IA Slider - jQuery Image Plugin

IA Slider - jQuery Image Plugin

Dear Ladies & Gentelmen! We proudly present our new innovative IA Slider with different stunning visual effects, high performance and cross-browser compatibility! Super-easy installation and management, flexible settings and robust stability – that’s the result of our work! Our web-developers and quality assurance testers put all their energy and effort to create the best slider for you. Just use and enjoy our IA Slider – the best slider for any website ever!

Release 1.0.1

  • Additional perfomance tweaks for IE7 and IE8
  • PauseOnClick option added
  • AutoAlignment option added
  • New “Play video” button
  • Fixed captions background in IE7 and IE8
  • Fixed bug when image used in captions
  • Fixed KenBurn’s animation when captions are disabled
  • Starting slide delay changed to AutoSwitchDelay value


  • Our IA slider supports all browsers, that’s why there are no any difference in effects between IE7 , IE8 and nowadays browsers. (Only the blur effect is disabled in IE7 and IE8 due to the perfomance issues)
  • The unique combination of KenBurns and Blocks Effects at the same time.
  • We have developed the thousands variations of effects and chosen the best ones for you! Just choose and enjoy any of them from the proposed variations.
  • Flexible settings for KenBurns Effect.
  • You may select between two modes: ‘Bullets’ or ‘Gallery’ mode.
  • Great perfomance and small size. Smooth switching of the slides.
  • Vimeo and YouTube video support.
  • Amazing blur effect for slides.
  • The background of captions is blurred (when KenBurns effect turned off)
  • Automatic alignment depending on size of the elements.
  • The elements support smooth highlight. All colors of elements are based on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), so you can easily change the color to any other what you like.
  • Works on mobile devices (tested on iOS and Android)
  • Supports any HTML in captions.
  • Images preloader is also included.
  • ‘Random effect’ option.
  • Ability to disable Captions, Arrows or Pause elements.
  • All control elements support ‘show on hover’ feature.
  • You may set any amount of inline images in ‘Gallery’ mode.
  • Zoom ratio for thumbnails in ‘Gallery’ mode.
  • Callback functions: on Slider ready, on Slide change, after Slide change.
  • Ability to use separate thumbnails for gallery mode, in order to increase the quality of thumbs when zoomed in.
  • ‘Speed rate’ option. All effects are able to work more faster, or more slowly, as you prefer.
  • Flexible settings for each effect, yon can set Animation Speed, Delay beetween each block and amount of blocks according to the width and height of the slider.
  • Ability to use mixed order of blocks.
  • Multiple instances.
  • We have prepared PSD template for you, which you can use to create custom skin for slider.