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Hi, Click on play button is not working in chrome at my side. It’s fine with touch but not with mouse click. It’s fine in Firefox as well but not in chrome. Would you please check this?

Hi, this is the 3rd time I’ve had someone report and issue with Chrome and I’ve just checked it for the 3rd time and cannot see an issue. The previous 2 times were because of a browser extension users had installed – could this be the case here? I’ve cannot confirm this in Chrome on my side.


mid0nz Purchased

I’ve installed Hyena but when I go to the admin panel and select a gif nothing happens in the preview and I get this shortcode: [wp_hyena imageurl=’’ data_hyena=’{slate}’] which seems to be missing an image URL? Also when I try using the shortcode, my site simply ignores it. I’m really excited to get this working. Can you help?

Hi mid0nz, if you email me directly with a link I can check this out asap. Thanks!


ibicek Purchased

hi just purchased plugin

When play-stop-play gif , it returns to first frame or stopping on first frame. Is there any way to stopping on exact frame an continue from that frame?


Hi, Sorry Hyena doesn’t split GIF frames.

so i just purchased it but theres a problem. i applied it to the feature image but it has no effect?? i need help

hi , i just emailed you

is there any updates?

Hi, please be patient as I look into this – it is the weekend. Thanks!


The plugin is causing some issues with theme files and causing images to expand unnecessarily. Can you please help us resolve the issue or give us a refund asap.

Hmmm… I believe I would need a way to troubleshoot this? You can message me directly with your link. Thanks


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Is it possible to make the gif loading asynchronous during the normal page loading? Thanks

Hyena doesn’t handle any loading-related properties of the images, just playback control.


truecph Purchased

I am having big issues with the plugin. It does not accept gifs already in the media library, and when I select a new one and upload it, it does not parse the url for the gif = I cannot see a preview.


It would be nice with a little documentation on what slate is and speed and so – just so there is not so much trail and error when trying it out

Thanks – I’ll look into this, in the meantime please feel free to contact me directly with Theme details.

Presale question: Is there an option to begin an animation on hover and have that animation continue to the end of the GIF’s timeline even on rollout? In other words we don’t want the animation to stop until the end of it’s timeline is reached. Similar to this link without the pause: https://css-tricks.com/examples/DifferentTransitionsOnOff/

Thank you, InHouse

Hi, GIFs are reset on mouseout. Thanks!


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Hi, theres is some way to stop a gif and freeze the state of it? thanks and sorry for my english.

Hi, sorry – Hyena doesn’t break GIFs into frames so there wouldn’t be a way of doing this.

h installed but menu button on the side does not show? I unable all the plunging but still nothing show on menu

Sorry for the delay, will respond to your email today. Can you email me with a link to your site and login credentials if possible? Thanks!

I tried viewing the demo on my phone and the players don’t appear to be responsive. Is this because the example page isn’t setup to be responsive or the actual plugin doesn’t support it?

The plugin is responsive (players are based on their parent containers), just checked the demo too (a quick check on my desktop) and all looks good.


Can this plugin convert gifs to mp4?

Hi, no – the majority is free/similar plugins use video. Hyena doesn’t use video which allows for better compatibility and customization – the whole purpose of this plugin ;)

Hello! I’ve installed this plugin, but it doesn’t seem to play the GIFs, it only shows the first frame and then the final one. Nothing in between? I’ve tried it on a default wordpress install and it’s not working. Is this plugin still supported?

Hi there, so sorry for not seeing this earlier. Envato changed the way you get to see comments recently which makes them apparent for me :( Anyway, it sounds like you have inserted the cropped WP version of the image. Make sure you’re using the full size original version of the GIF – otherwise WP messes everything up.


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Please, how to make the gif image looping infinitely when the mouse is on top of it?

I have tried your plugin but it is just playing once then it jumps to the last frame of the gift whenever I roll out then hover again on top of it.

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Oh, yes – this is actually saved inside the GIF. Open the GIF in Photoshop and save it to play as a loop :)


kronomia Purchased

Thank you so much! You’re the best :)

No problem :)

Are you familiar with Facebook Instant Articles? this can be implemented with Instant articles?

No, not familiar with it sorry. If you can load any jQuery plugin then this one will work.

Hi, with this plugin is possible to reduce gif dimension and link gif to original dimension when mouse is over?

Yes, you should be able to just place it inside a DIV and use a CSS (or JS) dimensions animation on hover

Hi. I don’t know why, but for some reason I decided that this plug-in allows pictures to make the GIF. But it turned out that this plugin simply inserts a page of the site the GIF image created in another program. The plugin processes the image special effects. A little disappointed. But it’s my fault.

Friend, Hello. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find a use for your plugin. Do you mind if I asked you to return the money? I promise you that I won’t use your plugin, really. I don’t know how I can prove it to you. Just I give you my word.

lol, the best case in this scenario is to contact Envato Help for a credit. They will take care of you ;)

Ok. I have already written :)