Hyper Games - All in One Game App | AdMob | Unlimited Games | Android + iOS

Hyper Games - All in One Game App | AdMob | Unlimited Games | Android + iOS

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Hyper Games – All in One Game App | AdMob | Unlimited Games | Android + iOS

Hyper Games is a new all in one app where you can play all online mini-games and html games. Usually game apps are comes with only one game. But, this game app contains with lots of games which is really powerful and smooth gaming experience. This application have some special features, It’s stores all game data on device with very less. the total app size is less than 7.5 Mb for android. Currently it contains more than 50 Games. You don’t need to update games everytime. We take care of it. Just integrate your Admob and start your earning. It is a best platform to earn Admob credits. It supports both Android and iOS. Really worthy for your investment. One-time purchase will give you lifetime profit. Start earning today!


  • No Backend – No need to manage games
  • AdMob Integration
  • One time Investment, Lifetime Income
  • More than 50+ Games, More games will be added soon
  • Simple Setup
  • Android + iOS
  • Best Earning Model
  • Light Weight – Total APK Size is Less than 7.5Mb
  • Fast and Smooth
  • Atractive and Minimalist UI Design
  • 8 UI Colors FREE
  • Clean Documentaion

For More features & customizations

If you want more customized features or other types of AD integrations you can contact our technical support team on below WhatsApp button.

IMPORTANT: Read before you buy!

In order to major modification of this application you need to have knowledge in web technologies such as javascript, typescript, html5 and css3. You also need to be able to install Ionic and its dependencies on your machine. We recommend you to use the Ionic official installation guide for further developments and ask on the Ionic forum for support.

We used third-party games in this project. They allow us to use in our application. The database we’re maintaining manually as a public. If you want to use your manual games database or additional ad related queries, please contact our support.

We will be happy to answer all the app related questions/issues.

Version 1.0.0 (28-07-2021)

- Init Release

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If you need support, please send us an email using the contact form on the user page. We usually respond to support requests within 24 hours so please feel free to contact us with problems of any kind or even simple questions, We don’t mind responding.