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Hi, I am not able to update from 4.5 to 4.6. It says unable to connect update server

I’ve never been able get the cron job working. I’ve tried the GET code generated on the automation page and tried creating my own file as per your documentation, but I get a 403 and an email containing this:

If I load the URL through a browser, the report comes through fine, so there’s obviously something I need to do on the server but I don’t know what. Any thoughts?

Hi, Seems like the issue is related to file permission or your server is mis configured. Can you send us your hosting access? Thanks.


f4bb1to Purchased

Ready, I have already installed the new version and the calendar appears translated happily. But I also need to translate the words above: today, month, week and day. In addition to translating the abbreviations of the months in the cash flow that appears in the main dashboard. Then I leave you some screenshots, so you understand me. I am looking forward to your response

Hi, there is some limitations to translate the day, month etc. But definitely, we will try and consider this. Thanks.

Hi, seems like the issue is related to file permissions. Can you send us your hosting access to our email. Thanks.

Can you allow the language change, I want to test Arabic!

Hi, We can give you a dedicated demo to test this, simply send us an email. The public demo is testing simultaneously by multiple users, that’s why language change option is disabled in demo mode.

Hi , can the payment amount be edit by the customer – let said he want to pay part of is invoice.I try your test , great I like that , just need that option.

Hi, Admin can mark an invoice as Partially Paid, Also can Add Partial Payment. But currently it’s not possible from client end. Thanks.

Hello, I liked your system, but I would like to know the price to include Gatway payment MOIP?

Hi, Can you give us a English version for Developer Documentation for your requested payment gateway. And email us a sandbox access for that. Thanks.

I like it, Does it support RTL? Does it support ARABIC? Can I add a credit balance manually to a customer and deduct? Can I make the payment BANK AND CASH when customer clicks on it, it gives the customer ability to write the transaction details is he is made it and upload a picture of the bill?

Does not have support tickets right?

Hi, your requested options / features are available. Send us an email, so that we can send you a Demo. Thanks.


is german language included?

Thanks Ralf

Hi Ralf, German Language was translated by one of the German contributor. Send me an email, I will send you a demo with German Language enabled, so that you can check. Thanks.

May I know how to upgrade from 4.5 to 4.6? Do you bother to revert

I am getting blank page after manual update

Go to your http://<your installation url>/?ng=update ( e.g. ) let me know if you see any message in the screen. If it shows blank page, enable “Dev” mode, here is how to enable this – and check if any error message is appearing in the screen.

it is done by using the url provided. thanks

hi here i cant find any supplier module.i means such as i am a seller . and i am using to maintain my business. but i am purchasing from some on . then i stock it on my warehouse . and then i will that to the customer . but here i cant find supplier module,warehouse module,purchasing product from supplier module .

does you have any kinds of software like this to contain all option? if you have pls inform me . i will purchase it .waiting for your response


Hi, Our primary goal is to make iBilling super fast, lightweight, easy to use & easy to expand. As your requested feature will not require for all businesses, we do not have plan to add this feature by default. But definitely, we can make a separate plugin with those features. We will consider this.



zaiyan Purchased


I want to add some javascript to the PDF and print invoice. Where are the files and how shall I do it please ?


You can do this from Appearance – > Editor.


Video tutorial-



dlcruz Purchased

Hello Sadia, When you will release the Inventory Managment addon for iBilling ? I would like to purchase it.

Thank you.

Hi dlcruz,

We are working with several plugins based on priority and requests. I have noted your request & I will let you know when it’s available.


Hi, I like your system can you please let me know how i can manage my expenses in a different currency other than USD. As i am from Pakistan and all my invoices comes in different currencies from all over the world but all my expenses are in PKR. how i can use PKR for expenses?


Hi Muzamal Ahmed,

You will have to use one base currency for accounting purpose. But you can always send invoice & get paid with different currency. 


i want to also suggest that there should be some filters in reporting of expenses and incomes by category. For example if i want to see how much i spend on advertising in this month or time filter can also be, i can see. but currently it is not possible.

Please make it.

Thank you.

Hi Muzamal Ahmed,

I have noted to add this option in reports.




Hello Sadia, is pro version available or is it still in beta? What are the differences between this codecanyon version and the pro? Where do I get it? How much does it cost? Is there a discount for current users? it is a bit steep if you priced it at $349…

Hi, Yes we have another version which is still beta. It would be always possible to update from current version you are using to that version without losing any data. We will definitely give a huge discount for existing users. Thanks. 


ahmadusman Purchased

HI i buy ibilling today and installed it on my localserver, I am facing a problem, whenever I try to enter my bank account in Bank and Cash, it goes blank and doesnt allow me to add a bank account. Can you help me to resolve this issue?

Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE22007: Invalid datetime format: 1292 Incorrect date value: ’’ for column ‘created’ at row 1 in C:\laragon\www\invoice\application\autoload\ORM.php:435 Stack trace: #0 C:\laragon\www\invoice\application\autoload\ORM.php(435): PDOStatement->execute() #1 C:\laragon\www\invoice\application\autoload\ORM.php(2010): ORM::_execute(‘UPDATE `sys_acc…’, Array, ‘default’) #2 C:\laragon\www\invoice\application\controllers\accounts.php(239): ORM->save() #3 C:\laragon\www\invoice\application\helpers\ibilling_bootstrap.php(282): include(‘C:\\laragon\\www\\...’) #4 C:\laragon\www\invoice\application\app.php(5): require(‘C:\\laragon\\www\\...’) #5 C:\laragon\www\invoice\index.php(24): require(‘C:\\laragon\\www\\...’) #6 {main} thrown in C:\laragon\www\invoice\application\autoload\ORM.php on line 435

If I add only Account title it works fine but when I enter Description, account number, contact person, phone and internet url its create fatal error

Hi, Seems like mysql strict mode is enabled in your server. To solve this open the file- /application/controllers/accounts.php on line- 232 replace

with -

$d->created = date('Y-m-d');


A few questions before i proceed to buy:

1. I read in a comment that you are planning a mobile app, can you tell me what stage this is at? If it will take time, i would like to create an app using the webview option, can you tell me if it will hamper any functionalities of the entire platform? This is specifically from a customer / client login perspective hence payment would also be involved. Pls guide

2. I see that you have a separate plugin for payu, however i had a question, is there any user manual provided on how to configure the gateway? or do you set it up?

An early response would help. Thanks!

few more

3. Is it possible to build an upload for the invoices?

4. is it possible to create a service charge in addition to the invoice where the service charge is a percentage on the invoice amount? this cannot be added as a tax since the tax then has to be computed on the invoice amount+service charge.

please let me know.


  1. We are working for a native app for iBilling, it may take time and no ETA is available. As it’s responsive, you can always create web view app without doing any modification.
  2. The documentation for payumoney plugin can be found here-
  3. Client can upload file in invoice ?
  4. You can always create a row with any name and define amount for this.


Thanks. But i think i was not clear with the last two points.

3. What i mean is can we have an option to upload invoices as an excel file, meaning a file containing for e.g 100 records of bill which is uploaded and then the system generates invoice for that.

4. Yes. A row can be added for the amount but it cannot be a percentage based right? What i was looking for is say the bill amount is 1000, then there should be a percentage based markup on that say for 5 % as commissionand then on the total of bill and commission the tax should be computed which can be obviously define.

Let me know if this is possible.


First I must say congratulation to a much successful service. I am looking to buy this and I have tried the demo and it is great. I just have one concern and that is; I need a way to see how much tax I have billed vs how much tax I have collected through purchase so that it’s easier to see how much tax I should pay to the government tax office.

otherwise it is a great service much needed. And I wish you more success.