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Hi, thank you for the awesome plugin. I would like to know in both free and paid version if there’s a way to remove the loading of the images, the first time i think is normal that it loads, but every time doesn’t look like “normal”, and every time it loads for 1/2 seconds.

Thank you Massimo

Thanks for your interest in our plugin.

The loading really depends on the size of the images and the plugin caches the images to the browser before it starts displaying. So, it depends on the speed of the internet, your web server, and the client’s browser.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to disable the loading, but we can disable the loading animation, which sometimes pushes the contents down from the top then goes back to normal.

However, this support will only be available for the pro version.

I am looking for a FAQ page or forum for the iCan WP Background Slider. I can see the slider in the background but there is a white area on the screen that moves a bit when scrolled even though there is nothing else on the page. What size should the image be before uploading?

Hello Nicole,

Thanks for purchasing the slider and sorry about the delay in our response.

Usually, the issue you are experiencing is caused by a section that has a background color assigned. You can target that element and set the background to transparent. Sometimes, elements using z-index with forced background color create the issue.

Please let us know if you need further assistance. Usually, people send us an email with the admin login detail to the site.


I am increasingly frustrated by this plugin that I paid for and the support or lack of. It is very difficult to find help or even reply to the message that you sent to me. Is there an instruction page to make the slider look like it looks in any of the demo’s? And what size should the images be, so that they are full screen and not distorted by the plugin? I don’t want to give you my admin info I would really like to know how to work this plugin and be able to utilize it on my own. Thank you

Hello Nicole,

We are sorry to hear that you are frustrated with the support.

We understand that it is not easy to find a link to send email to the developer from Code Canyon.

However, you can send us questions directly from the following page: https://icanwp.com/support/

So, let’s target some of your questions here:

1. Is there an instruction page to make the slider look like it looks in any of the demo’s?

Answer: It works as a “Background Slider.” You can create the slider set and assign globally or on a specific page from the page settings. This means that you need to use a theme that you like the look and the plugin will run as a background slider.

2. And what size should the images be, so that they are full screen and not distorted by the plugin?

Answer: The way images work is very challenging as there are so many different types of monitor, devices and etc. This is why we have an option to use the image as a background with cover or contained option. You can refer to the following website to learn how this works. https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css3_pr_background-size.asp

Images are objects with fixed dimension, but the browsers and the monitor sizes have very different dimensions.

If you want to use it in the way you want, you may be able to create a page template with pretty much the wp_head and wp_footer and use the slider in the background. It will be more like a display gallery of the photos you specify.

Hope this makes sense and feel free to reach out to us if you are still not clear.

Thank you!

Hello Nicole,

Just wanted to follow up whether you had figured out the problem.

Please note that we are available for support if you need.

Thank you!

The “Display” and “Do not Display” options for the background slides don’t work. When i select the option to not display a background it still displays it. I’ve updated to the latest version, disabled plugins which might cause interferance but nothing worked so far.


Could you let us know what version of php your server is running?

We can take a look at the detail if you could create and send us a temporary login for your website via email.

You might want to use the following plugin to create a simple admin login for us: https://wordpress.org/plugins/temporary-login-without-password/

Thank you!

Our server is running at Php 7.0.26.

Ok, it is not the version problem then. Can you email me your site address and login?


Hi, does the pro version allow control over image positioning so an image won’t be as cut off when viewed in a narrow viewport? Thanks.

Hi, thank you, the reason I ask, promo text says: “Customize color, padding, margin, and more for each element displayed”. Could I control negative margin-left positioning in the pro version for a specified media query?

I found a css approach to influence the left margin, thanks for the speedy response! Perhaps a screen shot of the admin would be useful for prospective pro version buyers? Just a thought.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll have the docs updated soon.

Is it possible to have different backgrounds on different pages?

Hello Derrick,

It works like you create a background slider just like you are creating a post then from each page, you will find a setting to use one of the background slider you have created.

So, yes, you can have different background slider per page or you can define a global one.

Thank you, Sean

I don’t see an option to hide the left and right arrows until you hover over the image. Is this not an option?? Every background slider I’ve ever purchased had this option. Not sure why this is not an option. Please advise.

Currently version only has an option to either show or hide. Thumbnail navigation can be hidden after it was initially displayed. If you want to hide the arrow, but show when people hover over the area, we can do the customization for you. Please send us an email from https://icanwp.com/support/

The Slider plugin just stopped working. Please advise. See this page I created as a test. It refuses to work no matter what I do:

http://maxyepez.com/test/ WordPress username and password: http://maxyepez.com/wp-admin/

un: eyepez

pw: EyePez777m@#$!

The issue was due to the z-index the theme is overriding.

Please see the custom css for the test page. I’ve added:

div#icanwp-bsg-container { z-index: 0!important; }

Also, please do not post your admin login info here. We have a link for sending those information. https://icanwp.com/support/

For now, I have changed the password to something secure and random.

Please reset the password for your security.