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Hey, this is really awesome. I was wondering if we could easily add the location (Geo coordinates of when the User Check in and Checks out)?

I mean capture the geo-coordinates.

I think I am missing the point. Is there a Server Backend for this? or is it just a stand alone.

Current version is IOS app works within offices. I would add this idea on the idea box ;)

Is there a Admin login and Normal User login view. I mean if you are the Admin, can you see everyone as compare if you are the User, you only see yourself. Can you explain how this works?

Yes, there is a separate login for admin and staffs

On the way ;)

Can you Explain how this works? Thanks

You have this app installed on a ios device which will serve as a attendence device. Administrator can easily add staffs and track them

really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you bro!

bro, do you have it with all documentation? and you provide API? and one more thing, will it also have web-based?

Yes, documentation includes how to work with it. It is not web based.

hello, I have some presale question. It can be manage multi company or multi team? Do you have any detail documentation or video?

One company, unlimited employees..Have you visited the phone screens ?

Estimated time for Android?

No ETA as far now. If you have such requirements, you are welcome for custom development

It’s not really clear by the description: is there a backend like CloudKit or Firebase used for storing checkins and checkouts?

its firebase

Can I add a data field (specifically a “Tips” field for restaurant servers) and then send the weekly data to an email address?

You can customize it further you are good in IOS app development

I am interested in buying video but I see no clear opinion from someone who bought it thanks

Hello Developer, I am looking for Android app is it available ??

Hello can you give me more details about this script ? Thank’s

hi, just would like ask if there is any api to integrate with my hr software? and u do the customization?

please launch android app :) soon

Well done! Good luck with sales!

Are you using Swift of Objective-C ? Which version ? Admin portal is php based ?

Oh, I notice its written or compatible with swift and IOS9. So to be more specific, I need to install xCode 7 with Swift 2.2 ( or 2.0 )? please comment before I buy. As I am using Xcode 8.3.2 with swift3.

Hello.can u show us more details about app.does it support empolyers checking and checkout and admin login to see all reports.to generate reports etc.also android version too.