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Hi, can your software change to other currency ?

Hello, I want to purchase the extended licence but I want to ask if the software supports Multitenancy and will I be able to use it as cloud app?


1. Does your script has salary by weekly or by weekly?

2. Does it has pay rate setup by hours and calculate pay rate for employees at the end of each month?

3. Does it has report and saved salaries or pay rate?

4. Also, is it easy to add another currency into the script?

If not, will you consider it for the future update.


Its really a good script to use but not satisfactory at all… as you have used USER ROLE function in many places and they are also not working hidden the User Role Option and User creation info… Please share ‘tbl_user_role’ this table so that i can do it from my end or send the raw code so that i can complete it at my end please help me out asap….

i have installed to my server on wordpress, but when i was ask to create a database on the install page, it mentioned unable to create database, pls verufy your setting. Can you advise a possible solution?

hi, till now there is no reply from your site? i have waited and waited. Is this the support i deserve after paying for your script? I have installed mutiple times on my web server but it still ask me to verify my setting, database cannot be installed whenever i press on the install button. What is wrong with this?????

dear author,

I emailed you for support but havent received a reply for a week now. I am emailing you to ask a few questions: 1. on the employee dashboard, I would like to show the calendar that shows all the holidays for all employees as shown exactly on the admin dashboard. what si the best way to do this? 2. also, instead of employees asking for DAYS off, i would like to modify the application to allow employees to ask for hours off, for example 2pm – 4pm (2 hours). will you be able to modify this for an extra fee?

thank you in advance

looks like this script is abandoned

dont buy, there are a lot of bugs in application and author does not answer any questions or any type of support

Can payslips be generated for one-time jobs?

can you tranlate the software in french correctly?

demo not working

Hi I installed your app but still having some issues on form language. there is something else module that I have to enable to make all interface working properly?

Preview is dead.

please kindly let us know which theme you have use we want to make some customization in this.

why link demo is off?

where is the author?

Is this item still available?


NCSYS Purchased

Hello ! is there any coming update ?


NCSYS Purchased

Does anything know how to upgrade CI version ? please help

Can you integrate a device for attendance ???I preferred Zkte Fingerprint device…?If then i can purchase this product..let me know