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Very useful script, good luck with sales! :)


Hello, Pre-sales question. Works with any website such php, html? Regards!

Any version of PHP, 5.3 and up

Can work with HTML sites?

No, the library requires PHP 5.3 and up

Coming soon! Thanks for the reminder

You added this yesterday and it just so happened I need it today.. Thank you infomaniac!

could u plz install it into my website with extra ?

I have sent you mail, I am having issues getting your script to work correctly and need assistance please.

Thanks Devango – looking into it

Can the form be changed (add or chage fields, icons, etc.)?

Right now, the library can only transform text into an image – but if I enough requests, I’ll add extra functionality like this.

could you plz explain to me how it works as function clearly ?

The library uses PHP’s GD extension to rasterize text into images

Hello, I have 3 questions… Can the end-user (purchaser) change the following:

1. Can the image size width/height values be adjusted to needed size?

2. The demo shows 3 form fields. Can end-user change the field values to their needs & + or – fields as needed? (hence question #1)

3. Can the current stock image/icon shown in the demo be changed by the end user?

Thank you in advance, for your anticipated response.


1: No, the size is currently calculated automatically.

2: The demo is merely a demonstration to show of the library’s features; the library does not require a form to work.

3: Again, the image shown in the demo is just for demonstration purposes, and not required to use the library.

Hi question pre-sale

If posible to add form my site (from user) and user add your text, convert to imagen and download your imagen text.



I’m not sure what you’re asking here. Do you want to write something that requires the user to fill in a form, POST it to the server and the have the server respond with a JPG with some text in it from the form?

sorry my english i only speeack spanish…

my question is go to demo site, in your site the user add data to form and create to imagen… ok bad is possible one time create the imagen the user download this imagen to use….

The idea is add in my site the service free to my user convert and donwload the imagen create.

Yes, you will be able to create images for download from user input with this.

Please, i donwload and see not document to run. who tutorial or example for setting one form and convert imagen and download …


Please i need your comment i wait five days…

Hi Promosnet – sorry, I didn’t see your comment before. Have you had a look at the README file?

At the begging I thought it’s good idea to have text as images, but then I noticed in your demo – Green-Box has many separated images and I cannot save image and place it somewhere (to the forum image..).

How can I save entire green box as image, without making screenshot of the screen?

How to set email and phone optional

How to make a file similar like your demo?

How to have example Business Card creator – i do not see in Zip file


I upload all the files in my server, but i can’t see not document to run, I read the README file, and still don’t understang how to display the main page !

What do you mean by display_errors setting ? All my pages in PHP are all visible in my site. The only pages i can’t view is from your program.

Informaniac – I thing that your support it’s a Joke.

I’m sorry you feel that way Fleep21. I have a job, and I respond when I can. Here is more detail on display_errors:

I can’t help you until I can see what the problem is. You’ll need to configure this setting on your server to see the error messages.

Hello, I would really appreciate if I can provide the code of your demo, I just need to implement it can convert an input text image into my site but I can not do it with the explanation of the manual, with the code in your demo would me very easily could help in this …?

write(2, “PHP Warning: imagettfbbox(): Co”..., 131PHP Warning: imagettfbbox(): Could not find/open font in /var/www/www4080ru/data/www/ on line 54 ) = 131

hi me download and try install localhost but not run and not send error.

PHP Version 5.5.12 Apache 2.0 Handler D Support enabled GD Version bundled (2.1.0 compatible) display_errors On On wamp 2.5

If you think you will get what is in the DEMO you will be disappointed. Maybe the class can do that but nowhere does the author explain how or give examples with the BoundingBox as per demo