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Hey, really cool app! Is it on the app store? I would love to try it. Cheers.

Hello, this app is not ready to download from appstore

hey, i can’t seem to run it on my iPhone. May I know what i will have to do to make it a fully functional app?

Hello, the code of iBudget project is working normally. You need iOS 8 or later! and Xcode software from version 7.2 . All information about setting project, changing display to run this project is available in documents.

Ah thanks got it! As it turns out I was trying to run the wrong file. Just another quick question, how do you change the main color scheme (currently blue) to something else? Thanks Steve

send me email i will help you

nice app but i don’t find a way to add new expenses in your screenshot? do you have a video that shows the walkthrough?

Hello. Because Codecanyon locked uploading screenshots, so I cannot update more. You can see more adding new expenses here:

1 : http://prntscr.com/bprxqv

2 : http://prntscr.com/bpry3y

3 : http://prntscr.com/bpry9d

4 : http://prntscr.com/bpryew

Can data be exported at the end of a month? Could this be added in an update if not?

Hello rburns50. Currently it do not have any update version. I will send you an email if it is updated

any plan for android?

In the future :D

really looking for andriod ver.

would it be easy to translate the app into a different language?

Hello, all source code very clean and clear, it have comment code, easy to translate different languages, but you need to know a little about it to translate to different languages you want

Nice job, very useful!

I purchased app just now. I am getting error in XCode 8.1 and iOS 10.1. Please upload latest code with compatible with new version.

Waiting for reply.

i have send you source code, check email : g4ever81@gmail.com

Sure Checking

is this compatible with ios 10?

yes, compatible with iOS 10

are you available for some custom work for a Android version?

Thank you interested my products, currently i don’t have plan version android