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Hi I activated the plugin a few months ago, I tried it and then deleted it. Now that I want to use it I get the error that the license has been already used by another domain but I do not use it anywhere. Can you please tell me how this can be fixed? Please don’t ignore my message, I believe it’s a not so right approach to verify the lisense.

As long as the plugin is deleted and deactivated it should be fine, otherwise if you are still having an issue – please inbox your license code and domain it was on and we can reset it for you.

Thank you for your answer, unfortunately, I still have this issue. I tried to send a message using support button but it returns a 404 page. Could you tell me how to communicate with you? Thanks!

Hi ! Congrats for this great plugin :)

I have a few questions before I buy :

1) Security is only mail-confirmation based, i think this is a problem as nowadays most people have at least 2 different email addresses (1 personal and 1 professional), and setting-up a new email takes 1 mn, so IMHO it’s quite easy to cheat (would take me 5-8 mn to get the 5 referals). Do you consider implementing an IP fraud detection or a cookie-based one ? That would be a big plus !! :) And actually I think that would be compulsory.

2) If I want to give away an ebook or more generally an “electronic product” (which will be the case for many of your potential buyers I guess ;-) after a certain amount of subscribers, the only way is for me to put a static link to my website, right ? E.g www.mywebsite.com/hidden/ebook-download In this case, if it is not generated dynamically like a WooCommerce coupon, it’s also very easy to fraud. The people who have the link can just republish it everywhere (Twitter, Facebook) and then nobody will need to subscribe to get the electronic product :) Do you think you would implement this feature any time soon ? :)

Thanks for your answers . Love :)


We updated our new support system, can you send the information via https://smartersite.com/support and mark it as urgent? – Thanks!

- SmarterSite


hi love the idea two questions:

1- when are releasing an update for latest woocommerce and WordPress ? 2- can I reward user based on the referrals purchases too? so they get discounts only if people they referred purchased x or y or anything on the site?

Currently it is for rewarding users to sign up, however we are looking into an updated version where purchases are rewarded.


vesoen Purchased

Hi, I find that some people are cheating the plugin. They make their own account by registering a legit mail account. Then use their affiliate link to register hundreds of bullshit non-working e-mail. How can this be? Shouldn’t the e-mails be confirmed before giving affiliate attribution points to the affiliate link owner.?

Do you have Email Confirmation turned on?

hi there, can we customize the plugin from our end with the extended license (such as add new features and rebrand it)?

Unfortunately that is not part of the extended license, if you have any questions or would like whitelabeling, please reach out to our support center


- SmarterSite

Hi Guys sent you message days ago, still had no reply from you. so far can’t use your plugin that we purchased.

Hi MasterMataz,

I see you purchased the plugin in early 2016, has it not been working since then or are you trying to change domains? Your support expired last year, if you can fill out a support ticket and include your license code and website trying to use it on that would be ideal. It would be greatly appreciated if you extended support.


- SmarterSite

Hi Guys, not support i am asking for, just what i paid for being able to use. was registered on beatpulsemagazine.com we no longer own this domain, trying to activate on easygetmerecords.com is their some system that can help customers who face this situation. thanks for your great plugin


testfai Purchased

Can I still communicate with you? https://smartersite.com/support not work. Thanks!

Should be working, please try again! Thanks :)


testfai Purchased

In order to create new ticket for support, must login with my account first. What account (username & password) should fill up?

Any is fine, we will ask for license verification :)


testfai Purchased

I’m on waiting email for registration confirmation

The email address was undeliverable, can you provide an alternate email? You will not get updates or messages from our system.

When will the next update be?

Yes, we are. What updates would you like to see in both?

I’d like to know the release date of both hype’s next update and perkzilla’s release. I’d like to see some sort of sms integration e.g. like social sharing but with users’ phone contact list. Thanks.

Perkzilla is in a private beta, but if you contact support at SmarterSite.com they can give you access. Hype’s release depends on feature requests via the support center.


Product looks great I have some questions.

1. Is it possible to use another lead generation plugin/service with this? For instance I currently use Thrive Leads to sign people up to the newsletter: I would then like to redirect to a page that features HYPE and encourages users to share the referral link.

Is it possible to to bypass the sign up form via HYPE in this manner? Or does the user have to sign up again via a hype sign up form?

2. Is there Mailchimp integration? So that referred leads can be placed automatically onto a list…

Thanks James

Hi PostInternet, can you contact our support center? We will be happy to show you an upgraded version.

Hi, do you have fraud detection to stop user from using false email to sign up or sign up several time with real email but all belong to same person? Email verification only not enough if they use real email.

We have email verification but have been working on a new fraud detection system.

if I buy HYPE only me can use or I can share with my group?

It is a license for just you. If you would like multiple licenses or an agency license please purchase the extended license and contact support for more information

3 days past but still no answer.

Hi nikazmi70, you messaged us outside of business hours on a friday, just getting back to check in now :)


djpogo Purchased

Where do I purchase multiple or agency licenses? Thanks

Hi DjPogo,

If you contact support at SmarterSite.com they will be able to help you out! Please be specific in what exactly you are looking for.

- SmarterSite

i would like to deactivate the domain it’s currently activated on.

Can you please contact us via the support center with your license code and domain?

I did register there but never got my activation link, your site says that your php mail settings are off. So, I cannot register to submit a ticket. Please, I want to use my purchase but cannot.

Send your license code and website activated on via message on Envato – https://codecanyon.net/user/smartersite

Hey Hype! Awesome script! However, I am also having an issue with activating my license on the same domain/url after a fresh install.

Can you help us all out with this please?

Thank you, aus10

Hey Hype! a support ticket was created on 06 Oct 2017 but still on waiting for “Awaiting staff reply”. Could you please check it out and reply it? Thanks !


nacor Purchased

is this plugin still having support? becuase is more than a year without an update


testfai Purchased

Hey Hype! a support ticket was created on 01 Nov 2017 but still on waiting for “Awaiting staff reply”. Could you please check it out and reply it? Thanks !