iBilling - CRM, Accounting and Billing Software

iBilling - CRM, Accounting and Billing Software

iBilling – Invoicing, Accounting & CRM Software

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iBilling – The features you want, the simplicity you need! Beautifully designed for best User Interface & User Experience. The software That Works For YOUR Business! Get growing – with affordable, scalable business software. Find innovative ways to manage customers data, communicate with customer, know your business cashflow, net worth, send invoice to customer Hassle-free with single click payment reminder, payment confirmations & get paid online integrated with payment gateways.

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Latest Version 4.7.7 – August 23, 2017
To Update, Login to your iBilling and Go to Settings -> About Then Click Update.

Manage Your Customer’s

Discover iBillng, A new Idea, Innovation to manage your Customer’s / Business Contact’s.

  • Make your Customer Database
  • Record Activity , see full history of your customer, the purchase data, invoices & Record any activity of your customer, e.g. Phone Call, Interests etc.
  • Custom Field, available option to add Custom Field’s based on your Business Type
  • Communicate with your Customer Send email directly to your customer
  • Accounting Summary for your Customer
  • View Transactions view transaction for individual customer.
  • Customer Profile, Record your customer Profile Including Linkedin, Facebook, Google Plus Profile Link
  • Customer Notes, Add Customer Notes
  • Photo, Add Photo for your Customer
  • Tag, & Filter Customer by Tag

The easiest and most complete invoicing system. iBilling Invoice is a simple, easy, intuitive invoicing software designed to help you craft the perfect invoice, track payments and get paid faster online.

  • Create invoices quickly
  • Customize invoices including logo, notes and more
  • Set Goal for Net Worth
  • Send Invoice directly to your Customer from the portal
  • Notify to your Customer When invoice paid, due, Payment Reminder
  • Access from Anywhere with Unique Invoice URL, authenticate via token
  • PDF Invoice, Customer can download PDF Invoice with Single Click
  • Printer Friendly, Separate view for Printer Friendly version
  • Get Paid Online, Integrate with Payment Gateway’s
  • Create Recurring Invoice
  • Attach Invoice Transaction with Bank Accounts
  • Partial Payments, available option to record partial payments for Invoices
  • See it All, a Full history of your specific invoice including Related Transactsios, & Sent Email Log

Accounting Software for Business Owners

Stop being confused by bloated accounting software. It’s built for you, & You just found it. Check it out- How robust & Easy to use is this accounting software.

  • Record business expenses & Income
  • See Net Worth of your Business
  • Set Goal for Net Worth
  • Accounting Dashboard with daily, monthly Income
  • Accounting Snapshot instantly see all your bank balances
  • Innovative Graph for comparing Income vs Expense
  • Account Statement, Get Account Statement by individual accounts
  • Record Transactions by Contacts (Payer, Payee)
  • Record Categories
  • Reports By Date, check Income & Expense by date
  • You will love for User Experience & User Interface


Build 4700 * Updated libraries * Optimized for PHP 7 * Optimized javascript & css, removed unused javascript and css files, optimized, it's now tested up to 40% faster loading time Build 4670 * Fixed a issue with update server url * Fixed issue with MySQL strict mode enabled server Build 4670 * Updated some javascript libraries * Added Laravel illuminate database orm for developers * Code optimized for better performance Build 4620 * Added Invoice Copy Option * Improvements of Companies * Fixed issue with some Role Based Authentications * Updated few PHP & Javascript Libraries * Fixed an issue with Automatic Updates * German Language Updated By - Ralf Eßbaumer Build 4611 * Fixed Localization for Event Calendar V: 4.6.0 == If you are using automatic update, you are already using latest version. * Added Multi Currency Support for Invoice * Added Role Based Authentication * Added Event Calendar Feature * Added Option to Store Companies * User Interface Improvements * Added Payments Sub Menu under Sales to track Invoice Payments * Added Option to attach file in Deposit or Expense * Added New Right Sidebar * Added Integration Code Sample under utilities * Added System status menu under Utilities * Added Invoice Status Progress Bar in Dashboard * Improved Localisations for Time * Fixed Invoice Terms was not showing when editing Invoice * Fixed dashboard Current Month chart * Now It's possible to use Bigger Logo for PDF Invoice, simply re upload your logo based on your required logo size. * Fixed an issue with Invoice & Quote PDF when sending through Email attachments. * Fixed issue with Currency format in Accounting Snapshot CRON * Fixed issue with Currency format in Printer Friendly Invoice Version * Added Indonesian Language * New Feature: Generate Auto Login URL for Customer & Login as Customer * New Feature: Orders * New Feature: Documents [ File upload for Customers ] * Added ability to Create Invoice from Customer Profile * Added Quote Tab in Client Profile * Added separate button for Quote in client portal - PDF view & Download * Added option to edit Contacts Activity * Added wysiwyg editor Contacts Activity * Added Vi Language * User Interface Improvements * Added, Accept / Decline Button for Quote in Client Portal * Fix small bugs, showing error when MySQL strict mode enabled * Updated Language File - Portugues Brasileiro by Denison C. Junior [ ] * Added option to Prevent duplicate phone numbers in Contacts * List Customers, User Interface Improvements * Automatic Login, You will not have to login each time, unless you logout like GMAIL. === Dev Changes ==== Database Structure Changes - invoices table, transactions table, users table, customers table. sysfrm renamed to application uploads renamed to storage lanugage (lan) folder renamed to i18n V: 4.5.0 Fixed: An issue with TAX row was not showing in quote Added Google Recaptcha for Client Portal, Can be enable disable from Settings -> General Settings Added option to add invoice item using wysiwyg editor Added option to update the software automatically User Interface Improvements

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  • Contact Management
  • Contact Activity
  • Contact Profile with Image
  • Send Email directly from Portal
  • Full Featured Ajax Quick Invoicing
  • Create Recurring Invoice
  • Send Invoice Payment Reminder & Payment Confirmations
  • Collect Payments with Payment Gateway
  • Track Income, Expense
  • 8 Reporting Tools
  • Beautiful Dashboard for quick snapshot for your Business
  • Logs for Audit
  • Supports Multiple Users
  • Fully Branded, No Powered By, No Copyright Notice
  • One Click Database Backup
  • Optimized for best performance
  • Tested by generating millions of random transactions
  • Supports to send email using SMTP
  • Customizable Email Templates
  • Tag in Customer Accounts, Transactions etc.
  • Contacts, Customer Notes
  • Email Message Log
  • And many more…

Read the Following Terms for Support before Purchase:

  • I guarantee to respond to every inquiry within 3 business days (typical response time is much faster, within 1 day)
  • Support is provided exclusively via emails in English sent from the contact form of my Envato profile page
  • Scope of support does not cover any item modifications
  • Support can only be provided for original, non-modified items
  • Support is provided for one installation per one regular license
  • I can’t provide support for localhost installations
  • I will not and cannot teach you how to code in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP or any other language; I also can’t teach you how to use a software that I didn’t make
  • If you need support for your installation environment you will need to provide a FTP login credentials for your server
  • Should you wish to hire me for modifications, the standard fee is $40/h
  • Please bear in mind, I live in GMT+6 and I am not available online 24 hours