

What can I do? If my plugin builder & theme conflicting or overriding the style of iCanWP Portfolio Gallery plugin.

iCanWP Portfolio Gallery plugin. Add New Portfolio Gallery Portfolio Gallery Name Edit | Quick Edit | Trash

http://www.tayoolusanyadesign.com/graphic-design/ Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | Live Edit | Clone Page | Create Draft

Thanks in advance.

I see that there is an issue with the site not finding one of the jquery library. May I get admin access and FTP details over the email?

Thank you!

hello i have a problem with the portfolio, after i create a gallery and put the code on a page it dont show the gallery and the page only the title of the page. can you help please?

Purchase codes

df1315e0-0e45-432a-8153-9de0c2091b79 – 12 Nov 2017 REGULAR LICENSE


We sent you an email reply couple of days ago.

There is a chance that it might went into your spam folder.

If you could create and send us a temporary admin account for your wordpress we are more than happy to provide support.

Thank you!


fpenco Purchased

Hi, I have purchased the plugin and am trying to configure a gallery similar to your Live Demo 1 on your website https://icanwp.com/plugins/portfolio-gallery-demo-1/

Is there any demo content available for that layout which I could copy/install?


Sorry, we do not have any demo content that can be installed to mimic a demo. However, there are 3 main settings that you can change to give it that look. First, enable the category tabs, then add your categories. Second, add your images, drag them to size then click “edit” over the image to assign their category. Third, go to “item display settings”—> “portfolio overlay box color” and set it to rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7). That should give the basic look and feel of our live demo 1. Play around with the other settings to adjust space, image links, etc.



fpenco Purchased

Thanks for your reply -

I am trying to reproduce the demo 1 style but the images are not displaying after I drag them out of shape. Whenever I attempt to drag an image out of it’s default shape, the image element stops displaying? Is there a basic setting I might be missing here? Should images stretch to any dimensions I drag them to? Or must the new shape retain the image’ aspect ratio?


Hello, Sorry for the delayed response here. Somehow I thought the issue has gone away. May I ask you to send me an admin access via email to your site? I can take a look at the detail. I am not very sure what you mean by the image being dragged out or something. There could be a conflict in jquery when one of your plugin is not using Strict Mode.

Hello! I purchased your gallery plugin a few days ago and am pleased with it. I have a question: is there any way to make adjustments to the lightbox more than just turning it on and off? I’d like to be able to show the title of the photo when in lightbox view. I’d also like to be able to reduce the size of the opaque bar at the top of the window – seems much wider than the one in your demo. Website: cakesbythesea.com/staging/test-page. Thank you.

Thanks for purchasing the plugin. We are currently reviewing your website to see if this is something that we have in our control. For now it looks like one of the other plugins or themes using the same class that is overriding our default styling is causing the issues. We will let you know as soon as we find a solution.

Ok, it turns out that the theme you are using also loads the lightbox gallery plugin, which turned out to be the same opensource we are using for our plugin. The best way to handle this is to disable the lightbox function from the theme or we have to separate them somehow by editing the theme file.

An alternative way is that we can disable the lightbox api call and see if it works with the theme. Either case, we would need an admin access to the website. Would you be able to send us an email with a temporary admin access information?

You can use the following email form to send us the information: https://icanwp.com/support/ You can also use the following plugin to create a temporary login: https://wordpress.org/plugins/temporary-login-without-password/

Thank you, Team iCanWP