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hello,, can you add pre-roll video play and text ads like google adsense?

what is the name and where is the link?

I just added this to marketplace.

Nice video presentation. Cheers. :)

Thank you

Hi There,presale questions here.

1.If someone download video from player, is it possible that logo goes with it? 2.Is it possible to add 20seconds intro video with every video get played? 3. Does it have option to select 360p,720p or full HD? 4. Can I show previous-Next video list in thumbnail?


1. Not possible 2. No 3. No, but my player here does: http://www.maximaplayer.com/ 4. No

Can you add a link to the video? For example, After watching, you can click the video and it takes you to a product page?

It has auto redirect url after video ends, to any page you want.


i have one Question.

It is possible to open every Video (youtube, vimeo, self hosted) as an popup ? or only in Grid View?



And if yes, i can Display only One video – normal Size, no thumbnail – and play in Popup?

And it works under Wordpress 4.4.2?

Yes, it works with Wordpress. Popups are for Self Hosted only. Grid Style works with Youtube, Vimeo, and Self Hosted.

Hello. Your plug in looks great:) Before I buy i just want to check if the kind of videos I use (with interactive elements) will work with your lightbox grid gallery? They are made with vidgeos and hosted on amazon s3. Here is one to check. https://app.vidgeos.com/embed/3671 I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Esther

or as iframe embedded that pops up in lightbox <iframe width=”560” height=”315” allowfullscreen src=”https://app.vidgeos.com/embed/3671” frameborder=”0”></iframe> ?

for self hosted, you must have mp4 and webm for every video. You also has embed grid style for our plugin

is this for wordpress ? and support video from google drive ?

This is for wordpress, but it also have embed code to put on static html pages. It supports html5 mp4 and webm. Also has Youtube/Vimeo supports.

i see that when i use the plugin with YouTube videos, the adds still showing on the video, and when i use YouTube site to embed a video then i don’t see adds pop ups on the video, i thought this plugin will doesn’t allow the adds to be displayed on YouTube videos.

even though i found another plugins that displays YouTube videos so clear (HD), no adds or anything popups on the video.

how come this plugin doesnt disaple the adds on you-tube videos.

Ads are controlled by the Youtube owner to display ads on Youtube embeds.

i agree, but i found some plugins in the codecanyon site that prevent the adds from popping up, and not only one plugin i tried 2 of them with the same videos and channels and nothing pop up.

but your plugin let them pop up and that is so annoying.

Hi, presale question. If playing a Youtube video through the player, is it possible to use the player interface (play button, controls, etc.) instead of Youtube’s?

No, it would be Youtube’s player controls.

Hi, I have some pre-sale question. Does this plugin support video link protection preventing people to share or download locally placed videos? Thank you and have a good day

HTML5 players does not have ability to protect files like you are requesting. Only flash players

Hi, I purchased the plug-in and am trying to use the splash image function to show a static image before the video is played. The image shows up fine, but when I press play, only the audio is playing and the video player goes blank. The video plays fine without the splash image but starts at a black screen. Advice?

Please check your mp4/webm with proper meta data. Please email support for further help.

Hello There! I need a YouTube Video Player (HTML5) with a custom skin like this: http://awesomescreenshot.com/01c64b2s8a

Is it possible to customize your plugin as well?

Thank you in advance.

Can do the border skin, but player controls are same as Youtube, which gives a light/dark option.

I got the iten and it does not work as espected. I submit a support request and I’m waiting for it for 5 days – #E58476

That’s not good.

whats issue?

Hi there! Just bought your product can’t activate support account. Can you help? I am trying to remove flow logo on video. I think I can license your product on a lot of my sites if I could get this to work properly. Thanks

do you have example of logo?

Hi great player! Is this only for WordPress or is it possible to add player with lightbox features to HTML pages? Thank you.

it has embed code for static sites. But requires a wordpress install.

Great plugin! the autoplay doesn’t work on mobile devices, at least from my experience. Is there a code I can add to remedy this?

Also, if it’s not possible to make the video autoplay on mobile, can you set it so the splash image only shows up in instances where the video doesn’t autoplay(in other words, on mobile devices).

Otherwise, if I use a splash image with the current plugin, this splash image shows up on desktops and mobile, which prevents it from autoplaying on desktops, and requiring the user to click on the play button.

That is correct. Autoplay is not supported on any mobile device for video players.

What you are calling “self hosted”; does that include Amazon S3? If so, is the cloudfront configuration done in your dashboard or in the amazon dash somewhere?

Yes, self host is amazons3. Cloudfront is done at amazon dashboard. Sorry for late reply

Why am I getting the following error? Notice: A session had already been started – ignoring session_start()


please visit my fb page and send message and give page and wp admin to inspect. First, see if any conflicts with other plugins/theme. https://www.facebook.com/markdulissetips/


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i changed my site to another subdomain of a new wordpress installation, so how can i export the member player videos to another site ?