Human Resource & Payroll Management System

Human Resource & Payroll Management System

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Full Feature List

Backend ERP
  • Employee Profile Management
    • Keep track of employee’s personal details
    • Keep track of employee’s company specific details
    • Employee’s Bank Account Information
    • Employee Documents
  • Employee’s Job History
    • Ability to keep records of all the previous jobs of employees
  • Complaints/Disputes
    • Ability to keep records of employee complaints or disputes
  • Departments and Designations
    • Categorize employees according to departments
    • Organize designations within departments
  • Employee Recruitment Management
    • Add job vacancies for a post
    • Manage job applications
    • Organize interviews
  • Employee Attendance
    • Manage employee’s daily attendance sorted by departments
    • Generates attendance report of employees
  • Employee leave and vacation management
    • Employee can request for leave
    • Ability for administrator to review those leave applications
    • Ability for administrator to either reject or accept the leave request
  • Employee Payroll or payslip Management
    • Generates payslip for employees for each month
    • Calculates allowances
    • Calculates deductions
    • Organize salary structure
  • Employee Awards
    • Ability to entitle awards to employees according to performance
    • Add allowance as award
  • Company Expense Management
  • Universal Noticeboard
  • Private Messaging
    • Ability to send message to employees
    • Email Notifications on messages
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Automated Installation
  • Ability to reset user password

Update History

Version 1.4 – 05 July, 2018

- [redesigned] structure for employee add form
- [redesigned] structure for employee edit form
- [fix] job history datepicker issue
- [fix] mandatory field errors
- [fix] file upload issues
- [fix] installation issues
- php 7+ support
- minor bug fixes
- performance improvements

Version 1.3 – 27 September, 2017

- [redesigned] structure for employee add form
- [new] ability for keeping records of employee job history
- [new] ability to keep records of employee complaints/disputes
- [new] automated installer for new installations
- [redesigned] login page
- [fix] datepicker on modals
- [fix] payslip printing issues
- [fix] attendance report view on employee panel issues
- [fix] attendance report printing issues
- minor bug fixes
- performance improvements

Version 1.2 – 29 May, 2017

-Fixes an issue where database entry was not possible in strict sql mode
- Updater module added for updating the product without loosing any data
- Minor bug fixes
- Performance improvements

Version 1.1 – 23 March, 2017

- brand new 'Recruitment' module added
- step by step recruitment process
- vacancies and recruitment applications management
- Minor bug fixes

version 1.0 – 4 March, 2017

- Initial release


  • Apache web server for running php
  • Database access,purchase code during installation
  • Php curl should be enabled
  • One purchase code is legal for using one domain only


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