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Facebook has now added the ability to link and properly display .gif files., directly in one’s timeline (as opposed to clicking a link and opening a new page to an outside URL). I was wondering if such a share option could be added to this script?

Thanks! The script, as it is, looks great!

Hey Ron, I’m not a big social guy – but if I’m following you correctly you’re wanting to share a Hyena GIF? You could attach a standard share plugin to a Hyena GIF, but you’ll lose all of the Hyena functionality – that wouldn’t be pulled over.. :/ Let me know if you had something else in mind?

Thanks for the really quick reply. No, you nailed it; it’s the functionality I was looking to pull over. (image sharing site) is the leader in this new trend, simply because their script already had the ability to do what I’m looking for. It wasn’t by design, on their part, as much as it was sheer luck (my speculation).

Thanks again! Still a great looking script!

No problem, many places now do video conversion for this type of thing. Hyena doesn’t convert to video (there are a lot of advantages to that, like ease of customizing and image vs a video), but in the case of pulling something over to facebook or something, an online GIF site is probably best :)

Hello, Would you have more image on the script? I do not voice how to use it ? thank you ;)

Hi Gwenm, gotcha, here’s a link to the documentation which should help :)

You’re welcome :)

jquery-Hyena-2.1.css does not validate at W3C CSS Validation page. 20 errors are reported. How come? I am having rendering issues with latest Opera browser for Windows. Thanks for your reply.

Hi, thanks for your attending the issue. As for CSS validation, I agree it’s not a market requirement. In fact, it’s a web standards requirement. As for the Opera issue, unfortunately I still see it: please take a look at With latest Opera (ver 12.17) on Windows XP the behaviour of Hyena player is different if compared to other browsers such as Chrome, FF and IE 11. Thanks.

Sorry, IE 11 does not belong to the list.

I’m running the latest version of Opera (just updated yesterday) and Windows 7 – your link on my system looks identical to all other browsers you listed. I’ve cleared my cache, check the console, etc – everything is fine here. This has to be related to either something specific to XP or your install. You may want to double check to make sure you’re actually running the latest Opera as I did verify an issue with older versions of Opera.

I love Hyena loads real nice on my home page, but I was wondering if there was anyway to add text on top of the gif upon Hover. I am showcasing videos my production company shot and would love to be able to title it easy without having to throw text inside a video editor and have it baked in the gif.

No there currently isn’t any text support – but this is an interesting feature for the future ;) Hyena doesn’t use videos though, so all you’d have to do is add the text on all frames of the GIF except frame 1. is a great example of what I was trying to do, before you hover you see the text and then the gif plays out until you hover off.

Ah, you might be better off just leaving Hyena/the GIF out of it altogether and just positioning another DIV right on top that contains your text. Then just hide the text on hover and pass the hover event down to the Hyena container to trigger the Hyena effects ;)

Any chance of this being updated so that it can actually pause a gif, and not stop it? All your examples on your demo page, stop the gif, and start it from the beginning of their loop. I was hoping for something that pauses it where it is currently playing in the loop, and resumes when clicked again.

Hi, not at the moment, since that would entail playing/stopping GIFs in an entirely different manner than how Hyena currently works – it would basically be a completely different plugin.

Hola, es posible crear GIF con este script? es compatible para poder compartir con facebook?

Thanks , now I proceed to purchase.

Last question , as I can obtenter the GIF url to share on facebook? This is very important because I need to share my GIF on facebook groups.

There isn’t any sharing functionality built into this plugin, but you can use any other social sharing plugin for that. You can use GIFs from Facebook or other external sites on your site with Hyena (GIFs don’t need to be on your server). Setting up social sharing of your GIFs will be no more complicated than if the plugin wasn’t being used at all – but it just shares the GIF :)

Will Hyena support other script than wordpress?

Hi, the jQuery version acts on GIFs that are on the page when it loads. After your PHP script runs and the page has finished loading, Hyena will kick in and track down your GIFs with class=”hyena” (or whatever you want to assign to them) and initialize the plugin – making them have media players, interactive events, etc. Anyway, the jQuery version linked above will work on any CMS since it comes into play after the CMS builds the page. If it doesn’t work out for you, I’ll happily provide a refund :)

Cool! I will go ahead and buy it, hopefully I don’t need the refund.

Thanks – let me know if you run into any issues and I’ll be happy to help out :)

This is sweet. Kinda like cinemagraphs. Can I place these on social media sites? Can they just loop indef? Curious to how they may play on facebook, etc with a tap to start, scroll. That won’t work on a social site

Thanks! :)