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Can you make the design responsive for mobile phone or tablet users?

I’m about to make it now!

Hi I’m interested in script like this, does it have the possibility to manage different 1) circles of friends? like family, workers, etc. 2) topics, subjects ? 3) Paypal membership/donations? – would definitely consider purchasing it – thanks!

Hi 13JayNike37, Do you have a Skype id? If yes, please let me know. I’ve a few questions.

fantasy.xd is my Skypename!

Okay. I’ve added you.

facebook login demo not working, does it work in real world? Thanks, it looks really cool.

Yes if you configure it with your API-Key it will work definetely! I’m sorry that in demo it doesn’t really work, will have a look at this later!

How to install script? Any mysql database dump included? How to get it?

Need install instructions, had to re install on new hosting server.


please send me an email to dominik,ganic@gmail.com! I’ll help you installing it.


sent you a skype playa..

Hey Kunius,

I’m sorry that I hadn’t replied! Btw, later I’m back in Skype and will help you. :)

not able to signin through facebook. can you share demo username and password ?

Hi, it is not accidentally free script site http://ifsoft.com.ua? You have changed the design and sell it?

Hi, can we have more details about the installation please. I see no db installation script in the downloaded files.

demo is down. this allows users to directly ask a single user questions on their wall/profile correct?