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I Agree

About I Agree

I Agree now works for
- WordPress Registration
- WordPress Comments
Check out the live previews below.

Automatically add the ?I Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy? statement to the WordPress Default/Custom Registration Page/Comment Box using this Plugin. Also I Agree for Registration/Comment works independent of each other i.e. you can enable/disable I Agree for Registration/Comment.

I Agree Plugin adds a Checkbox in the Registration Page/Comment Box of your WordPress site with a customizable “I Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” statement which the user has to accept in order to proceed. The I Agree Text, Anchor Text and Link to your own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are fully customizable and can be set from the Plugin Settings Page.

Note: The rule is if the registration/comment form goes through WordPress registration/comment hook only then it will work.

Live Preview

  1. I Agree For Registration – Live Preview
  2. I Agree For Comments – Live Preview


  • It works once the Plugin is activated.
  • I Agree Plugin is Highly Customizable.
  • You can define Your Own ?I Agree . . .?.
  • Tested in Top Browsers and WordPress Themes.
  • Easy to setup this Plugin.


Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.


Version 4.1 on 13 November 2016
New: Custom CSS option added

Version 4.0 on 28 July 2016
New: Option to Enable check box On/Off when click I Agree label
Tweak: Display I Agree section as last
Fix: Overwrite theme styles

Version 3.9 on 06 May 2016
- Fix: Conflict when use WooCommerce POS
- Fix: Validation skipped when WooCommerce is not active

Version 3.8 on 13 April 2016
- New: Option to display I Agree Section in WooCommerce Checkout page

Version 3.7 on 24 February 2016
- Fix: Disappearing problem form comment section

Version 3.6  on 08 February 2016
- Fix: Show I agree checkbox in checkout page

Version 3.5 on 16 August 2014
- Bug Fix in Comment Validation for Admin Page

Version 3.4 on 07 July 2014
- Bug Fix for Compatibility

Version 3.3 on 10 June 2014
- WooCommerce Filter Name Change Supported

Version 3.2 on 08 February 2014
Settings Page Revamped

Version 3.1 on 23 November 2013
Hyperlink/Popup Feature Added

Version 3.0 on 17 September 2013
I Agree now supported for WordPress Comments

Version 2.2 on 22 August 2013
- Line Height Option Added

Version 2.1 on 6 August 2013
- Checkbox Styling Settings Added

Version 2.0 on 4 August 2013
- Custom Font Settings Added
- Font Type, Size, Color etc can be set
- Custom Error Message Settings Added
- Set your own Custom Error Message when the user doesn't Agree to the Terms

Version 1.1 on 2 August 2013
- Alignment Settings Added

Version 1.0 on 31 July 2013
- This is the First Version