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fantastic work, wish you big sales ;)

Thank you very much))

Wow. Looks amazing. Added to my favorites. I hope that I’ll use it someday :) Good luck with sales !

Thank friend:)i also hope you`ll use it someday:))

hey mate, amazing work :)

Uhmz very nice, no geo location, right?

Friend,I added geo location:)

Thank you. Purchased it straigth away! :)

I am glad to it:) Thank you also)

If geo location added, will gladly buy it :)

Ok,If you consider to buy, i`ll add it :)Thank you:)

Friend,I added geo location:)

Geolocation is ready for you, friend:)

I need to know if it works in the novatudio program, since I am doing an html to publish in led signs

If in there you can add html and js files yes you can use it.I dont know novastudio program thats why i cant say anything correctly if you explain me more i can help you

Do I need to add a location (city) for this Wordpress plugin to work? And do you plan on supporting this plugin in the future? I want website visitors to see local temperature wherever they are.

It is not for wordpress but i ll do it for wordpress also.Yes i ll support it 24/7

Awesome product,GLWS!

Thank you very much)


Firstly, thank you for the software! I’d like to know if you have some example HTML instead of the demo HTML file, which I’m finding difficult to sift through and remove what I don’t need and still have it functional.

All I want is to use Style 2 on my site, but when I start removing the other styles, everything breaks.

yeah i ll check it.and i ll write back you

Thank you! I sent you an example of what I wrote, and not sure why it’s giving me such a hard time.

Ok i saw already , i ll solve it.Sorry for late answer , because time difference for country