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Very addictive game! I like it! :)

Fantastic!!! This and Floppy Fly are the 2 best games on Codecanyon. I’ll buy them soon – Keep up the good work!

Thanks, I’m glad that you like this game. :)

Can work on mobile full screen?

Hi diazites, the game works in all browsers that support HTML5. I have not tested Exporting games to Android or iOS.

Nice concept!

Thank you renfd :)

does it work on mobile andoird/ios with touch screen controls ?

is there a chance there will be a “share highscore ” via facebook ?

Unfortunately, I don’t plan to add any new features.

It only shows a black screen on windows phone 8

I’ll try to fix the bug. Can you tell me which internet browser you use?

The latest version. Please, keep me posted if it gets fixed

where is the audio file located in the js?

Hi jared407. The game was created in Construct 2. After exporting game to html5, the audio file is in /media folder.


Can you please make the gameboard to square ? like 500×500 ?

I am willing to purchase but i want it to be in square. Please reply.

Regards, Rahul.

Hi winspark. I’ll try to adjust the game into the 500×500px size. If I’ll manage to do that, I’ll let you know.

Thank you for replying.

I was just asking if its possible.

The actual size i want is 320×320.

Hi, How can I change the background colour (currently white) of the loading screen?

Hi kosvam. You can change it in Construct 2. Simply add a new sprite (layer).

Hi guys, has anyone worked out how to make this work as an app for iOS – I’m sure its possible, however, it says that the game has to be uploaded before it works – does anyone know if theres a way to use X-code and package the game up in that so it works as an app?

Cheers, Chris

Hi, it do not work on mobile android/ios, please fix

Hi nhandsig, this game is compatible with all internet browsers that support html5. Did you try exporting the game as an app for android/ios?

oh sr

i like this game :)

I like your music :). Thank you :)

can i sell this game after editing it by using the regular license

Hi fadysadek,

“EXTENDED LICENSE An extended license does NOT allow you to resell the item by itself. You may only incorporate the item into a larger work that is then sold. The original item will always remain the property of the author.”

For more info:

Hi there pal, in your game is there a way to change all your graphics?

Hi dmaux, yes, you can simple replace images in images folder, or via Construct 2 program.

Thank you so much, just another question and have the game finished, how can i change the audio buttom side, i like it on the right side, thanks a lot.

Hi, and sorry for answering you late.

The sound button can be simply edited in the Construct 2 program. Go to > (1.)Main Layout Sheet > (2.)folder General > folder On Start > On start – find the (3.) SoundButton and change the X value from ViewportRight (0)-100 into e.i. ViewportLeft (0)+100 -

Hi, Love the game! Just wanted to check – if we buy the music track is it easy enough to replace the temporary one without having to open the original file (i.e. just replacing a sound file in a folder)?

Hello and Thank you :) Yes, it’s very simple as you say. Just replace preview.ogg file in /media/ subfolder. That’s it :)

Does this include the CAPX file and all resources?