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Goodmorning Chubeleke,

I was wondering, is this Circle Rotate menu also available with the option to change the menu from text to image – links.

Because i have a visual designed, and wanna use that as your rotate circle menu.

Kind regards,

RZ | Ramiro


Thanks four your interest. I didn’t think that option until you said, then i’ve tried and it works the same. =)) You can use images in a tags instead of text in them.

Hi there, can i make Circle Rotate menu rotate by itself for a period of time then it choose a random item so that it stops there ? (yeah something like a way for choosing an item randomly

With your code can i get three or four complete rotation then choosing a random item ?

Yes, it needs to be like this: Ex. For 4 complete rotation -> yourItemCount * 4 + random number

i sent you a message

Hi there, I just purchases this. But I just received a file what am I meant to do with this? I can’t open it in dreamweaver or similar? am I missing files?

Hi, is it the downloaded file you mention about? If so, it’s a zipped file and you’ll need to extract it.

Yes of course I extracted it. But I solved the issue already. I had to ad a .js to the file to access the files. thanks anyway :)

Hey can we put a form or any kind of text inside the circle instead of image and if yes then how?

Hi, sorry about the very late response. I’ve closed support because of my health issues. It’s not possible for now, maybe on next update…

nice work man…Good Luck for sale

Thank you…


jadiesta Purchased

Hello, is it possible to change the position of the active? Maybe place it on top?

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible.