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just wanted to ask before i buy. would this work in conjunction with visual composer and go full-width? Would love to replace my essential grid plugin with this one. thanks!

Hi. Of course, it’s fully compatible with Visual Composer. It can work with any width :)

Thanks for the quick response! Just purchased. Cant wait to play around!



rieckys Purchased

Just now buy a hybrid gallery. A plugin is very easy to use with a wide variety of features. No need to make a difficult shortcode.

Lightweight and does not take up too much server resources. Very different from the other gallery plugins.

I have not had time to look at the whole plugin. Are there features a button to download the image in the gallery?

Are there any features of a social media share buttons on the picture gallery?

Like your plugin :-)


Hi. Thanks. Try lightboxes: prettyPhoto & lightGallery.

http://hybrid-gallery.com/layout-grid/grid-lightboxes-prettyphoto/ http://hybrid-gallery.com/layout-grid/grid-lightboxes-lightgallery/

lightGallery already supports image download.


luogo Purchased

One question: I would like to use the slider with Thumbnails: Horizontal with Lightbox Magnific Popup. Have you the plan to integrate this feature? Thanks in advance!


luogo Purchased

Sorry for my redundant question ;) Thanks!

No problem. Please rate our plugin. Many Thanks! Have a good day!


Is it possible to use this with a search plugin that searches through image titles? If so can it display the results in the same format as the galleries.

Also will it work with a digital download plugin – if so which one(s)


Hi. No, it will not work with search. What about digital download plugin – I think it will work. In any case you can purchase it and test. If it be not what you want, we’ll give you a refund.

thanks for quick reply- i really need to search the images

You can set filter by categories. Maybe that will help.


Nice and clean gallery plugin keep it simple. 1 pre-sale question which i don’t see in the description. Can i use it in posts as well or only in pages?

Hi.Yes, you can use it on pages, and also you can use it everywhere where exists visual editor (even in custom fields).

You can use it in posts, custom post types and in everywhere.

Hi this is a very nice plugin and I like the fact that your support iLightbox

My question is :

Can I create a grid of many individual Albums/Galleries and display each (album/gallery) in the lightbox? I have a client with many projects (over 100) and each project has 10-20 images. We do not want a detailed description of each project, just to be able to display the images.

So when the user clicks on an grid item (album/gallery) I want this to be displayed on the lightbox without leaving the main grid page. I also need pagination of this grid i.e. 20 project albums/galleries per page.

Is there a demo of something like this that I can see?

Thank you in advance.

Hi. This (album) feature will be available soon. Now we van help you to make such functionality that you want. But without pagination.

I can do without pagination but an AJAX Load more feature would be needed for displaying many items (over 100). I guess pagination could be also added in the future.

I will keep an eye for a demo then. Thanks a lot.

Ok, we’ll inform you when this feature will be available.

How can I use Cyrillic characters in the filter gallery?

Hi. If you have technical problem, please open a ticket here and we’ll check the problem. https://divengine.ticksy.com