Discussion on HTML5 Vinyl-styled Music Player

Discussion on HTML5 Vinyl-styled Music Player

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Hi, is there a possibility to tell the plugin on witch duration to start? f.e. if you have a 30min. mp3 file That you can say him to start at 25:30?

Yes, it can be done all details in Skype:

Is it possible to pull music and cover art from sound cloud?

No, but if you want we can do it special for you contact us in Skype. Best regards.

Before I buy, I notice you also have this version:

From the images, I see the playlist are displayed differently in both. Is it possible to implement either playlist styles, in either of the purchases or does each player have their own style?

Also I need to put this in a bootstrap js website, would there be any problems installing that?

Hi, it is a second version of our player so it has two types of playlist, and if you want to change it, you can just make changes in css file, and don’t worry about putting player in your site you can do it pretty easy.

Best regards.

I have a black screen instead of an audio player? did it happen to someone at the beginning as well ?¿

Hi, give us a link so we can check the problem.

I have a black screen instead of an audio player !!! nothing works ! what can i do ???

Hi, as I see all works good yes?

hi, I have a black screen on chrome and explorer, it’s working on firefox. how can i make it work everywhere ??? otherwise it is useless and i want my money back, cheers, zutalors

and the volume is everywhere on 100 and not on 50… problems with ipad!

also i can’t see the player in safari (javascript, plug-ins, everything is enable). your screen preview ( is also not visible on safari… (ihave 5.1.4, the newest safari ). can you please tell me how i get this script working on safari ? best regards, zutalors

Sorry, but it’s ios problems in ios autoplay don’t work

sorry, it works online ! thanks

Hi, as I see all works good yes?

Is distinctive player will my site So add a direct link to an external audio works Thanks

Sorry, but I can’t to see your site check the link please.

Best regards, Alex.

Nice MP3 player. It works great with local mp3 files, but does it also works with URL:

I don’t think so cuz it link for playlist if you want to stream try to use stream link.

Best regards, Alex.

I am testing your code canyon demo in my iPhone. It looks great but the volume control is not working in iOS.

Hello, Sorry for no long time answering.. At iOS browser (Safari) you can’t control volume because of privacy policy of this operation system

Hello, Greetings from Mexico, I tested the player, but the only thing I can not do is automatically reproduce, and my doubt is 1- How can I put the autoplay function? 2- where would you put it in the css code or where should I put it? 3- What would be the code to play automatically?

thank you very much

Hi Love the player, how can I add more players to one page, I want to have a player for individual albums. is this possible

i have already install another music platform script. can i use this script in sub folder. this is my website –

May 2018 – Product still works well, had some issues with getting it to reverse proxy correctly.. Have to say this skin/product seems almost made for the site. Pleased with the product.

Good luck with your sales