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Hi, does it come with restoring IAP too? and does it support multiple IAP?


Hi, I have updated the project to support multiple IAPs, thank you. Also updated it for restoring IAP

Good luck with sales :)

thank you :)

hopefully it could be integrated with AdMob.

well, this can be used with AdMob but the AdMob sdk is not readily integrated into this project so, you will have to integrate AdMob and remove iAds (if you do not want to use iAds).

Hi there. Can I create a subscription with this?

Hi masterok, I’m sorry I haven’t included subscription method. I will add it in the next update. Thank you.

where are the instructions on how to put this in my app

Hello, i am having 7 errors when trying


@busybee13 I have updated it with the latest build, you will soon receive the update. Sorry for getting so late.

hi, Its been updated, kindly download the new file(s). Thank you.


Do you know when the new update will be available with subscriptions?

Hi masterok, I will update the project with subscriptions within 2 weeks. I will update you when its done. Thank you for your interest.

Hi I don’t want to use adds but want to make available different functions of app when users purchases, is this possible with the project? Cheers Ciaran

Hi, I am sorry, it’s not possible with this version.

Question: is the update ready with the subscriptions? waiting for that :)


Question: Can you please provide instructions on how to implement the IAP functionality. When I press the ‘Remove Ads’ button, nothing happens. Please advise.

hello,you code “Remove Ads” support admob?