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Wonder if seller/buyers can provide me more information about this product: - is this item still active ? - is development going on or has the seller decided to stop development ? - no live demo ? - what about support ?

Please let me know.

Nobody ? :notfunny: Looks like nobody is responding, not the author nor possible buyers? I don’t understand :confusedsad:

Does project support login with Ldap ?

does it allow to have multiple users with different level of access?

Is this project available or active? I cant see it online the system.

Looks like its now abandoned! No updates, no links or anything.

It’s a shame abandoned scripts are allowed on this site.

I need to small customize apps.can you do it?

Please, I am trying to make a purchase decision. Please, does your software have employee performance or staff appraisal workflow with many levels of appraisal? Or is this an abandoned software? The demo is no more opening. No updates since November 2014

Hello, I want to purchase the extended licence but I want to ask if the software supports Multitenancy and will I be able to use it as cloud app?

I would like to buy but I am seeing, you are not updating this script for a long time with ignore your introduction error in your script page. So are you upgrading soon or stop selling this software. Thanks

Hello, The skills tab doesn’t work. even when entering information for the employee

Demo is not working Provide demo link to purchase

Demo is down. Want to see the working demo before it buy it.


I have a Consulting Company, one of the services that we provide is the Drug Testing / Test toxicological.

The Company hires us to perform a test in their company, but before we going to the refeir company, are sent to us is a list of employees. One or Two names/numbers will be the “one” tested.

We need a tool / system that makes a random lottery of these name or number.

It is something relatively simple, but I need this to be auditable. In order to keep a record for future reference.

Will be great to have a system where we can record/manage a lot of companys and their employess. Is possible to customize?

Thanks a lot

demo not working

hi..can i customize this app myself after buying it?