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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks! :)

fantastic work :) !

Thank you very much! :)

1does this script is auto pilot? 2 how does this work? 3. full movies updated automatically? 3. any ads integration?

1.no but you could easily loop the current manual script. 2. You can upload your own mp4 and get data from public APIs. 3. Yes, ads are integrated for non paying members

Hi, seems to be that videos can not be loaded.

For copyright reasons the videos do not play on this demo.

is possible add embem streaming?

Table ‘u248456874_movie.movieinfo’ doesn’t exist

Update will be available shortly containing a new .sql file.

Hey, please email me: curtis@tigerdata.vn and I will send you the latest update. Envato is taking a bit long to update.

Table ‘u248456874_movie.movieinfo’ doesn’t exist

hi im upload database

you followed the installation guide to install and setup the database? Did u create the database with user permissions?

im delete not work fake

recovery password page not work , registration member not work

That is bootstrap demo. You can add your own code to it. If you really need your own code email me at curtis@tigerdata.vn and I can sell you a script for it.

movies.sql doesn’t contains all necessary MySQL instructions.

The file movies.sql contains query for creating the table users, but your script stores the movie data in other table.

When I try to add a movie I get an error that the table does not exist, like @Markuzzo says.

Update will be available shortly containing a new .sql file.

Hey, please email me: curtis@tigerdata.vn and I will send you the latest update. Envato is taking a bit long to update.

does this actually stream and play the movie or the TV series? OR is only trailers and previews. As your demo does not load the actual movies only the you tube previews. Registered Users log in and what? do you have to be a registered user to stream the full movie??

Yes. But is up to you to add your own .mp4s. non registered users have a nag screen ad

When is the next update you refer to going to be available?

Just waiting for envato to approve. Should be very soon. If you have already purchased email curtis@tigerdata.vn and I can send you the latest right aways.

PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS from your sales page:

Admin’s have the ability to scrape new movies in to the database by simply searching for a title. The back end will search a few public API’s such as OMDB/theMovieDB for data such as (movie title, rating, plot, run-time, actors, genres, and more) and YouTube (HD trailers).

So users, when they search are they not scraping new content being written to the database? – So its only when the Admin searches that the database content updates to the user?

You say the public APIs generate info such as movie tile, ranking, actors etc. BUT then you mention “HD TRAILERS” – you don’t mention anywhere that is actual streams the full movie.

The reason I am making such a deal about this is I have bought 3 other platforms that all scrape the same data from the same providers as what you mention on your sales page. – NONE of them are able to STREAM the actual full movie or TV series. They only play trailers.

So, if yours plays the full movies I will buy it – but please confirm that his is the case. – Check me out I have been buying everything on CC for years, I don’y want to buy this and then come back to you because it doesn’t do exactly what i need it to do. – looking forward to your reply.

As for user generated content that is up to you. There are security levels so you can control that.

Right – thank you for making this clear. i don’t understand why anyone would pay a subscription fee of even $5 a month just to see trailers and actors info which is available all over the internet for free instantly. Don’t get me wrong you have done a nice job the interface you created is awesome. But can you explain to me as i think i might be missing something here. If users can’t actually watch anything other than a trailer – why would they register.. If I as admin load a bunch of movies as mp4’s into the database and start streaming that our to paid subscribers then I would be in breach of copyright. Please clear this up for me as I don’t want to get in trouble using this script. You are misleading everyone in your above reply to comments…. @studiovip said the videos are not loading in the demos. You Replied – “For copyright reasons the videos do not play on this demo.” That sounds like if it wasn’t in demo mode yes it would play the movies. One last thing. In the demo when you select a move and the white popup box loads the selected movie the msg says not a supported format??? What does that mean? I want to buy this but as I said I have already bought 3 others that didn’t do what the author claimed so i just want to know whats real. – Hope you dont mind.

Where it says “not a supported format” would disappear once you have your own video added (mp4 url) in the database. $5 premium is again just there for example purposes for anyone who wishes to use it. It could be for a forum, or other premium services you might include with the site. In this case the unsubscribed users simply get a nag screen every 2 minutes. It can be completely removed by the admin. This script’s purpose is built for customization so its really up to the buyer how they want to use and re-purpose the script. Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions! :)

Add embed code for video ?

You can add the video URL to the database in the mp4 field.

WHERE admin panel? Error FAQ here :(

This is just front end (see demo). There is administrative security levels you can use to restrict/grant access to different user types but you need to implement your own CRUD backend.

this structure is responsive? I can compile cordova or distributions phonegap for IOS and Android?

I can using a webview. It is not native.

They are including movie images?

The movie images are pulled from the API. you have hundreds of thousands at your disposal.

how can i check the admin panel?

This is a just front end + the movie scraper

so when is the update you mentioned in earlier coments(3 months ago) available?

Which update are you referring to?

“Admin’s have the ability to scrape new movies in to the database by simply searching for a title.” – What does this mean? As the admin I can search for a title of a movie – and it will scrape (download) the movie into the database? – that can be viewed later??? please explain

For copyright purposes on Envato you need to download your own movies. It wills scrape all the other data for you (actor names, title, description, etc) for the video you have in the database.

I purchased your script yesterday. I would like to know, how can I connect website with my movies folder which is on remote server via ftp. Which file I have to change for ftp settings.

How can I access admin panel where I can setup plans subscriotion and advertise.

Thank you

How we add the movies and the tv shows We need to pay something extra to another company. How is the legal part, the permissions for the movies and tv show How will we add and show the movies and tv show into the website?

you add them using the script. its legal to scrape the movie info. you need the .mp4 to have the video on the site.


This script has the payment method for the monthly subscription for the users, like Netflix, the user can pay and get premium access to the movies that we put?

And how we add the movies, who provide the movies or the permission to add on my website?

Thank you!

Yes it has premium feature. You need to provide