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i want to buy your stuff, but i need to ask u some question, but send me your mail address, kellygree10@gmail.com

How can CSS be modified?

& where would I add CSS?

Hi, i get the message that the activation code was altready use, but i am pretty sure i used it for the domain i am running it now, is there a way to terminate the old activation?

Can you please contact us via email with your license code to the profile link? That domain is not in our system. https://codecanyon.net/user/smartrsite

sent :)

Please dont ignore our questions…

Go to visual composer and in the top right there is a gear icon where you can paste the CSS on the page with the form.

Didnt work…

We have visual composer and HYPE and it worked. If you can please email us access we will set it up for you as well as your license code.

Hi there. I am looking for a plugin that pays out instantly buyers when they refer (sale) a product?

We can look into adding this in the future.

How do I move it to another domain?

Hey Team, Support System seems to be offline, so I am asking here: I want to move Hype to another domain, for I did just install for test purposes on my no-public testsite just to figure out how it works technically. The bad: I didnt realize I cannot move to my real domain. So, what to do? :) Would like to use it now on my site. Have an awesome day! PS: Great product by the way… ;)