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Hi, Is there any way to change the “animation type” for a Slider when you navigate the images to “fadeIn” and “fadeOut” instead of “slide-right” and “slide-left”.

Hi. I’ll add extra animations in next updates.

Great! I’ll be waiting for next version ;)


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Hi, Is it compatible with Fusion Builder and Avada Theme ? Best regards

Soon will add new cool styles and effects. In version 2.0


metal38 Purchased


You’re welcome.

Hello, the gallery does not work for me .. I do not know why … I use KLEO Theme I installed the plugin, created a gallery, I added pictures, and does not see the pictures on the page … It is stuck in the loading mode

Hi. Please open a ticket https://divengine.ticksy.com/


2pm2pm Purchased

Hi DivEngine

I did just purchase Hybrid Gallery this morning and I love it! Now I do have this question considering the lightbox functionalities:

I really like working with the following two lightboxes: - Fancybox - Magnific

The question is now, whether there is a way to customize them in a way, as if I was dealing with their original Plugin (or by adapting some code anywhere).

Thanks a lot for your answer! & your wonderful plugin ;)



You can set up your own lightbox. (with Fancybox with your custom lightbox options).


2pm2pm Purchased

Yes, that was my idea. But where in the wordpress/css/hybridgallery settings do I tell the engine, that it has to use fancybox? right now there just pops up a static window…

Please open a ticket here to continue there: http://divengine.ticksy.com/

Does this have a conflict with visual composer? I tried to test the test version and installed it all however upon clicking the hybrid gallery button nothing pops up. I had to disabled the visual composer for it to work.

Hi. I tested the plugin with visual composer. It works.

Hmmmm strange. I like it though so if i purchase will you help with why it wont load?

Of course will help. I checked just right now. Trial version has a little issue, but PRO works.

Hi! I opened a ticket a few days ago, but I didn’t receive a reply yet. Could you please check my ticket? My gallery doesn’t seem to get updated when I select my images, so the plugin is unusable at this point… :(

Hi. Answered.

Have purchased but have the same issue with VC, nothing happens on button press.

actually, not matter what i do, it never adds images to the gallery. the images never save, it just says no images

Hi. Please open a ticket here https://divengine.ticksy.com. I’ll fix that issue.

I have opened the ticket with details and logins etc, i have another issue with thumbs listed in the ticket too

hi all.. you wrote 24 support.. nobody give answer to my ticket!! #1087780

Hi. We have a huge number of tickets. Please wait a little. WE answered.

does not work (test version). (Visual composer text box / Tiny MCE. Hybrid button on top, but no way to insert an image.

Hi. Trial maybe. Try PRO version: https://hybrid-gallery.com/testdrive/

hi bro. the gallery does not work in this site . I do not know why … I use “Grand Tour” Theme I installed the plugin, created a gallery, I added pictures, but the pictures can not be seen on the page … What can we do?

You’re welcome.

but! It is ok on mobile and tablet but the gallery dosnt appear on pc. :)) Video: http://gidstambul.com/hybrid.mp4



I was wondering if when using the masonry grid and filter if there was a way to remove the ‘ALL’ filter and instead choose a different one to be the default starting filter.


Hi. Not now, but good idea. Will add in list of features in next versions.



Presale question: Can I merge the lighboxes of two different galleries? For example, I would like to create a video gallery carousel and a seperate image gallery, but when the user opens it on the lightbox, they seem merged, as next can scroll to the image and go to the previous video. It can use data attributes or classes.

Oh I forgot to write another question. Can the lightbox be opened on a custom element click event?

Hi. No. Each gallery uses its own lightbox images.

Can you update plugin to support Google AMP? AMP now is standard at Google search engine, example here:

- https://www.droidlime.com/artikel/review-huawei-p10-bokeh-depan-belakang.html/amp

Plugin (gallery) not load at bottom content, you can check with inspect element..

Hi. AMP support will be available soon.