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Awesome job, i like it! :)

Thank you. :)

Hi, can we use it on Wordpress websites? If yes, can we edit the events via the WP admin (ex: available/booked for a rental). If not, do you plan to build a WP plugin in the future? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for your interest. Unfortunately it doesn’t have an admin for WP. I want to build it for WP but not soon. You can integrate this version to WP. You can use hidden posts for your events with an unique selector in your DB. Then use plugin’s PHP files to retrieve them. I think it’ll work.

it looks a bit complicated for me :) thanks anyway.

You’re welcome, i’ll let you know when the WP plugin is ready. :)

Does the documentation provide an example of what the sql query in hb-days.php and hb-events.php should look like in order to understand the data required to populate the events? I want to make sure that the events table I use in my database is suitable for use with this calendar as it looks like a good fit for my use case.

What’s your date format in your db for your events? Is it timestamp or a date?

Actually format doesn’t matter for the progress. For hb.events.php you’ll only need to retrieve your event day number (ex: 2,5,18,30) by your current year and month. If you print them comma seperated after sql the plugin will insert them to calendar.

For hb-events.php, you’ll have the whole date (day, month and year) for your sql query to select specific events. In this file you have to create your event list view after selecting current date’s events. The plugin will insert this view to your events wrapper with your view styles.

Hi.. This calendar is interesting, can you make it to display events on mouse over event with a modal window with mysql database?

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for your interest but sorry, i don’t support plugin customization. But you can edit the function that starts on line 244 in the main js for your customization.

Hello Chubeleke,

I have a question:

How do I fill the hb-days.php to show correct data for this year and for the next year. In your example it repeats the data for the current year in the next year.

Could you give an example on how to fill hb-days.php for this year and the next? Should I setup 2 switches or 24 cases?

switch ( $_POST[‘currentMonth’], $_POST[‘currentYear’] ) {

doesn`t work, gives no output it only gives output when I leave Year out like this:

switch ( $_POST[‘currentMonth’] ) {


First of all, the switch code in the hb-days.php is the demo data to create the calendar view in the example. In the main usage with real data, you need to use a sql to connect your database and select your dates from there. It’s recommended that to use your plugin with a database. And if you use switch for your php files, the hb-events.php will be a very long file with all your event views.

But if you want to use switch in the hb-days.php you need to use switches inside cases. First switch is for year and for each year cases, you’ll need another month switch.

Solved it thanks, I got rid of the switch example and just echo the days of the currentMonth which contains an event :)

I saw a friend of mine while using this calendar. It seems quite nice. thanks.

Thank you and i’ll be glad if you both rate the plugin =)


I’m really interested by your script, but I have a pre-sale question : Is it possible to prevent the past months ?

Thanks and GL for sales !

Hi, of course it is. In default settings past months are already prevented. You can use the ‘startMonth’ and ‘startYear’ options to set when the calendar begins from. Thanks…


Your script seems amazing.

Can I make that I see 3 months in one shight instead of just 1?

If so, tell me how and I will buy inmediatly your script.



Sorry, the script doesn’t support multiple months view. I took my note for the next version. Maybe you can do it with using 3 different calendars that initialized with sequential months that uses same events wrapper, and setting a relation between them with month click trigger. Each month change click should trigger the other 2 calendars.

Thanks for your interest…

hi i am not good english examole 01.09. 2015 and i want to add only event titles show and 02.14.2015 add only one event show too but they are together same . i want they are separted each in the months. can you explain me to how about that. i hope you can understand what i said

Hi, thank you for your interest. I am sorry but I couldn’t understand your example exactly, can you explain what you want to do again, please?

Give me your Email please

You can send me an e-mail from my profile page. there is a message box at the right corner, at the bottom.

I am .net developer…

i like your plugin…. is you provide source code or documentation for asp.net intigration…..

i also want need brif documentation…

1)i want to show my event on mouse hover 2)i want to show pop up on click event on day of calender

this pop up for adding my event…..

i need only documentation ..not customization… all this changes i can done by my own


For an asp.net intigration, you’ll only need to change the ajaxDayLoader and ajaxEventLoader parameters with your own asp files instead of php files on the plugin.

For hover effect, you need to edit the plugin. The click event runs on line 232. Change it to the hover function, and write another click function for the popup event.


@chubeleke Pls can you be kind enough to send or show me a sample sql query snippet to retrieve dates and events from my database table. I just bought your script and i thought i would find a sample documentation to this effect but i didnt see any.

I looked through the hb-days and hb-events php files but it’s still not very clear as no sample of sql query is included.



Thank you for your purchase. I will release an update for sql usage today.


Hi, can i use this on to Codeigniter site. Is there property to resize calendar.

is missing next previous arrow, running demo on localhost app

Can you send me a message from my profile page.

sent messag

First of all Great Job on the script. I do have a few questions however. I am building my backend to work with this. RIght now I am using Ajax and a jquery calendar to select the dates for each entry. My only issue im having is my script saves it into one column like so. ex.. 2014-07-09. Yours saves it to three different columns Year Month Date. Is there any way to get your script to read the one Column ? any help be awesome.

Can you send me your project and db info from e-mail form in my profile page.

I sent you an email using the form. It will not let me attach any files. Can you respond to my email and I can send you my project files.

I replied your e-mail.

hello, there is any way to add the events on the DB… that is the important part for me… Not only to show the Events clicking on the date ….


Hi, I’m sorry, the plugin only reads data from the DB. But you can add a jQuery function that triggers your adding events module.

$(’.hb-day’).dblclick(function() { // Your modal or ajax adding functions comes here… // Use double click because the days with events already have click functions. });

I think that’ll work. Regards…

Hello there, can I ask a few questions please?

1 – Can the calendar load on today’s date, rather than set date as demo?
2 – Can it automatically display today’s events on load if above is true?
3 – My date is a datetime field from datepicker, can your plugin take its value from that, ie a single column?
4 – Can I resize calendar to any size, ie 100% of container?

Thank you

Hi there and thak you for your interest.

1- The default date is already today, you can delete the line.

2- Unfortunately not but you can trigger a click event for today’s day on onAfterLoad function.

3- You can concat the 3 values. Ex: $date = $_POST[‘currentYear’].’’.$_POST[‘currentMonth’].’’.$_POST[‘currentDay’]; //2014-07-09 // or you can convert them to timestamp // This textarea converts ’-’ to overline. And use the new variable in the sql: $sql = “SELECT * FROM events WHERE date = ’$date’”;

4- The plugin doesn’t have any special setting for that. It’s not responsive and sorry for that. I wil do it asap but not now. You can edit the css for that. You can remove the fixed pixel values and use percatge for sizes.

Best regards…

Hi appreciate your time.. in regards to question 3 can you tell me what the script is looking for? I can set my table column as date or datetime as it’s inserted from datepicker, 12-05-2015 or 12-05-2015 00.00.00 would these work ok? Is it possible to set date format to gmt/uk as format above? Again many thanks will buy in morning all being well.


You can set the date in any format, it’s up to you. You only need to convert your day, month and year values into your chosen format. You can read php time and date function documantations about this.

Cool will have a look in morning, I see on demo it takes, title, date & subject, could it have another field from db too just under the header title?

You can get any data you want from db. It doesn’t have any connection between the plugin. The plugin gives you the date, you can use it however you want in the ajax events file.

Hi. I am almost across the finish line. Similar to what someone else requested, I am trying to display my events. I have a mysql database setup and ready. But cannot get the events to display.

Comments in the hb.events.php file say the following: * Post variables: $_POST[‘currentDay’] , $_POST[‘currentMonth’] , $_POST[‘currentYear’] * Select event list from your db in this php file * After selecting events create the view in your own style and print in this php file * Plug-in will insert this view in default or selected events container

I am a bit at a loss as to what you are saying. Can you provide an example. I seem to have everything else working. Thx.

Hi, please send me an email from the form on my profile page

Thanks for your quick response. I am challenging myself again this afternoon to figure this out…I know it is something on my end….but if no luck I will send you a note on your profile page. What I have up and running now looks GREAT. Thanks.


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Good afternoon: You can tell me that I have to do, because the format of my database is “date”, that changes have to do?


You can merge the day, month and year values in ajax files. Use that value in your sql queries. Ex: 21-02-2015 or 02-21-2015… Or you can convert them to a date or timestamp value with your platform (php, asp) functions.



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work in mysql4? thanks

hi, is possible to change color of days? For example some dates mark as red and some dates as green?

Thank you

Hi there,

Sorry but the plugin doesn’t support an action like that. But maybe it can be customized. I had a surgery from my eye and i can’t give support for now. I will try to help you when i feel better. Please send me an email from my profile page so i can contact you later.


Awsome script

How can I get currentMonth variable when switching months on calendar function to execute onClickMonth

onClickMonth : function() { var getCurrentMonth ?? }

Hi and thanks

onClickMonth : function() { console.log( this.currentMonth ); },