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GS1974 Purchased

I am interested in purchasing it, however the demo version gave an error. Will the same happen on the pro version?

Hi. What kind of error?


GS1974 Purchased

after activating: Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. plugins/hybrid-gallery/shortcodes/grid.php on line 30

Well, Try to update your php version to 5.6. But in anyway, we can fix that. After purchase contact with us: http://divengine.ticksy.com/

HI, Seeing that do not answer on the open ticket … I post my questions here:

Thank you for your reply! I know you can configure it because I had another theme with Lightgallery and we could configure it directly in the theme … In your first post, you asked me for the admin access to my site to configure Lightgallery… And two days later, still not working well! I bought Hybrid Gallery to use Lightgallery. The other Lightboxes do not interest me. So if you can not solve the problem, I ask you to refund me because, I will have to buy another plugin. Thank you in advance! Best regards Miguel

PS: I remind you that three days ago I have my page in maintenance mode because of this problem.




Can Vimeo or YouTube video be used?

Hi. Of course. Check this: https://hybrid-gallery.com/layout-masonry/masonry-item-formats/

You can also use it in lightbox.


gkbryn Purchased

Hi – been waiting on a ticket in your support system for a few days now – any chance you could take a look at it for me – #1179430 – thanks for your time.

Hi. Already answered.

One doubt…how do i make a button call one of the galleries? For example, i wanna make a menu for many fullscreen galleries…how can i do that? thanks!

Awesome! But i want to show ONLY the lightbox gallery…no grids or thumbs after i close them..i want simple buttons calling lightbox fullscreen. How can i do that? No gallery on the background of them… Thanks very much.

Gallery doesn’t have such feature now. But will have soon.

I bought the plugin and would like to install the gallery in a text block, so I can have additional content on the site. Is this at all possible with this plugin?

Very good. How can I do this? With me comes the gallery only when I create a new page. Theme is avada.

Very good. How can I do this? With me comes the gallery only when I create a new page. Theme is avada.

If you using visual page builder, you can add a ‘text block’, it will open default wordpress visual editor, then click on ‘hybrid gallery’ button to create a gallery.

Hi there. I posted 2 questions 4 days ago in the ticketing system and they haven’t been answered. These are ticket #1187982 and #1187974. Can you help, please?

Hi. Answered.

Thanks David. How about my other question: is it possible with Hybrid Gallery to display random pictures? For example show 4 random pictures out of all selected. Even better: would it be possible to show 4 random pictures out of all galleries on the website?

Hi. Does the gallery work only on pages or in post, too?

Hi. No. Also working in widgets.

Hybrid Gallery is broken in Beaver Builder – support ticket submitted. HG cannot be edited visually… we’ll it “can” but it does not work on insert. Lasting edits can only be made manually through the text editor, and you need to know the photo ideas. Highly tedious and not fun. I’m about to teach my client how to edit her 90+ project galleries and I’m pushing it off waiting for this to be fixed. Problem fully outlined in ticksy.

Hi. Have you installed the latest version?

I’m running Version 1.4.3

Does it work with Avada Themes?

Hi. Yes

Hi, The gallery works very nice, The arrows on the sides not showing up (I opened a ticket Yesterday, if you can reply – Thank you)

I asked you to provide admin access and you provided the wrong access. I couldn’t login. What’s my fault? I need 5 minutes only to fix the gallery. Provide again admin access and I’ll fix it now.

I don’t need your gallery anymore or your support, I switched to Unite Gallery that is working great with no problems. The last thing you can do is refund, but even here you like playing games after not replying for 4 days what almost cost me the lost of this website project and another website for is partner.

Refund was given. Good luck.

Hi. I would like to use your plugin combined with Modulobox. How can I use it as my default lightbox?

I also can’t visualize the block inside the visual content, it is displayed only in classic mode. Is it a bug?

Hi. Here is how to add your custom lightbox.

;(function($, window, document, undefined) {
    "use strict";  
    function customlightbox() {
        $(".hybgl-lightbox").each(function() {
            var $this = $(this),
                selector = $this.data('selector'),
                lightbox = $this.data('lightbox'),
                $gallery = $('.' + selector),
                link = 'a.hybgl-button-action-zoom';
           if (lightbox == 'custom') {
                // iLightBox
                $gallery.find(link).iLightBox(); // here call your own lightbox instead if iLightBox
        $(window).load(function() {
})(window.jQuery, window, document);

Hi, I’ve been trying to use Hybrid Gallery and I can’t get it to show up on the page. It sounds ridiculous, but I’ve tested it on two different Wordpress sites – in on one site get an endless loading icon, on the other, nothing appears. Can you help?

Fyi I sent both links over in a PM

I opened a ticket at http://divengine.ticksy.com, but no reply – ticket #1258404. Can you check it out?



nivosh Purchased

It seems the support for this item is not so good. 3 days has passed since I opened a ticket and no answer from the developer. I have a bug which prevent the plugin to work as advertised.

Where are you DivEngine?


nivosh Purchased

Still no response from the plugin author… not here and not in the support ticket…


I want to buy this plugin, but I want the pictures scrolled by mouse wheel (in carousel mode)

Hi. Not now but will add in next versions.

Please, write me when you will add this functionality. Then I’ll buy

Can’t say the custom date, but will be soon.

Hello! I am having a big issue with your plugin, I can edit the galleries and add more images but there is no option to save the changes I have made!

Hi. Please open a ticket here: https://divengine.ticksy.com/


nivosh Purchased

Hello, I want a refund for the item please. The support is realy not good…

Hi. We had a problem with our support website, so couldn’t look at the tickets. Ticksy, which is support provider, making some updates, it will be resolved in next 24 hours. Please leave your ticket id and we’ll check as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


bluestag Purchased

Hello, it is impossible to modify an already existing gallery. When you want to update the existing gallery, another one is created below it. A solution ?


bluestag Purchased

Yeah ! Great ;)

Don’t forget to rate the plugin. Thanks!


bluestag Purchased

I have a lot of feedback about your plugin, the opinions its rather positive is good work. I am a web developer and if you want the returns of various small bugs made me sign;)


luogo Purchased

Hi! I have purchased your plugin… great so far (one open ticket ;) ) Another question: I use Yoast SEO and the SEO validation says, that there are no images in the post?!

Hi. Images are set as ‘background’, not ‘img src’. Maybe that’s why. But anyway they are exist.