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Hi there,

I have a quick pre-purchase question. It might sound a little silly, but can each gallery with thumbnails hold up to 50 photos? I need 4 different galleries, 2 of them have about 50 images.

Please let me know. Thank you.

Yes, you can configure as many background slider sets you want and each slider set can hold more than 50 photos.

Great! Thank you for your quick reply.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’, expecting ‘)’ in /home4/lerusher/public/plugins/icanwp-background-slider-gallery/public/partials/icanwp-background-slider-gallery-public-display.php on line 32

Hello Evo, Thanks for purchasing the plugin. We are observing the code at the location specified in the message, but it looks it’s ok.

May I ask you to redownload the plugin and upload it again? Suspecting a possible file corruption during unzip, download, or upload process.

The line 32 of the icanwp-background-slider-gallery-public-display.php should look like:

if ( $bsg_id !== 0 && !empty( get_post_meta( $bsg_id, ‘_icanwp_bsg_items’, false )[0] ) ){

and nothing different.

If this still doesn’t resolve an issue, may I ask you to give us access to your WordPress installation? You can upload the detailed access information from https://webspi.filelocker.com/inbox/incoming securely.

Thank you!

Hello, i send you the credentials 2 days ago.. i send you private messages with access and you dont replay

i need to deliver my project tomorrow

i download 3 times i install via UPLOAD and FTP

the plugin doesnt work

i reinstal data base. wordpress WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5,

nothing work

i loosing time and money

i need a quick solution o refund my money to purchase another plugin


Hello EvoRod,

You can check the plugin working from: http://polocupamericas.com/test-page/

The issue was due to outdated php version you are running.

Instantiating array using square brackets [] was first introduced in php version 5.4, which was released on April 26th , 2012, and now no longer in support.

I’ve fixed the line where it declares the array to the old style and you will find no issue running the plugin.

However, it is our concern that your server really needs an update for security issues for running a version of PHP that is no longer supported.

From the following link, http://php.net/supported-versions.php, you will find even version 5.5 has ended it’s life for support.

If you’ve been in the business of developing websites and application, I am sure how important it is to stay up to date with security patches for WAMP, LAMP, MAMP, or XAMPP setup.

As we have found the issue and provided you the support, we will close this ticket in our system and please feel free to let us know for any other issues.

By the way, please also remove or change password for the user account you have sent us.

Best, - Team iCanWP

I have recently bought this slider and was under the impression that two of the settings were included – firstly; I want my images to fade in/out and secondly I want the option to use a static image e.g. if I only set one image it will just display that image as a background not scroll continuously.

Can these settings be enabled and if so how?

Of course! Perhaps, we already had that in our plan. You will have this feature by end of the month.

By the way, thanks for purchasing our plugin. We will be continuously supporting our customers and we will let you know with new updates.

Alright, we got the updated plugin submitted to codecanyon and waiting for review. Once it is approved, you will receive a notification for the available update.

When you assign only one image to the background slider, it will work as a static image after fading in.

Also, the crossfading animation has been added.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.

For some reason someone with and EDITOR level permission cannot update any of the sliders on the site i’ve created. Is that not possible or have i done something wacky.

Don’t worry too much. I’ll get that code updated for you. You will hear back from us in the next 24 hours.

Alright, we agree with your comment that editor can see the settings page only from the Wordpress main navigation, but can’t access the settings.

We are planning on a new update towards the end of this month to include couple more slide animations along with this fix.

Meanwhile, you can update 3 lines of code from the following file in the plugin folder: icanwp-background-slider-gallery/admin/class-icanwp-background-slider-gallery-admin.php

Go to line: 108, 118, and 126 and change ‘manage_options’ to ‘delete_pages’ (please keep the single quote).

If you would like to allow even author can make those changes, you can make it ‘edit_posts’ or reference the WordPress Roles and Capabilities here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities

Hope this addresses your concern and feel free to let us know if you have any other issues or concerns.

We will always try our best to provide the best support and customization assistance to all our clients and thank you very much for purchasing the plugin and your contribution to making this plugin better.

Thank you, Team iCanWP

The new version has been submitted to codecanyon and is going under review. You will be notified when the update is available.

From the Global Settings, you can control which level of users have control over the Background Slider settings.

However, it is only the admin user who can make changes to the global setting for security reasons. By default, only the admin users have access to plugin update on WordPress and we don’t want to customize this behavior for possible misuse.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you, Team iCanWP

I have updated the iCanWP Background Slider Gallery plugin as directed in the update email and when I try and activate the plugin I get the following error:

Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /mydomain/wp-content/plugins/icanwp-background-slider-gallery/admin/class-icanwp-background-slider-gallery-admin.php on line 105

please advise ASAP

Not seeing the warning message. I am also testing on our dev server and still the same. Check out this page I made: /icanwp-bg-slider-test/ on your test site.

One possible issue is the variable storing the array of slides and settings is not properly understood by the foreach and it could be that calling the array somehow did not return an array.

I did test on gallery sets without any images and it still returns empty array so the foreach understands it correctly.

You are running a php version 5.4.x and it could be that there is a statement it doesn’t understand.

However, if it is an issue with an array containing the setting information, can you try going to a global settings and just click save? (you don’t have to change any settings. If you had the plugin installed previously, it could be some kind of cache.) and see if you get the warning message again.

if you can replicate the error on the test site, I will be very happy to see what is causing the issue. If not, if you can grant me the access to the page where you are seeing the problem, I can definitely fix it for you.

Thank you, Team iCanWP

Clearing the cache didn’t fix the issue. However when I created a slideshow for the page it seemed to fix it. Will future updates of the plugin contain the modified code that you have applied to my plugin, or will it overwrite what you have done here?

I am thinking you might had a post associated with the slider before the upgrade and when you installed the new version by overriding it, it may have caused the issue until “save” was triggered form a new version.

However, all the future releases will contain the update and you can freely apply the update.

Although, it is our strong recommendation that you upgrade your php version.

Thank you!

When I first purchased the plugin I got an error on installation /public_html/hotel/wp-content/plugins/icanwp-background-slider-gallery/admin/class-icanwp-background-slider-gallery-admin.php on line 105 which you helped me resolve (see past thread). You said that any future plugin updates would not over write the changes that you made to my files (after giving you admin access to my site). I have recently received a notification to update my plugin which I did and the files have been overwritten and I am getting the same error code again! Could I grant you access again to fix it for me please?

We submitted the updated version 14 hours ago and still in queue for review. If you are dealing with urgency, please send us your email address. We will send you the package ASAP.

Yes the project is time specific – please email the updated files to: gavin@twofentons.com. Thanks

Oh, the update has already been approved. Please download the latest one and you’ll be fine.

Hi! Is there an option to switch the full slide show to a smooth fade transition between each image slide? Thanks!

Yes, you can set the animation to “Cross Fade,” then it will perform smooth fade in – out.

I have just updated my plugin to the latest version. I deactivated and deleted the old version and uploaded the new version. When I activated it all my sliders had been deleted!! – what did I do wrong and how should I update the plugin in future so that this doesn’t happen again?

Hello Gavinfenton. I am so sorry that you had this issue. When you update the plugin, simply drag and drop the folder into the existing plugins folder over ftp. Unfortunately, themeforest doesn’t have an auto update repository. So, we are in the process of developing our own to allow the auto update. We will put update instruction for the next version to clearly show how you can do this.

Hi I purchase background slider and cant see where to enter purchase code 8da774b8-587e-4095-b6fe-b073c75073c3

I want to have bground sliders on individual pages rather than globally and cant find the short code… thanks tim stover houstonman89@yahoo.com

Hello Timbosto,

The background slider doesn’t work via shortcode.

Each Page, Post, or custom post types will have a sidebar with selection options for the background slider.

Please let us know if you need further help.

Thank you, Sean

I purchased the background slider how do i activate the license… thanks tim stover houstonman89@yahoo.com

Unfortunately, video is not supported with the current version. As we need to deal with the original aspect ratio vs full page ratio, this is something that wasn’t really possible using the css. There is a way we can simulate the background-size:cover behavior with the video, but recalculation of the video frame positioning when entering in response mode and making it compatible over that ie (now edge) isn’t a simple job. However, under a very restrict setting, we may add a feature to run video in the future, but we can’t guarantee the time frame when this will be available.

I guess I could use a GIF animation?Thanks…

GIF should work fine!


I am using your plugin on the front of http://www.sitenex.com/wpr/preview/fbd/ , it works but if you navigate through the site and go back to page above, the image is gone and quote form drop down cities and calendar stops working.

This is happening on Safari 10.0.3 on a MAC Laptop. Can you provide any insight as to why? Thanks.

All the best, Anthony

Understand your concern. Please give us some time we’ll look into this issue. It might be caused by browser specific addon or conflict with other plugins. Our plugin uses jQuery and haven’t seen any issues in particular since version 8.0. All scripts are loaded in strict mode. However, we are still investigating the issue.

Thank you, Team iCanWP

Thanks, looks like the issue has been fixed. Appreciate all of your help!

Glad to know that the issue has been fixed. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help.

Considering buying this plugin. I’m concerned about the mobile version. Do you have separate options for how it should display on mobile? For example if I want to use the slider with thumbnails on the right or left. Then those take up half of my screen width in mobile, which makes the whole thing pointless. Looks great on Desktop though, but mobile should give you the option to display the thumbnail roll on the bottom, and perhaps even change the size of the thumbs so you can see more. Let me know please.

Thanks for your interest in our plugin. When in mobile, the arrow navigation becomes handy. Resizing the thumbnail will be some what challenging to fit into a mobile screen. However, we will consider a way to detect and improve usability on mobile.

Thank you.


I’ve used the free version of this plugin in the past and found it to be really slow loading, is the pro version faster?


The pro-version has more features and caches images before loading, but I have to be honest that the loading time really depends on the size of the photo you use and the internet speed.

Regardless of which plugin you use, this is the same for all resources loaded over the internet connection.

Thank you for your interest!


With the pro version it is possible to have background slider only on one section of a one page ? Our template one page built with page and subpages, we need background slider only on one sub page Il you have email i can send attachment. . Best regards


Thanks for your interest.

The slider can be used on selected pages only, but it will be a full page slider, which doesn’t allow you to use within a specific area of the site.

This is a feature we are planning on including on our next version, but it may load too heavy on users who uses multiples of the slider on the same page.

However, there is no specific date on the new version release.

Please feel free to send us an email through envato.

Thank you, Team iCanWP


bidninja Purchased

I am getting a error when using your free version, so I am not sure if this will work on my site as well.

Thanks for your purchase. I think you have figured out how to make it work. Please let us know if there is anything we can assist. Usually, sending us the access information to your site using email works the best.


bidninja Purchased

I just purchased your icanwp-background-slider-gallery and implemented on the following domain, seems like it does not work.


Please check and let me know what needs to be done.


bidninja Purchased

Looks like you are still using old jquery library, which is causing the problem

Hello, We’ve sent you an email. Please check.

I just purchased the plugin and everything is working as desired EXCEPT for the content. The images crossfade just fine but the content (title) just switches without any animation. It looks a bit clunky. Any way to fade the content in and out with the image?

Please use the form here: https://icanwp.com/support/


Drivest87 Purchased

Support request with login credentials sent. Thanks!

The password doesn’t work for the user name you have created for us. We’ve tried copy and paste of the exact user name and the password.