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Beautiful theme but code behinds are crap.

I’m using Nginx and the script has a good idea to make POST ??? request on some JS (StackBlur.js) during the loading process of the page.

Resulting in a big error : POST 405 (Not Allowed)

Well done !!!!!!!!!!! 13$ lost …

To all people that need a real slider, go to another one. This is just a “Bling Bling Slider” and is not well made.

And the provided javascript is only compressed, so we can’t fix it alone easily!

You are just a shame for the web development and good practice.


For people using Nginx instead of Apache HTTPD, just put this line in your configuration under your location section. error_page 405 = $uri;

And PLEASE, PLEASE, Why do you (developers team) use a POST instead of a GET HTTP REQUEST to get static files ???????

The first thing we tested was the GET method. But unfortunately sometimes it runs callback function before script successful loaded. This is an answer why we don’t use it.

If you want, we will replace this part of code with GET method, like it was in frist beta version, it’s not hard. And we will send this version to you.

Also, we know about this problem and that POST works not on every hosting (by the way, in this case we send to our buyers version without that request), and testing other methods to be provided in version 1.2.

About quality of our code, how you can tell about it, if you said that code is compressed? You just can talking about one line of our code, not more.

For example of quality, buy other Slider with sprites technic, try to use 200×200 blocks, and try this settings in our Slider. We promise, you will fill the difference. This is just one of examples, because we tested every things hundreds times and this is why we don’t use GET request, which works just fine, but one time from 20 pages refresh it fails.

Best regards, IA team.



-> Why do you obfuscate your javascript code ? if you want to optimize your static delivery, deliver us both (compressed and not compressed for debugging)

-> If you want to get conditionnal js depends on browser, there are another methods to do this instead of making POST on static content.

-> You said that your library is light. But do you really think it’s a good approach to download some other JS needed parts after the window is loaded. Do you consider the fact that requesting several css / js files is more time consuming than one huge css or js file ???


1. It is not only our choice, many other products are available on the CC in the similar compressed form. This is due to the fact that another developers can buy some product, change it a bit, add some features, change the design and start selling it as their product.

2. We testing another methods right now.

3. If we refuse the dynamic loading of files, we will have to load in the same time next libraries:
Integralimage (blur for Opera browser, extremly slow with other methods)
Stackboxblur (for IE10, in 1.2 version, two times slower if use StackBlur)
Stackblur (for all for other browsers)

It’s 40kb of code, like half of jQuery library. And two times larger than Slider main code.

AJAX query takes about 200 milliseconds, and we think that this is better way, to load only one library that needed right now.

And how you can see in example of blur methods, we don’t take first solution, we try to find the optimal way for all browsers. So we working hard, and our code is optimized not only on words.

Best regards, IA team.


First example : In your css, you declare a rule for the slider container like this :

.sliderCont {
    height: 400px;
    -moz-user-select: none; // mozilla browsers
    -khtml-user-select: none; // webkit browsers
Can you explain me the two margin-top declaration ? Is it well coded or a specific underground css hack ? :-D

Obfuscate code is not a protection (especially in javascript). Your licence is a protection. A lot of tools here provides minified and human readable files.

AJAX query takes about 200 milliseconds, and we think that this is better way, to load only one library that needed right now.

Wrong, you can’t indicate arbitrary loading time. There are several steps when requesting data :

  • DNS Lookup
  • Connecting to http server (can be already opened if http 1.1)
  • Sending the request
  • Waiting the response
  • Receiving the response data
If you aggregate js data, you can avoid some steps for each resources.

And to finish, please, don’t use ugly alert box if some images are not available. It could be really annoying for the user to click Ok for each unavailable images.

Best regards.

Can you explain me the two margin-top declaration ?

Little mistake in CSS? Oh, sorry about that 18 bytes in our code not perfect. You should write your own product, we sure it will be ideal, and don’t forget to take a part in the competition.

Obfuscate code is not a protection (especially in javascript). Your licence is a protection. A lot of tools here provides minified and human readable files.

Tell about it to other authors on CC.

Wrong, you can’t indicate arbitrary loading time.

You can’t, we can.

And to finish, please, don’t use ugly alert box if some images are not available.

We haven’t ‘alert’ in our code.

In conclusion we wish to point out that any code can be optimized to infinity, and therefore we are not going to continue this pointless conversation.

If you have any problem with our product, we are ready to provide you with technical support on par with everyone else. As we have suggested, we can send you a code containing GET method or without this function and you will be able to add in the head section all scripts at once, without the dynamic loading of script.

You can’t, we can.
I can , trust me. I’m an expert of front and backend web technologies and i have more than 10 years of experience.
Little mistake in CSS?
Don’t say that you can and other can’t if u don’t check stupid errors like this.
We haven’t ‘alert’ in our code.
You lose your credibility. Just check StackBlur.js. Several native alert calls in it… It’s a third library ? Ok but you are dependent of it, so patch it.


we are not going to continue this pointless conversation.

I have purchase this plugin. but it not work in google chrome and firefox. it only work in IE 9,10. any body guide me how to resolve this issue.

Maybe you try to test in locally with WAMP or XAMPP. Try to use it on real hosting – it should work fine there in all browsers. If this problem occurs on a live site – please send us a link to it (through PM on CodeCanyon)

Best regards, IA team.

Write to us through PM your e-mail, and we will send to you version without dynamic loading of scripts. It will solve this problem.

what is PM send me Link


Inside our profile page you can find “Email InimitableArt”. Send to us a letter through this form.

Hello, how can I stop / play the Slider from extern? I try jQuery(’#slider’).pause() or jQuery(’#slider’).play(). Thank you!

Hello! Unfortunately our slider does not support an external API. We plan to add this feature in one of the updates.

Best regards, IA team.

Hi, thanks for this great slider. Just a problem for me : under safari 6.0.2 (mac 10.7.5), sometimes an error appears : Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 412 (Precondition Failed)

My work page :

Thanks for your answer ! Ed

Greetings! We can’t catch the same error on our hosting. We offer the following solutions:
1. Write to us through PM and we will send the version without the dynamic load of scripts, this will solve your problem.
2. If this error occurs very rarely, you can wait for an update where will be used a new method of loading scripts. Code of new version already done, we just need some time to create presentation of new features and update documentation.

Best regards, IA team.

Hello, still me ! Is there a solution to set the previewpoints on the left side of the slide show ? I tried through the css sheet (.PreviewPoints) but no success… Thanks a lot Ed

Oooops ! It’s okay, I just edit the IAslider.js file and modify the left data (l/2-o*h/2) !

Hello, I’d like to know if there is a solution already to make this slider work on Internet Explorer 10.

Yes, you can send to us PM, and we will send you version with IE10 support. Other buyers can do the same, if they need it.

How do I send you a PM?

On our profile page , in right bottom corner there is a form with name “Email InimitableArt”. Use it to send PM to us.

Hi There. I’m trying to implement your slider but it does seem to work. Here is a link . I’ve tested in different browsers and it still doesn’t work.

Hi, how can I modify the delay between each slide ? “4500,35,1,1,Blur,TopLeft” -> I changed 35 into 75 but no result. My webpage : Thanks for your answer.


Hi! Set “AutoSwitchDelay:value in ms” in Slider settings, not in transitions settings section.

Your demo page is down.

Hi, is there a way to make it upload lighter, besides having lighter pictures? It still takes longer to upload my page not because of the images but because of the slider as I noticed. My page is Tks